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Everytime I think I am out…

( A.P.U. )

…Qhaddafi pulls me back in. It's just not fair. I was on self-imposed exile, attemting to teach myself HTML, CSS and Photoshop design in order to redo this blog once and for all and not count on other people's empty promises again, and all I wanted was one more day free of blogging. Just one. [...]

On Palestinian leadership

You know, it doesn't matter how many times I say it, there are still people out there defending the Palestinian leadership in both of its Hamas and Fatah incarnations. So, ehh, how about I let Nizo here do the talking: However, the top spot in my maslakh list will always be reserved to our notoriously [...]

George Galloway gets stoned in Egypt!

( A.P.U. andPolitics )

And no, not the good kind of stoned. The Jesus kind of stoned. But to further proof that there is no fair and just God, Galloway  himself wasn't hit with one stone. His people were, though.. A convoy led by the maverick MP George Galloway carrying supplies for Gaza has been attacked in Egypt, apparently [...]

AlBeshir is getting tried for War Crimes

( A.P.U. )

The ICC issued the warrant for his arrest, and he is telling them to go fuck themselves. In other news, the egyptian lower house of parliament- the Shura council- has just issued a statement rejecting the indictment and saying that it doesn't apply to Sudan's President because he never signed the ICC agreement….since…you know.. he [...]

Oh Lieberman

( A.P.U. andIsrael )

The Israeli general election is underway today. It's actually happening right now, and it features some of the most boring and bizzare political players in modern day Israel: You have the boring insecure Barack representing what's left of labor, The pompous inept Netenyahu trying to make Likus (not sure if this is a typo) big [...]

It’s spelled I..O..R..wait a minite..

( A.P.U. )

My pan-arabist friends on facebook are going gaga over a videoclip where The Turkish Prime Minister gave the walking dead Israeli President Perez a lecture and then walked off the stage at DAVOS. They are ecstatic that someone finally has vocalized the arab position. Just so you are keeping track: The posterboy for pan-arabism this week is [...]

A sculpture in honor of the Shoe-thrower

ehh, ahh,, yeah, that, it happened, don't wanna talk about it, don't wanna elaborate how the symbol for arab people's anger is now shoes. Don't want to even think about it.

Proof that muslims and Jews are cousins..

( A.P.U. andIslam andThe JOOOZ )

Because right after Our own Qorqor talked about Angelic fighters fighting on the side of muslims, Israeli Rabbis are talking about how Rachel (as in the biblical Rachel, people) has appeard to IDF soldiers and showed them where the terrorists are. One wonders howcome Rachel did not tell them where Gilad Shalit is, but I [...]

On fighting Angels

How do you know that Kefaya is over? When the overhwelmingly secular movement's new Deputy Director Magdy Qorqor publishes an article talking about his total belief that the same Angels (yes, actual angels. with wings and everything) who were fighting alongside the Prophet Mohamed in the Battle of Badr were also fighting alongside Hamas in Ghaza. Yes, let that sink [...]

Haaretz’s profile of Omar Suleiman

( A.P.U. andEgypt )

I keep finding it very disturbing that I find out information on Egyptian internal politics and its players through the Israeli Media. Here is a profile Haaretz has on the head of the egyptian intelligence agency, Omar Suleiman. It's mostly accurate, except that what I know of the man is that he is incredibly secular. [...]


( A.P.U. )

The Ceasefire is here! Just in time for the Sharm AlSheikh summit and two days to spare before the Obama inaguration. Decisions/Recommendation/Bullshit will hopefully get made tomorrow, people will agree to them since the PA head now wants what Hamas wants, thus making meeting the Hamas demands a Fatah Victory, and thus giving both palestinian [...]


( A.P.U. )

After freezing (notice that word. freezing) their diplomatic relations with Israel, Qatar and Muritania, not to mention the rest of the Arab league summit members (who now include the arab nations of Iran, Turkey and the terrorist organization resistance movement called Hamas emirate of Ghaza), are demanding that Egypt cuts its diplomatic relations with Israel. They are freezing, not [...]

It’s still our border, right?

( A.P.U. )

I woke up yesterday, and I saw the headlines in Qatari newspapers: The emergency arab league summit- the one Egypt didn't attend- has reached the decision that all border crossings, especially on Egypt's side, must be opened. Yes, that was one of their decisions: that a country, not present, has to open its borders. And [...]

A street named after Chavez in Lebanon

( A.P.U. )

The mayor of the town that did that said and I quote: "It's the least we can do for this great man who revived hope in our hearts and took revenge for us on the Zionist entity," Mohammed Wehbe said, saying the move was to "honor him and raise our spirits." He took revenge by [...]

We must be a bad influence on Israel

( A.P.U. andIsrael )

How else would you explain the "region's only democracy's"™ decision to ban arab parties from running in the next elections? I thought only we did that!

How do you know you are living in the Gulf#2

( A.P.U. )

One car to rule them all: Toyota Land-fuckin-cruiser!

How do you know you live in the Gulf #1

( A.P.U. )

Whenever rain falls, you will find people on the street waving the national flag in celebration. Not kidding!

On Facebook Status warfare

Beyond the Blame Egypt crowd and their cheerleaders, beyond the images of dead babies and the money being raised through them, beyond the stupidity of Israel's leaders statements on the winability of this War and those who believe them, the most recent, most annoying and most retarded by-product of the current Hamas-Israel conflict has to be the flurry of [...]

Shoe Activism watch

( A.P.U. )

Since the arab world seems really keen on becoming Shoe people, I am going to start a Shoe Activism watch. The First item comes from the egyptian parliament. During a "debate" over who is the bigger agent to Israel/Iran, a MB MP raised his shoe against an NDP MP that's very far from him, but didn't [...]

A prayer

( A.P.U. )

Inspired by all that is happening, a reader of this blog, and let's call her "C", has sent me what she referrs to as her "Manifesto to the men of the middle east". I think of it as something along the lines of a prayer: Men of the Middle East! I shall liberate you! I shall [...]