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The Hiatous continues

Posted on Sunday 31 December 2006

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the lack of postings. I am still traveling in no dsl land, where I will remain till the 4th of January. So apologies for lack of posts till then.

How about that Saddam execution , huh? The New Year starting with one less asshole in the world. That's kinda sweet right there.

Anyway, I gtg, so Happy New Year's in advance.

Love you all,

The Sandmonkey 

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Your questions answerd part #2

Posted on Thursday 28 December 2006

This will cover all of Manager's questions:

1. Are there any
Egyptians who may consider coming to Israel as tourists?

Many Egyptian christians travel every year to Israel to perform pilgrimage to Jerusalem already. If it wasn;t for the hasseling they would receive from the state secuirty people,I bet many egyptian muslims would want to go as well. 

2. How popular is western culture among the younger people of Egypt?

The Appearances of the western culture is very prevasive amongst egyptian youth, but the values still aren't accepted, since western societies are viewed as immoral (you people with your sexual freedoms and the not committing of honor crimes). 

3. How important are the regional politics to the average citizen?

Pretty important. The government makes sure he gets bombarded with regional news more than anything, especially negative ones. Make them care about what happens outside, and they won't pay attention to what's going on inside the country.

4. what is the bias of the media? do the play the war drums, concentrate on
local issues and pop culture, or preach for peace and understanding?

It's very much death and carnage obsessed. Dead babies and mutilated bodies by americans or Israelis are what they sell 24/7.

5. what is the economical outlook for a young citizen?

Without his/her parents help? Pretty much screwed! 

6. who is the most popular writer?

Naguib Mahfouz.

7. what is the most popular theme of tv shows?

Raafat el Haggan.

8. Angelina Jolie or Heather Grahm? (you CANNOT have both!)

Heather is getting old. Angelina Baby.

9. have you considered politics? (i would have voted for you, if i was an
egyptian :))

Not for now. I enjoy making fun of that freakshow for now to trade in my position of spectator to player. But who knows?

10. 42?

You douglas Adams freak you! :)


What is your moral stance on sodomy? Would your answer
change if lube was involved? If forced to, would you rather perform a dirty
sanchez or a donkey punch? Thank you.

Don't have one. Not really. Probably a dirty sanchez. 


Is it really true that the overall idea of ancient Egyptians
was that if your body is intact you will be able to go into the afterlife? I
find it hard to believe as most of the ancient Egyptians were not at all
mummyfied. Or was there an alternative for the poor among your ancient ones
after death?

From what I understand, and I am not an expert on the subject, that the idea was for your body to stay together in one place, but not necessarily intact. They do remove the bowels and internal organs and place them in special vials right next to the mummified body, and me believes they do throw out the brain. As far as I know, there wasn;t any other alternative to mummification.


There is this guy that likes me, he has all the right “qualifications” but I
don’t fit in with his family. They’re quite traditional while I was brought up
in the west and have a completely different, albeit conservative, lifestyle. He’s
afraid to approach me directly because we’re kind of family (cousins of
sibling’s in-laws), so he sent a trusty messenger. Apparently, I have a
completely misconstrued image of him and two people whose opinions I trust and
know me well seem to think that he’s actually a lot like me. I’m afraid to give
him a chance cuz i don’t wanna be “that girl who rejected our favorite son” in
family gatherings — if it doesn’t work out. Still, I am now intrigued and would
love to find out what he’s really all about…at the same time, I am afraid it
will work out and then I’ll have to deal with his family. To give you a clearer
picture, they are all veiled and I would always stick out like a sore thumb. I
already do, but I don’t care as much cuz I don’t have to see them a lot. I have
nothing against the veil, I’m just trying to paint a picture of how we lead
different lifestyles. But to be fair, if he’s as great as everyone says he is,
I may be able to cope with the extended family situation. Last thing to
consider would be this: Egypt is a family-oreinted society but I never wanted
it to play this role in my life. The fact that I’ve written the word family
here so many times is already irritating and out of character.

Amy, I wouldn't go there. Family issues get sticky, especially if they fail. That's my advice. I get your dilemma, but if he is the favorite son and you are the one who doesn't fit, then you will never live that down. Walk away!


Whenever I see a video of an Islamic extremist speaking, or even when I see
a “still” picture of him, he is almost always pointing upward with his index
finger, palm outward, as if he is making this really sage, enlightened point.
Is this a cultural thing? Like modern American politicians giving the “Clinton”
tumb, where it is slightly extended in a closed fist – a “mini” thumbs-up?

It's usually used by Imams to emphasize points. You could call it cultural. 

Also, when I read these statements, they are always short, simplistic
statements. “This is flase.” “It is haram.” or “They are foolish.” Another
cultural thing or perhaps the Arab version of the “sound-byte.”

Cultural. They are not used to be questioned, and most people don't dare to question what the islamist dude states because they don't want to hear a lecture that they probably wouldn't understand or counter. 

Lastly, one day can you write a lengthy post detailing your outlook on the
world as you grew up and how you began to think differently from most of the
people you know – and what culture shock you had going to school in the US. If
you have already done this, please point me to the proper post.

 No such post exists yet. But one day I will write it.

Part#2 is done. Part#3 to come 

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Your questions answerd part #1

Posted on Thursday 28 December 2006

Cause you know I wouldn't be able to do it all in one post.

Let's go…


Is Al-Queda as popular as they used to be on the “arab street”?

I am not sure if they were ever popular. I think those in the arab street who admire Bin Laden are just mesmerized by how the media made such an Icon out of him before and after 9/11, with the americans not being able to capture him and all. The same applies to Zarqawi. Those are people who get protrayed as resisters against the american agression, them and only them. So it's very person-specific. It would be like saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger got elected governer of Cali makes the republican party and its ideas really popular over there. Get me? 

If they are
not a popular as they used to be is that only because they are killing the
wrong people?

Well, yeah. It's one thing to kill the american soldiers and the ïraqi "collaborators", and another to kill women and children and the elderly, especially fellow arabs and muslims. Take Jordan for example. Zarqawi was cool there until he blew up that Hotel. Suddenly everyone turned against him. So, yeah, that would be it.

What the hell is wrong with the Palestinians? (I know Israel plays a part in
the cluster fuck that is Palestine, but that place is a f’n disaster)

Ehh, corruption, personal ambitions of leaders who don't care about their people, tribalism, and the accumulated effects of carrying wepaons and living in a war zone for more than 25 years, and then suddenly having their enemy withdraw on them and leaving them alone with all the guns they have and no one to fight. What did you expect would happen then? The israelis gave them unity and sense of purpose, a clear and identifable enemy. Now that it's gone, it's only natural that the superficial unity starts to crack.

What would you do to try and solve the massive amount of violence in Iraq?

I would secure Baghdad first and foremost, and that would be by increasing the area of the greenzone gradually over the surrounding neighbourhoods. You go in, clean a neighbourhood, and then add it to the greenzone, which would mean the return to safety and security to that neighbourhood and relative normalcy to the lives of its people, which they will view as a good thing. The moment that works, other neighbourhoods would want it too, and you just follow that plan. One Baghdad is safe and secure, the situation changes drastically, and would involve certain pockets of the country, which you would then take on one by one. That's how I would do it!


I’d love to get a guy’s perspective on this: There’s this
friend of mine who I’m developing a massive crush on. He broke up with his
girlfriend over a year ago, but I don’t think he’s over her. He still talks
about her all the time. And he doesn’t seem interested romantically in any
other girls (myself included, unfortunatly). What do you think? Is it hopeless
and I should just get over him and move on? How long does it take guys to get
over an ex?

There is this informal rule that says that it takes half of the time you dated someone to get over them, so I guess that depends on how long he and that girl dated and what she means to him, which I am gathering is a lot. It would also depend on who did the breaking up and why. It seems evident that she dumped him, or at least provoked the break-up, but why she did that isn't clear. Maybe he was psycho obsessive in their relationship? Who knows. However, if you want to get him, I am guessing he is the type of men whom I like to referr to as Johnny Hurt. Johnny Hurt is the dude that likes to let you know how much he was hurt in the past so often you want to start hurting him. He is in apparent or veiled pain and he likes to talk about it and its cause (her) to anyone who would listen. Well, maybe you should listen. Be his nice friendly buddy and show sympathy and empathy, but keep a helathy distance. Soon enough he will be calling you to hang out all the time and stuff, which would probably end up in him attempting to start dating you. No gurantees though, and you should ask yourself whether or not you want to live haunted by his ghosts of relationships past.


Is it true that George Bush has AIDS? I heard him talking
about his AIDS today and I couldnt believe my ears.

I wouldn't know for sure, but my guess is NO. How would he contract it exactly? 


How much Jew-hatred is there in the Arab world?

A lot. Let's just say that David Duke got hotsed and asked to speak in more arab countries that I would like to mention (Thankfully, Egypt was never one of them). 

Why is it that religeous nutcases seem to win big in most of the Middle-East?

Because the majority of the population that follow them are poor, uneducated and only have religion and the hope of a better afterlife to live on. The religious nutcases make them believe that by supporting them they do what god wants them to do and what would make them good muslims, so they follow him. It works in every religion. 

How big are conspiracy theories?

Huge! It's our modern subtitute to folklore tales.


OK, Sandmonkey, here’s my question: If you lived in the
U.S.A. what things (other than your family/friends) would you miss the most
from Egypt (i.e. things, food, attitudes, customs, traditions, etc.)???

I did a post on this, called 10 things I love about Egypt. You can read it here!

To Egypt with love;

I will be in Egypt in two weeks. I don’t like to do tourist
things. I appreciate culture (museums, art galleries, etc.) but I hate the
feeling of “packaged tours” and I can see all these things on the Discovery
Channel. So SM, tell me, what are your recommendations for things I must see or
do while in Cairo? Will there be anything exciting going on the week of 1/21 to
1/28 (I will be in Alexandria prior to this)?

E-mail me when you get here. This is too long of a conversation my friend!

Mr. Michael:

A personal question: I know you’ve gotten hate mail from
jihadis and whatnot… but how serious are their threats? If, for example, your
name and home were posted, would you be in real danger, or would it be the
‘normal’ danger from kooks you would get in New York City?

I wouldn't know to tell you the truth. I just wouldn;t want to take the chnace, you know? I don;t think about it long though. Kinda better that way, you know?



Rachel Weisz and Kate Winslet-Who’d you rather?

Is that even a question? Rachel Baby! 


Ok, part one is done, part two comes next! 

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NO more questionssssss

Posted on Wednesday 27 December 2006

Lawd have mercy: I now have 56 questions to answer. I will get started immedietly, but it will be in a series of posts starting tomorrow. For now, though,NO MORE QUESTIONS.  Please!

And yes, I will answer you all. maybe 20 per post.

(I am so screwed) 

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I suck, I suck, I know

Posted on Wednesday 27 December 2006

Ok people, here is the deal. I am stuck in a place with no wifi, so I ahd to go to a mcdonalds to get internet, but now my battery is running low. However, I am working on the questions you've sent me, and I promise to reply to them all.

As for the comment moderation (tesdek, I am talking to you), it's automatic. I don;t control it. I wish I did. I had no internet all the day yesterday, so I didn;t see them. I never block or delete a comment, and you will find them all here.

Sorry for the delay. Service will be resumed shortly! 

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Send your questions

Posted on Monday 25 December 2006

As you all know, I am on vacation right now. I don't feel like reading the news really, but I would hate for this blog to be idle. So here is my suggestion: 

If you have any questions or inquiries about yours truly, Egypt, the arab world, relationship problems, whatever, post them in the comments section and I will answer them. Anything you wanted to know, whatever your heart desires. Ok?

Now let's see what you got! :)  

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E-mail of the Month

Posted on Monday 25 December 2006

I am leaving you with this e-mail, which left me with a huge smile on my face:

Dear Sand Monkey!

I just wanted to say hi and introduce my self and commend you on the work you have been doing.

It turns out we
have more than a few things in common yourself and I, my mom is a full
fledged senior professor at Cairo's biggest university as well as my
dad being a foreign diplomat, like yourself I kind of got the best of
both world's.

Plus my boss comes in a lot when I am perusing blogs, but I con him into believing that I'm doing research.

I have lived a
part of my life here in Egypt and the better part on both coasts from
D.C. to the Bay, having dual citizenship; I am more pro-American than
you could ever fathom.

However I am
still Egyptian and no matter how much I detest that fact, it will not
go away. Believe me I went to denounce my Egyptian citizenship a few
times and I was unsuccessful because my folks intervention.

Furthermore, I started out
absolutely despising your blogs with your parsimonious praise of Egypt
and inimical critique of Islam and our country, since you claimed to be
an Egyptian.

I remember
thinking to myself that you must have been hired by the state
department [seriously] and were something along the lines of a sub set
to the e.g. $15 million approved by congress to spread democracy in
Iran alone. Only wondering what the budget for Egypt must look like?

Although I could
always relate to your blogs and had a sense and feel of where you were
coming from with Egypt being this totally messed up place socially,
politically and what not, but how much humor & ridicule is too

After all this
is the nation that nourishes and provides for us, take it easy on
Egypt, this is your country dude and no matter how corrupt it is. I
mean ask yourself whatever happened to "God & Country?" Huh?

I log onto your
blog when ever I have the chance to see what new preposterous things
you are ranting about because it intrigues me. I can really relate to
the stuff you are spitting out at 100 mph, such as the dictatorship,
the retarded system and backwards way of life and so on. However this
is what makes Egypt so unique and what it is today. No infra structure,
crappy legal system, crappier law enforcement, martial and emergency
law and a total disregard for rules, shitty traffic etc. yet everything
still manages to carry on.

In the end, ya
Egypt needs all the help it can get. I myself have never left so much
as a rude comment about Egypt or anyone's opinion no matter how
satirical it may have been on your blog and just wanted to make that

From initially
having a love hate relationship with your blog to recently realizing
that you are doing a pretty good job & your perspective is
audaciously unique, I must say it has been a long road.

I have decided to actually say something that might make a difference, sensing
recently upon approaching the final days to the blog awards [Congrats
by the way] you have toned down your ridicule and hence felt it
incumbant upon me to you and tell you that although you may have
shocked me a few times at first, your work is the little gasp of fresh
air so badly needed by so many repressed people in this backwards and
repressed state that is capable of so much better things and that you
really have made a difference.

I would have
been the last person to say this but I have finally come to terms with
your somewhat controversial blogging and decided to give you Props
dude. Good work!

Seasons Greetings!

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Gone Fishing

Posted on Monday 25 December 2006

I will be out for a couple of days. Part Holiday, Part work. Hopefully there will be WIFI there!

Happy Holidays!

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E-mail Santa

Posted on Sunday 24 December 2006

It's your last chance!

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A christmas Meme

Posted on Sunday 24 December 2006

I am gonna kill beth. I am not even christian. I never get anything for christmas. Oh well..

Here are the rules:

Ok, this is how it works: The player (me) must list 3 things that I would love to get for Christmas. Then I must list 3 things that I definitely do not want to get for Christmas. Then I tag 5 friends
and list their names. The one I tag needs to write on their blogs about
their Christmas wishes then tag 5 more people. They must also clarify
all the rules. When you tag someone you need to leave a comment that
says “you’’ve been Christmas tagged!” in their comments and tell them
to read your blog.

3 Things I want for Christmass:

1) For the spam e-mails to stop. Seriously, I have over 4000 new spam undeliverables today. This sucks a big fat one.

2) For something, anything,to work out without me having to run around like a headless chicken to make it work out!

3) For my land to be finally sold. I need money, people!

5  Things I don't want for christmass:

1) More Spam!

2) Unwelcome Family visits.

3) Meeting anybody else who was dating my ex that she didn't tell me about. ("I am a virgin" my ass)

4) Anymore Drama. Too much Drama these days!

5) Civil war in Iraq or Ghaza. When will us arabs get our shit together? 

Five people I tag: Memz , Teacherlady , Eric , Roba and My Blogwife!

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Just not my day

Posted on Sunday 24 December 2006

Ok, so I wake up with almost all of my voice gone. No warning what so ever to that. I wake up, and I can't speak.

Then My phone decides to croak on me..again. Don;t but the Motorolla Razor's people, they suck!

And now, I come home, and discover that someone has been using my e-mail to send massive loads of spam. I have over 997 failure of notices, so I can only imagine how many actually got sent. And They are still coming in. Some evil fuck did this to me, and boy will they pay!

So yeah, all is shit today. Blahhh..

Oh well, Merry christmass! :)  

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The Ball and Chain

Posted on Sunday 24 December 2006

I am getting married… 

…well, blogmarried anyway. Joan is gonna marry me, and she is very explicit about her conditions too. Not for the faint of geart!

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Posted on Saturday 23 December 2006



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Getting old over here

Posted on Saturday 23 December 2006

Today the Sandmonkey blog turns 2 years old. 2 years. It's been 2 years. God damn.

I am not going to go into any introspective rants or ones that details how things have changed or how I've grown or whatever. I am just thinking that I have written something almost every day for 2 years. That's a lot of writing. Where do I come up with this stuff? The Sandmonkey has lived for more than I ever anticipated. Hell, this blog lasted longer than any relationship I've been in, which makes it very special in a very pathetic way.

Anyway, no thinking. Let's just have a quiet blogversery and also celebrate the arrival of my Weblog awards winner tag. The best gift you can give a blog really, which was provided by you. Thank you for it again. I still appreciate it.

Now let's give this old boy his birthday gift. 

Happy Birthday Sandmonkey!

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The Chinese are coming

Posted on Saturday 23 December 2006

My cleaning lady, Nadia, was bitching to me the other day about the Africans that have invaded where she lives and are now "taking Egyptian jobs", and by africans she means the 4 million or so refugees from Somalia and Sudan that came to Egypt escaping whatever man-made Hell they were living in back home and descended upon Cairo. They are apparently cheaper, more disciplined and take much more abuse than their Egyptian counterparts, Nadia informed me. "How are we suppsoed to compete with that?", she snorted in anger.

My first reflex was going to be a laughing "what egyptian jobs?" response, but I held it in. Nadia has 3 kids and a girl who is getting married, and a dead Husband. She needed the money. So I showed sympathy to her plight against those " damn illegal aliens who are ruining everything" and decided to make a joke: "Well, you think it's bad now? Just wait till the Chinese start immigrating in Egypt in the thousands and start a China-town. Then you will have yourself a competition!"

T o which her response was: "The Chinese? They are already here ya beih. They pass by my house at least 3 times a week".


"Oh yeah. They always come in twos. Little chinese girls, each carrying a huge bag on their backs knock on my house door at least once a week and ask "andek arooosah? (Do you have a young girl, bride to be?)", and sometimes we let them in, and they start bringing out underwear and nightgowns from that bag of theirs. And if the size is missing, they make a cell phone call and a third chinese girl shows up 10 minutes later with the right size. I bought half of my daughter's marriage cloths this way."

Holy Crap. The Chinese are already here??? Oh man, where are they going to have a China town? What if they want to start a Buddhist temple? I mean, we can't even tolerate the Baha'is with their "redicilous" talk about non-violence, love and brotherhood, what the hell are we going to do about those who speak of meditation, enlightenment and Nirvana? And are we gonna start having chinese triads? Maybe even Chinese gang wars? Do they know Kung Fu? Are we going to have a Jet Li movie set in Cairo? And most importantly, are we going to finally have decent chinese food in Egypt? I miss good chinese food.

It's things like this that interest me, because I always wonder what Egypt will be like in 10-15 years, because things are going to be totally different. For example, Hurghada has been occupied by russians for the past 3 years. Everywhere you go there are russian girls. Hell, getting a russian girl there isn't a problem, but rather getting rid of her is. Well, now there is a huge male egyptian population married to russian women, which means in 15 years there will be a generation of Egyptians who will totally look russian. Hell, it already started. Nelly Karim anyone?

Maybe we should get the Chinese to start their China Town in Hurghada, and then we will have Russian mafia/chinese triads gang wars. Yes! 

Things are going to be so interesting. I can't wait!   

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It’s more harassment and fewer rights

Posted on Saturday 23 December 2006

On women in Egypt!

The Sandmonkey @ 12:48 pm
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The Little Mosque on the Praire

Posted on Saturday 23 December 2006

I can't wait!

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Is Mahmoud Abbas a Baha’i?

Posted on Saturday 23 December 2006

A friend told me that piece of information the other day, and I can not confirm it, so does anyone know? We then could start blaming the Bahaís for the troubles in Ghaza, the same way they seem to be blamed for Iraq and Lebanon!

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Bteween Canterbury and Bethlehem

Posted on Saturday 23 December 2006

You are first greeted by this in the morning:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has accused the UK
government of placing Christians in the Middle East at risk through its
actions in Iraq.

Dr Rowan Williams, head of the Anglican church, said there had been a growing number of attacks on Christians.

Dr Williams told BBC Radio 4's Today programme there was
"no doubt" that life for Christians in Iraq had become more difficult
since the invasion.

"What we have seen in the last year or so in Iraq has
been attacks on Christian priests, the murder of some Christian
priests, and the massive departure of large numbers of Christians from
Iraq," he said.

"The situation has got worse since Saddam fell."

His comments come after he told the Times newspaper
ministers had ignored warnings Christians in the region "would be seen
as supporters of the crusading West".

Among the results was the shrinking Christian population in Iraq, he said.

And then you read that:

With Christmas services here drawing far
fewer tourists than in the 1990s and the town's Christian population
now at an all-time low, many world leaders and hundreds of major media
outlets this week blamed Israel for Bethlehem's decline – often citing
false information – while a simple talk with the town's residents
reveals a drastically different picture. They say Muslim persecution
has been keeping Christians away.

"All this talk about Israel driving
Christians out and causing pain is nonsense," a Bethlehem Christian
community leader told WND. "You want to know what is at play here, just
come throughout the year and see the intimidation from the Muslims.
They have burned down our stores, built mosques in front of our
churches, stole our real estate and took away our rights. Women have
been raped and abducted. So don't tell me about Israel. It's the

The Bethlehem leader, like many Christians on the streets here,
would not provide his name for publication for fear of retaliation.

Bethlehem's Christian population has declined drastically after the
Palestinian Authority took control in December, 1995. Once 90 percent
of the city, Christians now compose less than 25 percent, according to
Israeli survey information. Christmas celebrations this year attracted
about 30,000 tourists – 10,000 more than last year but down from an
average of 150,000 in 1994.

Many Christians told WND they face constant Muslim hostility.

One religious novelty-store owner cited examples of Muslim gangs
defacing Christian property, the PA replacing Christian leaders on
public councils with Muslims, and armed Palestinian factions stirring
tensions. One such incident was last week's storming of Bethlehem's
City Hall, across the street from the Church of the Nativity, believed
to be the birthplace of Jesus, by gunmen from the Al Aqsa Martyrs
Brigades terror group.

The store owner said "We are harassed but you wouldn't know the truth. No one says anything publicly about the Muslims."

Make up your own mind!

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The Sandmonkey Break-up Manifesto

Posted on Saturday 23 December 2006

A guide for post-break-up emotional survival, written for My friend S.:

I. Send a text message explaining the need to break up: e.g "don't want
ur stinky ass in my life no more" or "Go eat shit and die, Biatch!"

II. Eliminate all contact. block and delete all of their msn, yahoo, aol, gmail chatting usernames.

III. Either eliminate their phone number or better yet, have the names change to "Don't answer that ya cu*t!"

If you have common friends, drop them. If they go to where you work or
study, work from home, study from home, and hope they get fired or
graduate early or something.

V. Find a replacement, and
hopefully one that would piss them off. The best way to get over
somebody, is to get under somebody else.

Oh, and please remember, if two people who used to ge together are still friends after they broke up, it usually means that at least one of them wants to get back together! 

That is all! 

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