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Posted on Wednesday 26 April 2006

Alcohol is your friend!

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Another terrorist attack in Sinai?

Posted on Wednesday 26 April 2006

Holy Shit :

Two suicide bombers struck just near a Multinational Peacekeeping
forces base in the Sinai near the Gaza border Wednesday. The string of
explosions rattled Egypt just two days after terrorists exploded three
bombs at a Sinai beach resort, killing 24 people, mostly Egyptians.

A report Wednesday that a third blast hit a police checkpoint in the
north of the country was incorrect, the Interior Ministry said.

Security officials said the suicide attackers died in the strike
near the peacekeeping base, and there were conflicting reports about
wounded. It was not immediately known if there were casualties in the
Nile Delta explosion or if it had truly happened. Separate accounts
said there was a gunfight in the region.

Maj. Nathan Bond, a spokesman for MFO confirmed there had been two
separate suicide attacks, one targeting a MFO vehicle and a second one
targeting an Egyptian security vehicle. He said there were no
peacekeepers hurt in the attack, about 3 miles south of the Rafa border
crossing to Gaza.

But Egyptian security officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity
because they were not authorized to speak to reporters, said one New
Zealander and one Norwegian were hurt, along with four Egyptian

Ok, Fire Habib Al Adly NOW! Please? This dude can not protect a woman's virginity at a catholic monestary!

Oh hold on, there is more:

At about the same time and on the Gaza side of the border, three
Palestinian security officers were injured in an exchange of fire with
Palestinian militants who tried to ram an explosives-laden car into the

Israel-Gaza crossing, Palestinian security officials said.

The officers opened fire on the car as it approached the Palestinian
side of the Karni crossing, the officials said. Unidentified militants
in the car returned fire, injuring the three officers. It was not
immediately clear what happened to the militants but the car did not
explode, witnesses said.

It's all connected, isn't it? This is no coincidence. It can't be! 

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@ Cafe Citron

Posted on Wednesday 26 April 2006

The Sandmonkey meets Leilouta . A great night of fun and teaching american white girls how to belly dance ensues!

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No Saudi flags in german brothels

Posted on Wednesday 26 April 2006

This is funny:

must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Europe's largest
brothel, the Pascha in Cologne, which incidentally claims to be the
world's only brothel with a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied
customers, attached the flags of all 32 nations competing in the World
Cup to its façade in a bid to demonstrate international flair and
attract custom during the tournament this summer.

giant poster covering the side of the seven-story, 126-apartment
building showed a friendly-looking blonde woman lifting up her bra
above the slogan "A Time to Make Girlfriends", in a play on the World
Cup's official slogan "A Time to Make Friends." Right beneath her pink
panties were posters of the flags, including those of strictly Islamic
Saudi Arabia and Iran.


campaign provoked excitement, but not the kind the management was
hoping for. Men from the Muslim community came to the door complaining
that showing the flags of Saudi Arabia and Iran was an insult to the
Prophet Muhammad. Later, some returned in masks.

"On Friday evening we were threatened by 11 masked men who demand that we take down the Saudi Arabian flag," Lobscheid told the Kölner Express,
a local newspaper. Not wanting any trouble, the brothel obliged and
removed it and the Iranian one. But that still left the flags printed
on the poster.

Saturday night there were 20 masked men armed with knives and sticks.
They threatened to get violent and even bomb the place unless we black
out the Iranian and Saudia Arabian flags on the poster as well," said

 This makes perfect sense, after all, The Jihadis are not interested in womenly pleasures. Now, had it been a homosexual Brothel, those same men would be linning up to get the group rate. Silly german people. And to think they invented the Sheisse Videos.  

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No Happy ending for Kevin Costner

Posted on Wednesday 26 April 2006

And by happy ending, it's that part of getting a message that is considerd, well, illegal anywhere except Japan. Hell, he even had to do it himself, and now the word is out !

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Leftists who get it?

Posted on Wednesday 26 April 2006

If this is another freakin parody, I swear to god will shoot someone!

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The War on Dildos

Posted on Wednesday 26 April 2006

 It's not like we didn't win the war on drugs and the war on terror. Oh, we haven't? Goddamn it, we are fucked. We better start a war on dildos then!

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It has arrived

Posted on Wednesday 26 April 2006

Craigslist Cairo has arrived people. In all of its glory. Use it!

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southpark getting ripped off by Air Arabia*

Posted on Tuesday 25 April 2006

Roba has the story ! Someone e-mail Trey and Matt quick!

(*Trying to change the depressing mood aound here is all) 

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The death toll rises

Posted on Tuesday 25 April 2006

It is now 24 dead, and 62 injured .

Interior Minister Habib el-Adly said those killed included 20 Egyptians and three foreigners. Sixty-two people were wounded.

Hospital officials in Sinai said Tuesday that an Egyptian man had died of his wounds, bringing the death toll to 24.

and the eye witness account of what happend

"It happened in quick succession, the three of them, about 7:15
tonight just as most people were out looking for a restaurant to have
dinner," said Tracy Kennedy of CHUB in Red Deer, Alta.

"The bombs struck at the heart of the pedestrian strip. It was right
at a footbridge that we all crossed a few times today . . . part of its
railing blown right off. Another bomb struck outside a grocery market,
glass storefront there shattered, spewing debris everywhere.

"As we got closer, Egyptians were stumbling back from the scene of the blasts, crying in the arms of their friends.

"Egyptians here can't understand why it would happen here. Dahab is so quiet and a peaceful tourist town."

The sad thing is, we were warned

 Israel's ambassador in Cairo, Shalom Cohen, said the Israeli government
had warned repeatedly against visiting the Sinai. "Unfortunately, the
warnings came true," he told Israel's Channel 10 TV.

And of course Hamas has to respond now, so here is what they said:

Ghazi Hamad, spokesman for the Hamas-run Palestinian Cabinet, called
the bombings a "criminal attack which is against all human values. We
denounce the attack, which harmed the Egyptian national security." By
contrast, Hamas had refused to condemn last week's bombing that killed
nine people in an Israeli fast-food restaurant.

Didn't they call that suicidebombing a justified act of self defense? I guess it depends who the attacks kill: Jews ok, egyptians not so much. 


 You then read in Al Arabiy a that the egyptian secuirty forces has shut down the border with Israel in order to prevent any "possible suspects escape", which would only mean in the eyes of the regular egyptian that the people who were behind this act were…yes…wait for it… THE JOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZ.

Who else would we blame anyway?

 The evil Jooz however were better than us, and actually sent in emergency repsonse vehicles and ambulances immedietly after the attacks to help the injured. So, we they want to come in to help us, and we prevent their people from leaving. Now that's the kind of forwrad thinking that makes us such a strong and invunerable nation.


Israeli ambulances at the egyptian border.

The israelis , on their part, blamed what happend on a group they called the "Libyan group", which is an affiliate of Al Qaeda and supposidly committed many attacks in central and eastern Africa. I have never heard of them. But honestly, after this explosion, which is the third ceosnecutive attack on the third sinai resort in 3 consecutive years, I trust the Judgment of the Israelis more than that of the egyptian intelligence agency. Strongest Intelligence agency in the region my red butt. Those dickheads can't find their own asshole with both hands and a flashlight.

I am really mad because this brings back memories of Taba, and it shows that we haven't elarned shit from the previous attacks at all. It also shows that the security forces can not protect us at all, with or wiothout the emergency laws. And now, I found out that a friend of mine got injured in this attack, and lost an arm. He is 23 years old. and he lost his arm. And all I can think of is the blind hatred that is cursing through my body right now towards every single Jihady fuckhead in existance, and how I will not rest until every single one of them is fuckin whiped out, have their bodies doused in whiskey and pig piss and wraped in the cumsoaked sheets of a diseased jewish whore.

I HATE THEM SOOOO MUCH! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I am so sick of this. So sick of all of this bullshit. So sick of the people dying, the jooz blaming, the ineptitude of the government who even though they have Sinai on lockdown for the past 3 years can't prevent a single attack, the inability of my people to see the nature of the ruthless enemy that is the Jihadis and how they are not our friends, and just the fuckin instability that Egypt has been in for the past 3 years. This is not my country. It wasn;t like that before I left and now it's  slowly slouching towards Betlaham.  


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The Dahab pictures

Posted on Tuesday 25 April 2006

No comment







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The Dahab bombings

Posted on Tuesday 25 April 2006

So, I found out earlier today about the bombings, like 20 minutes after they happend, and I wasn;t even anywhere near my laptop. Y'all should know the story by now. 3 explosions went off , 23 killed , 62 injured and since this was easter weekend, it means that the majority of those hit are from egypt's creme de la creme. This means that the crackdown is going to be extra super harsh, and hopefully they will remove Habib al adly this time. I don't know what more evidence is needed to prove that he is a failure at protecting egyptians. But then again, he never really considers that his job. He is mor einterested in protecting the President and his son. That's all he really cares about.

Whatever, this follows the trend of bthe bombings. Now every resort in sinai has been bombed, and they all got hit on egyptian holidays, 3 years in a row. I hope it will make egyptians wake up to the murderous nature of the Jihady fucks, but knowing my people, they will create some conspiracy theory blaming it on the jews or the government. As for what I think, I am just glad that BP is alive and I hope that Sally answers her e-mail and informs me that she is alive as well. 

 Till tomorrow….

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The british court system is filled with morons

Posted on Sunday 23 April 2006

And this story is the perfect example:

A BANGLADESHI woman who shook a baby boy so violently that he suffered
brain damage walked free from court yesterday because a judge conceded
that she did not know how to behave in the West.

Rahella Khanom, 24, caused the five-month-old boy in her care to suffer
fractures to his breast bone and ribs as she tried to rid him of evil
spirits, Southwark Crown Court was told.

The evil spirits. She was shaking him to get rid of evil spirits that occupies her 5 months old baby.

The injuries inflicted on the child over several weeks had caused one
side of his brain to shrink. It was believed that the boy would have
been screaming in agony for eight weeks because his injuries went

8 weeks people. The baby was screaming and injured for 8 weeks, and this psycho bitch kept shaking him. But wait, I can't call her psycho, because apprently the court didn't find her to be one:

Khanom, from Poplar, East London, said that she had wanted to purge the
baby of evil spirits as it cried and cried. She was not found to be
mentally ill.

Okay, you may think that this is the WTF moment, but it isn't. There is a bigger one coming right up:

The court was told that Khanom, a Muslim, did not understand that shaking a helpless baby would not exorcise an evil spirit.

Yes that's it. a nice big one. WTF???

And who did she blame this on? Well, Islam and islamic culture. Cause every crazy fuck dumps their crazy shit on Islam these days. It's the thing to do!

Kate Bex, for the defence, told the court that Khanom’s religious and cultural beliefs had led to her shaking the child.

She said: “She now knows that this was not an appropriate way to deal with her belief in manifestation of spirit.”

Oh, what a relief. After she gave her baby braindamage and made it suffer for 8 weeks.

And that was good enough for the Judge apparently.

Judge Rodney McKinnon told Khanom: “Normal and right-minded people will
be horrified by this. Everybody must recognise how serious it is to
treat children in this way and to use violence.” But the judge said
that Khanom’s strong cultural and religious beliefs, and the fact that
she had been forced by her husband to live in isolation since coming to
Britain from Bangladesh, meant that there were exceptional
circumstances in her case.

Yes, because in Bangaldesh and other muslim country, what she did just happens every day. Only western mother's know that shaking that kid like that for 8 weeks is cruel and psycho, while islamic countries mothers practice baby-shaking exorcism since the day they find out they are pregnant. Hell, me and everyone I know has undergone violent shaking to get rid of the evil spirits when we were 5 months year old too. Except we never sufferd from any brain damage. That kid of her's must be a wussy.

/sarcasm off

Seriously though, is this judge HIGH? This woman caused her 5 months old baby brain damage and bone fractures and you are setting her free? And giving her back the kid as well? WTF is wrong with this picture? 

That Judge needs to be mentally evaluated for retarded compassionism and that woman needs to be thrown in jail, alongside her husband, for what they did to their baby. The fact that they get to walk free, while the baby will suffer from this for the rest of its life, is beyond disgusting.

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Church attacks update

Posted on Sunday 23 April 2006

Prime Minister Nazif thinks that we shouldn't rush to judgment on the church attacks on whether or not they were perpetrated by one crazy guy .

"During the investigation, we must not be hasty. I would rather not say
this man is crazy or not, because hastiness detracts from credibility
and could lead to a more serious crisis," Ahmed Nazif told the Al-Ahram
daily in an interview published Saturday.

Nazif dawg, I don't know if anyone told you this, but it was the ministery of interior who released this information. That's the egyptian Ministery of interior, you know, the one that is part of your government? You think maybe, just maybe, you should be talking to them instead of us? 

At the same time, the Father of the virgin Mary church still can't make sense of what's happening in Egypt.

In temporary offices near
the Virgin Mary Church in the Asafra neighborhood here, Father Bejimey
Shawky catalogs the damage the Muslim rioters wrought.

First they smashed his church's windows.Then they unhinged the rear door.

The pious Muslim looters broke the electrical switch for the
air-conditioner. They burned the anteroom near the main hall reserved
for baptism; they burned the father's offices, and they burned the
cupboards and shelves that contained the church's library.

"I cannot say where this hatred comes from," Father Bejimey said, his voice low and weary. "We have coexisted for generations."

some clues exist though :

Mr. Megala complains that
nothing about his country's fellow 6 million Coptic Christians is
taught in public schools. "We are blamed by the Muslims for everything.
We are blamed for the Danish cartoons.We are blamed for America's
support for Israel."

and a good question is asked:

"The police came very late.
They left everything until the flames went up. We blame the state. If
the state can control anything, why do they not control this from the

Yeah, I wonder why as well! 

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Iran president recruits Hezbollah terrorist expert

Posted on Sunday 23 April 2006

To help him plot revenge attacks on the west it seems. Hmmm…

 IRAN’S president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, attended a meeting in Syria
earlier this year with one of the world’s most wanted terrorists,
according to intelligence experts and a former national security
official in Washington.

US officials and Israel intelligence sources believe Imad
Mugniyeh, the Lebanese commander of Hezbollah’s overseas operations,
has taken charge of plotting Iran’s retaliation against western targets
should President George W Bush order a strike on Iranian nuclear sites.


is on the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” list for his role in a series
of high-profile attacks against the West, including the 1985 hijacking
of a TWA jet and murder of one of its passengers, a US navy diver.

Now in his mid-forties, Mugniyeh is reported to have travelled
with Ahmadinejad in January this year from Tehran to Damascus, where
the Iranian president met leaders of Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and

The meeting has been dubbed a “terror summit” because of the
presence of so many groups behind attacks on Israel, which Ahmadinejad
has threatened to wipe from the map.

Now do you know why Hezbollah is considerd a terrorist organization? 

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Posted on Sunday 23 April 2006

Well, it seems like it !

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Zarqawi has e-mail issues

Posted on Sunday 23 April 2006

Too many looney super-leftie college porfessors supporting him it seems, and he finds them as annoying as we do.

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What a surprise

Posted on Sunday 23 April 2006

Bin Laden supports and defends the Hamas government .

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Coco Omak

Posted on Saturday 22 April 2006

The Lebanese people have discoverd the Vagina Monologues and they have lebanized it , and even created a new word for Vagina: COCO!

I can't wait till it comes to Egypt in arabic. Tongue out Now that would be the day!

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coolest ads ever

Posted on Saturday 22 April 2006


More here

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