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Posted on Thursday 29 June 2006

"No leader should put troops into the field merely to gratify his own spleen;

no leader should fight a battle simply out of pique. But a kingdom that has once

been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought

back to life. Hence the enlightened leader is heedful, and the good leader full

of caution."

Sun Tzu, the Art of War

 Israeli forces arrested nearly one-third of the Hamas-led Palestinian
Cabinet and 20 lawmakers early Thursday and pressed their incursion
into Gaza, responding to the abduction of one of its soldiers.


No deaths or injuries were reported in the Israeli actions. But the
warplanes knocked out Gaza's electric power plant, raising the specter
of a humanitarian crisis. The Hamas-led government warned of "epidemics
and health disasters" because of damaged water pipes to central Gaza
and the lack of power to pump water.


Adding to the tension, a Palestinian militant group said it killed an 18-year-old Jewish settler kidnapped in the

West Bank.
Israeli security officials said Eliahu Asheri's body was found buried
near Ramallah. They said he was shot in the head, apparently soon after
he was abducted on Sunday.

AP news story  

"Can anyone tell me how the palestenians accept to live liek this ? what
kind of a government that has no dignity, controled by Israel, no army,
no police, no life, no future, and they still say it is a country and a

Al-Arabiya comment  

Me: Dude, this is bad

Me: The Jews aren't like us

Me: They actually care for the lives of their own.

B: We care for the lives of our own

Me: 7ayqleboh el donia 3alashan el 3ayell dah (They will turn the world upside down to get that soldier back).

B: But no one else does!

Me: Then Habibty, release the kid

Me: The prisoners document gives pretext to the whole recognizing Israel thing

Me: Without actually recognizing it

Me: It's the way out of the boycott

Me: Why bring it all down by kidnapping a kid now?

Me: What purpose will it serve

B: I don't know

B: Well they think they are trying to make some sort of point, I suppose.

Me: I suspect its the Mesh3el wing who did it.

B: Akeed. (Most definitely)

Me: It's no coincidence that they kidnap him as the others sign the agreement.

B: They are always sabab el masayeb (cause of calamities).

Me: the one that Mesh3al so strongly opposed.

Me: It's all fucked

B: yup

Me: that being said

B: ya..

Me: and coming from an egyptian who lives in a country that doesn't value his life or the lives of the 75 million other egyptian who inhabit it

Me: I kind of envy how much theycare about their own

B: ya…

Me: I mean, I get it, they are few in numbers anyway

B: who? Israel?

Me: bas leih a7nah mesh kedah (But why aren't we like that?)

B: 3alashan a7na 7aywanat (Cause we are animals)

Me: That's not good enough!

Me: It's too simplistic ya B

Me: And I refuse to believe it!

B: Then give me a better explanation!

Me and B. on messenger yesterday! 

In a clear warning to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Israeli
airplanes flew ovecr his seaside home near the Mediterranean port city
of Latakia in northwestern Syria, military officials confirmed, citing
the "direct link" between his government and Hamas. Israeli television
reports said four planes were involved in the low-altitude flight, and
that Assad was there at the time.

Syria confirmed Israeli warplanes entered its airspace, but said its air defenses forced the Israeli aircraft to flee.

AP story

"Yes, yes, the Syrian air defenses forced the israelis jets-traveling at mach 3, to flee. Sure. Who the fuck are they kidding?"

My Co-worker, S. 

"walla, what did hamas expect, they should stop acting like children,
and then cry for the world to help them after they get themselves into
trouble. The people in gaza have enough troubles than to be occupied
again due to the stupid, irresponsible actions of hamas idiots."

Another Al Arabiya comment 

"This is incredibly stupid. They will lose whatever land they had because of this. What are they thinking? (Pause) You know what Sharon once said? He said that what Israel needs to do is to stick to its guns for another 30 years. By that time most of the Oil will be gone, and there will be no more money for the arabs to buy weapons with, or wage war on anyone. And that's when they will get the rest of that land. Mark my words. In 30 Years they will have all of Ghaza again, and all the palestinians will be out, and no one will be able to do anything."  

 The Girl Yesterday

who excel in war first cultivate their own humanity and justice and
maintain their laws and institutions. By these means they make their
governments invincible."

Sun Tzu, the Art of War

"Imagine, This could've all ended if the Palestinain enterd the Camp David agreement with us. The whole thing would've been different now had they done that. I swear to god Sadat is the only arab leader who ever used his brain. Had he not done this, we would be just like Syria now. They would've kept Sinai occupied, and we would be putting in the media how we are going to crush them and blah blah blah, while we live in the worst kind of opression under that moron Bashar. No wonder the syrian people don't want to let go of lebanon; their lives in Syria sucks. That's the only place they can breathe.

My co worker, H.

"sooner or later the time will come and the land will inshallah be free. alah akbar alah akbar"

Another comment at Al Arabiya

Yeah, sooner or later this will be over, one way or another!


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Posted on Wednesday 28 June 2006

I feel like I am getting squeezed!

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Samarra bombers arrested

Posted on Wednesday 28 June 2006

Oh yes. The people who blew up the Al Askarri shrine and its golden dome are arrested in Iraq, the same group that apparently killed Atwar Bahgat, the alarabiya reproter. ITM has the story!

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The Police kills two more people in Sinai

Posted on Wednesday 28 June 2006

Remember those days when the police would arrest someone and then the courts deicde if they were guilty or not and then the verdict would be executed? Well, it's not like that over here , not anymore anyway.

Egyptian security forces on Tuesday shot
dead two men named as members of a group behind deadly bombings
in Sinai tourist resorts, security sources said.

How do we know that's what they were? Well, the police said so, and the police never lies. Right?

The security forces shot Ibrahim Hamid and his brother Sami
in northern Sinai, where the authorities say the militant group
was based. A gunbattle started when police arrived to arrest
the men south of the town of el-Arish.

Notice how not even a single soldier or policeman was wounded in this gun battle? Not a scratch. Now that's training for ya! 

The wife of one of the suspects was also killed.

She was a terrorist too. Well, married to one, or at least married to a suspected one. No one, of course, will get punished for her death! It's not like the lives of egyptians is worth anything now, right?


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Psychological association

Posted on Wednesday 28 June 2006

Why is it that whenever I hearJames Blunt's "No Bravery", I think of Lebanon and the Assad regime?

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Yay, Batman

Posted on Wednesday 28 June 2006

I took the superhero quiz , and guess what? I am Batman!

Your results:
You are Batman

Iron Man
The Flash
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
You are dark, love gadgets
and have vowed to help the innocent
not suffer the pain you have endured.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz…

Me loves Batman! The Dark Knight over Superman and Wolverine any day. 

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Palestinian loves a jew, hilarity ensues

Posted on Tuesday 27 June 2006

This seems to be the plot of this movie anyway. It' supposed to be a comedy, but me wasn't impressed by the trailer that it's actualy funny. However, Amr Diab song as a backgorund music? Very cool!

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Tengo una remera del Che y no sé por qué

Posted on Tuesday 27 June 2006

It's personally funny to me whenever I go to one of my friends' house and see a Che Guevara poster or T-shirt, the same way it's funny whenever I see him as a car sticker, or a tatoo, or on a mug, or whatever else piece of crap they put his face on these days (We even have a Che Guevara coffe shop in Cairo. For real). Mind you, I don't find it funny because the great socialist hero is now a capitalistic brand, altough that's hilarious on its own, but I find it funny because those who worship him do not fuckin know jack shit about him, and yet idolize him nonetheless. Even writing blogposts on him as the revolutionary hero that fought against imperialism. Ok, fine, let me give you an "alternative account" of Che's History of you will, and then find out if he is really the Heroic symbol that you should flaunt so proudly. Here is a small snippet of what this will include :

For anyone who doesn't know–and a startling number of people are ignorant of the facts of his life–you don't really
want your little boy to grow up to be Che Guevara even if you might
once have wanted to sleep with him or with a look-alike wearing a
tee-shirt with his image on it. Che was a mercenary soldier
who favored radical Socialism but wasn't all that picky about the
"cause" as long as it involved violent slaughter. He had no pity on his
victims; he gloried in their suffering. He had no interest in real
freedom; he and his comrades Fidel and Raoul would dictate who would be
free (those who agreed with them), and who would be oppressed (those
who didn't). At the end of his short life, his unsavory deeds were
catching up with his dashing image and he died an ignominious
death–and not that of a martyr, but of a villain. And he was
ultimately, compared to Castro, pretty small fry–although he can claim
something of a legacy in his complicity in the decades-long suffering
of the Cuban people under a Socialist dictatorship.

What? Doesn't sound like the crap you've been fed? Don't want to continue reading? How about you read how he fought:

Guevara’s disposition when he traveled with Castro from Mexico
to Cuba aboard the Granma is captured in a phrase in a letter to his
wife that he penned on January 28, 1957, not long after disembarking,
which was published in her book Ernesto: A Memoir of Che Guevara in
Sierra Maestra: “Here in the Cuban jungle, alive and bloodthirsty.”
This mentality had been reinforced by his conviction that Arbenz had
lost power because he had failed to execute his potential enemies. An
earlier letter to his former girlfriend Tita Infante had observed that
“if there had been some executions, the government would have
maintained the capacity to return the blows.” It is hardly a surprise
that during the armed struggle against Batista, and then after the
triumphant entry into Havana, Guevara murdered or oversaw the
executions in summary trials of scores of people—proven enemies,
suspected enemies, and those who happened to be in the wrong place at
the wrong time.

In January 1957, as his diary from the Sierra
Maestra indicates, Guevara shot Eutimio Guerra because he suspected him
of passing on information: “I ended the problem with a .32 caliber
pistol, in the right side of his brain…. His belongings were now
mine.” Later he shot Aristidio, a peasant who expressed the desire to
leave whenever the rebels moved on. While he wondered whether this
particular victim “was really guilty enough to deserve death,” he had
no qualms about ordering the death of EchevarrÙŠa, a brother of one of
his comrades, because of unspecified crimes: “He had to pay the price.”
At other times he would simulate executions without carrying them out,
as a method of psychological torture.

Luis Guardia and Pedro
Corzo, two researchers in Florida who are working on a documentary
about Guevara, have obtained the testimony of Jaime Costa VÙ„zquez, a
former commander in the revolutionary army known as “El CatalÙ„n,” who
maintains that many of the executions attributed to Ramiro Valdés, a
future interior minister of Cuba, were Guevara’s direct responsibility,
because Valdés was under his orders in the mountains. “If in doubt,
kill him” were Che’s instructions. On the eve of victory, according to
Costa, Che ordered the execution of a couple dozen people in Santa
Clara, in central Cuba, where his column had gone as part of a final
assault on the island. Some of them were shot in a hotel, as Marcelo
FernÙ„ndes-Zayas, another former revolutionary who later became a
journalist, has written—adding that among those executed, known as
casquitos, were peasants who had joined the army simply to escape

Or how he was like as a Prison warden?

But the “cold-blooded killing machine” did not show the full
extent of his rigor until, immediately after the collapse of the
Batista regime, Castro put him in charge of La CabaÙŒa prison. (Castro
had a clinically good eye for picking the right person to guard the
revolution against infection.) San Carlos de La CabaÙŒa was a stone
fortress used to defend Havana against English pirates in the
eighteenth century; later it became a military barracks. In a manner
chillingly reminiscent of Lavrenti Beria, Guevara presided during the
first half of 1959 over one of the darkest periods of the revolution.
José Vilasuso, a lawyer and a professor at Universidad Interamericana
de BayamÙŽn in Puerto Rico, who belonged to the body in charge of the
summary judicial process at La CabaÙŒa, told me recently that

was in charge of the ComisiÙŽn Depuradora. The process followed the law
of the Sierra: there was a military court and Che’s guidelines to us
were that we should act with conviction, meaning that they were all
murderers and the revolutionary way to proceed was to be implacable. My
direct superior was Miguel Duque Estrada. My duty was to legalize the
files before they were sent on to the Ministry. Executions took place
from Monday to Friday, in the middle of the night, just after the
sentence was given and automatically confirmed by the appellate body.
On the most gruesome night I remember, seven men were executed.

Or as a Judge?

there were about eight hundred prisoners in a space fit for no
more than three hundred: former Batista military and police personnel,
some journalists, a few businessmen and merchants. The revolutionary
tribunal was made of militiamen. Che Guevara presided over the
appellate court. He never overturned a sentence. I would visit those on
death row at the galera de la muerte. A rumor went around that I
hypnotized prisoners because many remained calm, so Che ordered that I
be present at the executions. After I left in May, they executed many
more, but I personally witnessed fifty-five executions. There was an
American, Herman Marks, apparently a former convict. We called him “the
butcher” because he enjoyed giving the order to shoot. I pleaded many
times with Che on behalf of prisoners. I remember especially the case
of Ariel Lima, a young boy. Che did not budge. Nor did Fidel, whom I
visited. I became so traumatized that at the end of May 1959 I was
ordered to leave the parish of Casa Blanca, where La CabaÙŒa was located
and where I had held Mass for three years. I went to Mexico for
treatment. The day I left, Che told me we had both tried to bring one
another to each other’s side and had failed. His last words were: “When
we take our masks off, we will be enemies.”

Or as a ruler?

In 1958, after taking the city of Sancti Spiritus, Guevara
unsuccessfully tried to impose a kind of sharia, regulating relations
between men and women, the use of alcohol, and informal gambling—a
puritanism that did not exactly characterize his own way of life. He
also ordered his men to rob banks, a decision that he justified in a
letter to Enrique Oltuski, a subordinate, in November of that year:
“The struggling masses agree to robbing banks because none of them has
a penny in them.” This idea of revolution as a license to re-allocate
property as he saw fit led the Marxist Puritan to take over the mansion
of an emigrant after the triumph of the revolution.

The urge to
dispossess others of their property and to claim ownership of others’
territory was central to Guevara’s politics of raw power. In his
memoirs, the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser records that Guevara
asked him how many people had left his country because of land reform.
When Nasser replied that no one had left, Che countered in anger that
the way to measure the depth of change is by the number of people “who
feel there is no place for them in the new society.” This predatory
instinct reached a pinnacle in 1965, when he started talking, God-like,
about the “New Man” that he and his revolution would create.

 Or as an *snicker* economic (hehehe) leader?

The great revolutionary had a chance to put into practice
his economic vision—his idea of social justice—as head of the National
Bank of Cuba and of the Department of Industry of the National
Institute of Agrarian Reform at the end of 1959, and, starting in early
1961, as minister of industry. The period in which Guevara was in
charge of most of the Cuban economy saw the near-collapse of sugar
production, the failure of industrialization, and the introduction of
rationing—all this in what had been one of Latin America’s four most
economically successful countries since before the Batista dictatorship.

stint as head of the National Bank, during which he printed bills
signed “Che,” has been summarized by his deputy, Ernesto Betancourt:
“[He] was ignorant of the most elementary economic principles.”
Guevara’s powers of perception regarding the world economy were
famously expressed in 1961, at a hemispheric conference in Uruguay,
where he predicted a 10 percent rate of growth for Cuba “without the
slightest fear,” and, by 1980, a per capita income greater than that of
“the U.S. today.” In fact, by 1997, the thirtieth anniversary of his
death, Cubans were dieting on a ration of five pounds of rice and one
pound of beans per month; four ounces of meat twice a year; four ounces
of soybean paste per week; and four eggs per month.

Land reform
took land away from the rich, but gave it to the bureaucrats, not to
the peasants. (The decree was written in Che’s house.) In the name of
diversification, the cultivated area was reduced and manpower
distracted toward other activities. The result was that between 1961
and 1963, the harvest was down by half, to a mere 3.8 million metric
tons. Was this sacrifice justified by progress in Cuban
industrialization? Unfortunately, Cuba had no raw materials for heavy
industry, and, as a consequence of the revolutionary redistribution, it
had no hard currency with which to buy them—or even basic goods. By
1961, Guevara was having to give embarrassing explanations to the
workers at the office: “Our technical comrades at the companies have
made a toothpaste … which is as good as the previous one; it cleans
just the same, though after a while it turns to stone.” By 1963, all
hopes of industrializing Cuba were abandoned, and the revolution
accepted its role as a colonial provider of sugar to the Soviet bloc in
exchange for oil to cover its needs and to re-sell to other countries.
For the next three decades, Cuba would survive on a Soviet subsidy of
somewhere between $65 billion and $100 billion.

 Or maybe, how about how he died?

He was killed in Bolivia in 1967,
leading a guerrilla movement that had failed to enlist a single
Bolivian peasant. And yet he succeeded in inspiring tens of thousands
of middle class Latin-Americans to exit the universities and organize
guerrilla insurgencies of their own. And these insurgencies likewise
accomplished nothing, except to bring about the death of hundreds of
thousands, and to set back the cause of Latin-American democracy—a
tragedy on the hugest scale.

Finally I will leave you with his own words:

"Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle
red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils
dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the
deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join
the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!"

"Hatred as an
element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a
human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an
effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This
is what our soldiers must become …
- Che Guevara

Your Hero! I hope you are proud! 

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Germans stand up to anti-smoking nazis

Posted on Monday 26 June 2006

Ya Man. Die Deutscher sind ya shon geil :

When a German magazine ran a story about
new efforts to ban public smoking, the reactions of many of its
non-smoking readers were fierce — and surprising.

"I don't want to be deprived of the relaxed company of
smokers in restaurants and bars," wrote David Harnasch of
Freiburg in a letter to Der Spiegel weekly. "If my clothes
stink of smoke, I can wash them — where exactly is the

Yvonne Deim from Munich wrote: "Sitting in a smoke-filled
room for a few hours bothers me less than it would if smokers
were forced to get up every few minutes to go smoke outside."

Now you look at that. Exactly what I am saying. I am not a smoker, I don't buy cigarettes, but goddamn it, I always felt bad for my smoker friends and how everyone persecuted their asses. My apartment, in every building I lived in when I was in Boston, was a haven for smokers. I used to put up a sign that said that "this apartment was smoker-friendly", and that people would be allowed to come in and smoke if they were kicked out by their non-smoking roommates. And you know what? All of them were interesting and laid back individuals and their company was worth Febreezing my couch every couple of months. Anyway… 

Governments across Europe are cracking down on smoking in
public places. But resistance to new limits is strong in
Germany, where the right to smoke became a cherished mark of
tolerance and freedom after World War Two.

Polls show a majority of the population and one in two
non-smokers opposed a proposed ban on smoking in restaurants
and bars.

And why is that, exactly?

Robert Proctor, a professor at Stanford University and
author of the book "The Nazi War on Cancer," says one reason
the German anti-smoking movement is so weak is that it is
tainted by the Nazis' hostility to smoking.

The Luftwaffe banned smoking in 1938 and a year later SS
chief Heinrich Himmler did the same for all uniformed police
and SS officers. Under the Nazis, smoking was barred in many
workplaces, government offices, hospitals and rest homes.

Hitler, who didn't touch tobacco or alcohol, gave 100,000
Reichsmarks of his own money in 1941 to the world's first
institute dedicated to the dangers of tobacco. Led by avid
anti-smoker and anti-Semite Karl Astel, the institute produced
the first comprehensive study linking smoking and lung cancer.

Hmmm… And here I thought that calling them anti-smoking nazis was a tid too far. Look at that. An actual Nazi connection. Who would've saw that one coming?

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Gay? Muslim? Marry a lesbian!

Posted on Monday 26 June 2006

This, I guess, was just inevitable:

Across the globe and especially in America, hundreds of other gay
Muslims have started to pursue marriages of convenience–or MOC, as
they are known– in which gay Muslims seek out lesbian Muslims, and
vice versa, for appearances' sake.

Mansoor works as an accountant
in New York and is a devout Muslim. He abstains from drinking alcohol
or eating pork and is particular about offering early morning prayers.

his friends on Wall Street, he is a financial whiz; to his parents, a
devoted son. But Mansoor is also part of a burgeoning trend of gay
Muslims adopting marriages of convenience. Hard statistics are hard to
come by, but on a single Web site for South Asian gays and lesbians
seeking such marriages, almost 400 requests had been uploaded.

ranged from a desperate plea from Atlanta ("I just finished medical
school, and the pressure for me to get married is becoming ridiculous.
I can't have a conversation with my parents without them pressuring
me") to a straightforward one from Texas ("I will not object to her
having sex with other women").

Mansoor credits the Internet for
making these marriages a real possibility for gay Muslims. Gay
activists agree and say that in recent years they have seen a rise in
such marriages among Muslims.

Jack Fertig, a co-coordinator for
al-Fatiha, a national advocacy group for gay Muslims, says he comes
across at least one such e-mail request every month.

obvious that this is becoming a viable option," he said. "People are
seeking, looking and trying to make connections that could develop into
such marriages."

Other activists say gay Muslims are resorting to these unions for reasons of self-preservation.

of convenience are the result of gay Muslims wanting to avoid emotional
and physical harm to themselves," says Muhammed Ali, a board member of
Homan, a Los Angeles-based support group for gay Iranians.

is a crime punishable by death in much of the Islamic world. In Iran
last year, two gay teenagers were publicly executed, while in
Afghanistan, the Taliban government would torture homosexuals by
collapsing walls on them.

Though gay Muslims in America don't
have such fears, they still seek out marriages of convenience as a way
of staying in the closet. Many of them worry about being ostracized
from their families if their secret is revealed.

A marriage of
convenience is the perfect solution, Mansoor said. "It's a great
option," he said. "I get married to a lesbian, we sleep in different
rooms and remain friends. Meanwhile, I can have a boyfriend."


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The lost girls???

Posted on Monday 26 June 2006

Oh Alan Moore. I hate you for exposing to me how much of a pervert I really am:

A London hospital that holds the copyright to
“Peter Pan” has questioned the appropriateness of a series of books
that portrays the character Wendy exploring her sexuality.

“Lost Girls” books, by graphic novelist Alan Moore, are about three
world-famous characters: Wendy, Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” and
Alice from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” The characters meet one
another and have sexual adventures. Wendy not only engages in erotic
trysts but also encounters pedophiles.

wrote three separate “Lost Girls” novels in 1995, 1996 and 2005, all
featuring Wendy, and some were published by the small U.S. company
Kitchen Sink Press. They include drawings by artist Melinda Gebbie of
sexual acts that could be considered pornographic, and some of the
books were sold in England with an “adults only” warning on their

Is it wrong that me totally wants to read them now?

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Posted on Monday 26 June 2006

Why is it that whenever AI click on a website, or a blog, that is not blogspot related, I get diverted to WTF is this bullshit all about? It happend to me at home, when I tried logging to and the Huffington post last night, alongside a number of another websites. and now it's happening to me at work, and Nerro says that she is experiencing the same phenomenon with the same website. Is this a strictly Egypt thing? Can someone let me know?

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Some pumping required

Posted on Sunday 25 June 2006

Parents who will buy this to their children, well, yeah, nevermind.

Skeet Skeet skeet! 

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Your Belly-dancing fix for the day

Posted on Sunday 25 June 2006

Hey man, hips don't lie! :)

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One Happy Family

Posted on Sunday 25 June 2006

The arabs hate the Jordanian King Hussein and call him a traitor, the Benedict Arnold of the arab world, for not fighting with Israel during the 50's and 60's, and for kicking out the PLO after they tried to overthrow him in the 1970's. 

The arabs hate the egyptians for the Camp David treaty and selling out the palestinain cause and giving everyone else the excuse to sign peace treaties with Israel!

The arabs hate Kuwait, for supporting the US war in Iraq to remove Saddam, who invaded them in the past and tortured and killed their people.

The arabs hate the iraqis that went out and celebrated the removal of Saddam and co-operated with the americans to get rid of him, after he opressed them, tortured them, killed them and raped their women for the past 25 years.

The arabs hate the lebanese because they are helping and aiding the "zionist enemy" and "the american imperialists" in finding cause and reason to isolate and punish Syria. 

The lebanese hate the arabs because they won't support them against the syrians who are occupying them and killing those amongst them who want a free and independent Lebanon.

The Iraqis hate the arabs for never supporting them or helping them
move on and create a better country, and for continuing to support

The Kuwaitis hate the arabs for majorly being OK with them getting invaded by Saddam and for getting mad at them for doing what's necessary to protect themselves.

The egyptians hate the arabs for..well..really lots of reasons. It's mainly our superiority complex speaking, 7000 years of civilization and all. Plus, we are the ones who did most of the fighting against Israel, while the rest just kind of watched, and yet have the nerve to call us traitors!

The Jordanians hate the arabs because they view themselves as the only people who truly did something for the palestinains and gave them citizenships and a home, while palestinians in other arab countries are still treated and viewed as refugees, even if they were born in those countries.

The Tunisians, algerians and Morroceans are too geographically far and too culturally seperate to actually care about the stupid shit that arabs squabble about.

And the Libyans have given up on the arabs, and are now promoting african-ness, which is a really dumb move since the african nations are even more retarded than the arab ones. 

Yay for Pan-arabism! 

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Al Qaeda vs. Hezbollah?

Posted on Sunday 25 June 2006

Now here is a fight I would encourage!

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Posted on Sunday 25 June 2006

This is Genius!

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Most ironic story of the day

Posted on Sunday 25 June 2006

Head of Kenya anti-corruption group fired for…corruption!

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On the bottom line

Posted on Sunday 25 June 2006

This is officially the first Fashion themed post. I don't know why I am linking to this, but me guesses it's because I find it amusing. Also, cleavage, you know?

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Anti-suicidebombing PSA

Posted on Saturday 24 June 2006

This is soooooooooooooo amussssssssing!

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