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Ahmedinjad, Privately!

( Assholes andIran )

Kinda explains his complicated relationship with technology!

Strike out!

6th of april was finally here, and the streets of cairo were a sight to be seen. A flood of people, millions, linning up in the streets of cairo..busses, cars and taxis loaded with angry people, traveling all across the mighty city. People were shouting, cars were honking and the music filled the air. And [...]

Another male-rape in Egyptian police station

Not for the Faint of heart. But if you can handle, go here!

AlAzhar Ulamaa can kiss my ASS!

It came to my attention that the "AlAzhar Scientist front" (3olamaa being the arabic word for scientist, which is funny, because Islam is not really a science, like, you know, biology or physics, but what do I know?) are having a case of serious Penis envy when it comes to the Vatican, espcially when it [...]

Blame Egypt: all the cool kids are doing it!

( Assholes andEgypt andRants )

The conflict that's been going on for the past 4 days in Ghaza is kind of horrific, with both sides sharing some the blame(Hamas for being its stupid and reckless self, and Israel doing it's own rendition of what the wrath of the old testement god would look like today). The arab world decided that [...]

What’s destroying Downtown Cairo

( Assholes andEgypt andMubarak )

AP has a piece on how religion and decrepitude are threathening downtown Cairo Bars. I know a third source of threat: Gamal Mubarak. Our boy wonder has a project for downtown cairo, one he calls- and I wish I was joking- "Mini Dubai. Our boy, using a fake front of a company called "Al-Ismaelia for construction [...]

For the retarded amongst you

I have tolerated the existence of the Scene and Heard blog for a while now, mainly because I think that the crowd they target don't really read or are big Paulo Coelho fans (same thing), so for them to read anything, well, that's just a positive thing. They are the same people I hated hanging [...]

Forrays into 3abath

Dear all, There is a guy called Ahmed Maher, who is a Kefaya activist and was the person responsible for operating Esra' s facebook account and the May4th group while she was in jail. Ahmed has been on the run from even before the May 4th strike, never staying in one area for too long [...]

Hamas fires at egyptian workers building a new wall

It's brotherly love man!

Tariq Ramadan = Muslim Martin Luther?


Blame it on the suffering

The one thing that I always loved about leftist (and now islamist) reasoning has been always their insistence that "suffering" excuses all behaviors. If you were a thief because you were suffering because you are poor, that's fine, you are a victim of society. If you are  a crazy fuckhead who likes to blow himself [...]

Putin is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

( Assholes andMedia andRussia )

  Cause, you know, people who aren't despotic dictators the world over were busy.. Fuck, even Al Gore would've been better than this guy. Anyway, Article on him here, and interview with him here. The interview is telling. Here is a Money quote: What do you think are American misconceptions about Russia? Well, you know, [...]

The Alarabiya Egypt roundup

Hmm.. so what do the AlArabiya people have to say about us today? Let's see, shall we?  A state of martial law is declared in the City of Asna because 2 Christian males were caught engaging in "illicit activities" with a muslim female. The people suspected that the 2 christian guys were having sex with [...]

The Mo Teddy Photo Essay

 So, this old british teacher lady decided one day to have her kids vote on naming a Teddy Bear…  …which the kids decided to name "Mohamed"…..  Which pissed off all of those people to the point of asking for her head…    …and got her coward of a Boss to fire her ass and say [...]

Actual Sabaya advertisement Poster

This is the real deal. The marketing poster of the Cafe/ Beautysalon that bans christians and non-Hijabi women :   Does anybody else love the fact that it's called the "Veiled beauty center"? 

The Teddy Bear Lady charged in Sudan

For inciting religious hatred. See, I told you , you can't name a cuddly toy after our Prophet without us getting mad at you. But what's really amusing is the school's response: Several Sudanese newspapers ran a statement Tuesday reportedly from the school, saying the administration "offers an official apology to the students and their [...]

Karim Amer is getting tortured in Prison

( Assholes andEgypt andcauses )

Abdel Karim Soliman, famously now known as Karim Amer, who got jailed for "disdain for religion" and "insulting the president" on his blog, is reportedly getting tortured by the Prison authorities. Karim who is an Egyptian blogger sentenced to prison for 4 years for 'vilifying religions' and defaming the president was tortured & that was [...]

Chavez accuses the King of Spain of plotting against him

After the King told the scumbag the vanezuelans call President to "shut up" at a summit in Chile, our Golden Chavismo boy was so hurt he organized a press conference (surprise suprise) and accused the King of Spain to be one of the supporters of the 2002 coup against him. Chavez claimed that Spain's ambassador [...]

Pakistan Views

There are those who are against Musharraf .. Those who are for standing by him … and there are those who excel in political opportunism of the highest order… This is getting fun! 

Azhar Sheikh: 80 lashes for freedom of press

So has decreed the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar Mohamed Sayyed "Ok" Tantawi, as islamic punishment for those bad journalists who spread rumors about the president and the country. "God will not respond to the invocation of the arrogant and pretenders who accuse others with the ugliest vice and unsubstantiated charges," said Tantawi during a [...]