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The questions you didn’t know Zawhiri answerd

For example: Dear Ayman al-Zawahiri: I am a journalist for the U.S. publication Tiger Beat. When I heard you would be taking Web questions, I was like OMG, I totes have to write to him!!! Here are three questions we’re asking celebrities this month: 1. If you could be any character on “Gossip Girl,” who [...]

It could happen here

I just saw Persepolis, and I am in awe. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you need to check out either the Graphic Novels by Marjane Starpi by that same name or the 2007 Oscar nominated film (the one I am talking about right now). I read the books before and [...]

On the Jihad revisions

Al Masry Al Youm newspaper has been running for about a week now a number of documents titled the Jihad revisions, where Ayman Al Zawahiri's old buddy, and the architect of modern Jihady perspective, Dr. Sayed Imam aka Dr. Fadl, decides to correct the misconceptions of Today's youth, and instead publishes his latest Brainfart on [...]

The Muslim Brotherhood Political Platform

But they are moderate, they say. We should talk to them, they say. They will stand up for the rights of all egyptians, they say: The program calls for the formation of a commission of senior religious scholars, chosen in national elections, to advise parliament and the president, according to a copy of the program [...]

A lovesong for Ahmedinjad

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Courtesy of Aandy Sandberg and Adam Levine, a lovesong for our favorite holocaust denying homosexual killer who wants nukes!

They got it wrong

I was checking out Al Masry Al youm's limnited English section when I found this article: In his speech at the symposium organized by the cultural committee of the Syndicate of Journalists the day before last, Dr Mohamed Kamal Imam, Professor and Chairman of the Islamic Sharia Department at the Faculty of Law of the [...]

On cavemen and astronauts

In one of the last episodes of one of my all time favorite TV shows, this question was posed: If 10 astronauts and 10 cavemen faced each other in a fight, who would win? For those who have seen the show (Oh ye people of intelligence and good taste), and were heartbroken by the end [...]

That damn Marijuana

Remember those ads on american TV on how Marijuana aids terrorists? Well, it seems that they came true in the weirdest sense. Taleban fighters using giant Afghan marijuana forests for cover are proving a tough foe to smoke out, the head of Canada's armed forces has revealed. Marijuana Forests. Forests of Marijuana. Lucky Bastards. Now, [...]

Took them long enough…

The UK police is now urging University professors and personell to monitor and report any muslim students that engage in suspicious activities, in an effort to turn muslims even more paranoid. The development is distrubing, yet expected, in the light of the muslim community's refusal to regulate itself. I recall having a conversation with an [...]

War on Terror Boardgame

( Anti-Jihady andCool ) wants!

The Show Must Go On

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A leading Berlin opera house has cancelled an avante garde staging of Mozart's Idomeneo with a scene depicting the cut off heads of Poseidon, Buddha, Jesus and-here's the catch-Mohammed., sparking controversy in Germany. The director of the company was apparently worried about the "incalculable risk" that staging the show might give rise to if Muslims got [...]

Hitchens on Safety and compromise

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Did I mention how much I love this drunken brit? If you take the first view, then "safety" is really a second-order issue. The main priority is to take the war to the enemy and to deny things like "safe havens" to his suicidal warriors. Any risk involved is preferable to continued passivity or inaction. [...]

Car dealership Jihad

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 A cardealership in Ohio is under fire for declaring a Jihad on its competition and making fun of the Jihadis in their commercials: A car dealership's tongue-in-cheek radio advertisement declaring “a jihad on the automotive market,'' will not be changed, the company said, despite drawing sharp criticism that the ad's content is offensive. Several stations [...]

sentencing suicidebombers to death..

.. is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life. While I am all for the capital punishment, I have a feeling that in this specifc case it is found lacking. You gonna kill her for trying to kill herself? She wants to die, morons. Where is the punishment there? I [...]

We need more muslims like this guy

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You have to see this!

Americans back racial profiling of arabs

.. and people who look arab. Their reasoning? Islamic terrorism. Most Americans expect a terrorist attack on the United States in the next few months and support the screening of people who look "Middle Eastern" at airports and train stations, a poll showed on Tuesday. The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute said 62 percent of Americans [...]


Remember the anti-suicidebombing PSA they planned on airing on arabic channels to convince the arabic youth that such acts are bad? Well, they have been airing it for a month now, and I can't help but chuckle everytime they do. The reason? The people who made it took the opening sequence from Swordfish, with the [...]

Those evil sneaky Jews

Now that's what I call escelation. Hezbollah doesn't stand a chance now!

Anger in Iranian street over Hezbollah support

This is interesting: There is a huge amount of anger here about what is happening in Lebanon, but it is not all the result of Israeli bombs, missiles and artillery. “Of course I am angry,’’ said Hamid Akbari, 30, a deliveryman. “All our income is going to Palestine and Hezbollah.” For decades, Iran has been [...]

Anti-suicidebombing PSA

This is soooooooooooooo amussssssssing!