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You know the Dollar is weakening..

..when even Gisele refuses to get paid in it.


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Gotta give it up to arab girls belly dancing. Especially ones that can shake it like that!

Hezbollah chic

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Now here is someone I would like to liberate!  


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Just watch!

The Balance of arab blogging babes!

Just as Freedom comes back from her hiatus , Leilouta deicdes to take one, because of a really assholish comment she received! Hmmph… 

@ Cafe Citron

The Sandmonkey meets Leilouta . A great night of fun and teaching american white girls how to belly dance ensues!

No Saudi flags in german brothels

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This is funny: It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Europe's largest brothel, the Pascha in Cologne, which incidentally claims to be the world's only brothel with a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers, attached the flags of all 32 nations competing in the World Cup to its façade in a bid [...]

Miss Iraq has it tough

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  The original winner received death threats and gave up her title. The second and Third runner-ups have withdrew their names from the infidelicious contest, and now the title holder is the winner of Mrs. Teen Iraq . And she is neither sunni, Shia or kurd (christian. Yeah, do they exist there. I am surprised [...]

Natalie Portman, on video, saying “Kus Omak”

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I am in LOVE! (H/T Jeff)

The Hilton sisters cartoon show

Oh dear god no!

Pornstar wine

First Savanna did good porn, then she did Jenna, and then she won the adult movie oscars and now it seems that she made exceptionally good wine. Is there anything that woman can’t do? Truly a role model for the next generation of hoes adult movie entertainers!