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Iran is behind the 9/11 zionist conspiracy

Ayamn Al Zawahry comes in the defense of the Jewish state , and he is blaming the conspiracy talk on Iran and Hezbollah. Imagine that! Osama bin Laden's chief deputy on Tuesday denied a theory that Israel carried out the Sept. 11 attacks and blamed Iran and Shiite Hezbollah for spreading the idea to discredit [...]

What the 911 Truthers sound like to me

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Yes people, The Devil didn't do it. Evil is innocent. It's all Good's doing, and it's all God's fault! Sinfest, of course! 

Osama, the leftist?

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Did any of you read his speech's transcript? I thought I was the only one who saw parallels, but apparently not: And Iraq and Afghanistan and their tragedies; and the reeling of many of you under the burden of interest-related debts, insane taxes and real estate mortgages; global warming and its woes; and the abject [...]

South Park on the 9/11 truth people

This is fuckin brilliant. I ♥ South Park.

9/11 5th anniversary

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In rememberance of a day that changed the world!

On Raed’s airport incident

Carmen wrote a post about Raed's airport incident. All of you know how I feel about the bitch named Jarrar and of racial profiling of arabs in airports, but I have to say that both are irrelevant to my opinion in this case. This is the comment I left at Carmen's detailing it. Read it, [...]

Blame Judith Miller for 911

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She apparently knew it was coming beforehand, or so she says in this interview . Why would anyone believe her anymore after all the lies she told is beyond me. Hold on, is Judith Miller Jewish? Would that mean that at least one jew knew of 9/11 before it happend? Whoa. The conspiracy theorists were [...]

“I’m going to die, aren’t I?”

( 9/11 )

In the Zacarias Moussaoui trial, 2 new audio recordings detailing the final minutes of the lives of 2-one male, one female- 9/11 victims were played. Here are the recordings and their transcripts (Thanks Mark). Be forewarned: this is incredibly sad, and not for the faint of heart.

Teen released from Gitmo says he loved it

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This should turn some heads ! Asadullah strives to make his point, switching to English lest there be any mistaking him. "I am lucky I went there, and now I miss it. Cuba was great," said the 14-year-old, knotting his brow in the effort to make sure he is understood. Not that Asadullah saw much [...]

Airport security is bullshit

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With weapons such as these around, you bet your ass it is!

Hitchens destroys the notion of jewish control of the US

Moneyshot: If it is Israel that decides on the deployment of American force, it seems odd that the first President Bush had to order them to stay out of the coalition to free Kuwait, and it is even more odd that the first order of neocon business has not been an attack on Iran, as [...]

Trekking for peace


Grammar is the first casualty of war

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The real problem with the war on terror, is well, grammar!

UNC iranian psycho: I did it all for Allah

The Iranian psycho who ran over people at UNC in order to punish America seems to be on a quest to make muslims look crazy. Here, in a letter he wrote to Eye-witness News, he explains the reasoning behind his attack: “Allah gives permission in the Koran for the followers of Allah to attack those [...]

The 7 rules of the A.P.U.!

On yesterday post Jeffery left me a comment describing a phenomenon he noticed over the past 3 years of viewing middle-eastern news, something he referred to as the A.P.U., the Arab Parallel Universe. This universe was created by Arabs to explain to themselves why they are in the rut they have been for so long, [...]