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And Yes, I am going to miss W.!

( Bush )

Man, say what you say about him, but he made the last 8 years filled with fun Unpredictability. You just never knew what he was going to do next. If Global consensus was on something, he would be like "Yeah, ok, that's nice." and then do something else entirely. And he gave all my democrat friends [...]

On the shoe throwing Incident

Three thoughts: 1) Bush has some seriously fast reflexes for an old man. 2) You notice that Malki did not move or budge throughout the whole incident? He wasn't exen startled or shocked. Check out the Slideshow to see for yourself. 3) The thrower of said shoe, Muthathar al Zaidi, a Baghdadiya reporter who is [...]

Egyptian Diplomacy

( Bush andEgypt )

Our Foriegn Minister, Mr. Ahmed Abu Al Gheit, just gave Almasry Al Youm newspaper the following statement: " The US is heading to Oblivion, its foriegn policy is completely dysfunctional, and Bush's visit is completely useless" And that's our Country's top diplomat. Chapeau, Abu Al Gheit, Chapeau! 

Bush Sword-Dancing with the Bahraini King

( A.P.U. andBush )


Not Welcome

As a sign of the messed up times we live in, the egyptian leftist activist scene is arranging a protest against Bush's visit to Egypt on Monday: وقفة إحتجاجية بنقابة الصحفيين تدعو لجنة الحريات بنقابة الصحفيين كل القوى الوطنية و الناشطين لوقفة إحتجاجية يوم الإثنين 14 يناير 2008 الساعة الخامسة مساءا بنقابة الصحفيين من الأجل [...]

Another reason why muslims hate alcohol

( Bush )

 According to Bush, he wouldn't be in the Oval Office if he hadn't stopped drinking Whiskey. 

Bush’s entourage

Every time he travels, this is who and what he takes with him: Not fucking around, is he? 

Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice in an arab Pop Video

This is soo stupid you just gotta see it! The person who sent it to me wrote: " See what Pan-arabism has come to!"

What a difference 10 years make

Whatever happened to that guy?

On US pressure

When it's strong we attack it, and when it wanes we miss it. Funny people we are!

Bush’s daughter robbed

( Bush andFunny )

In Argentina. Under the watchful eyes of the secret service. Am I the only one who thinks that this is hilarious?

The Bush-Hitler connection revealed

  Ok, so i am crass. Sue me! 

A Uniter

( Assholes andBush )

Bush is trying to be the Uniter between Krazai and Musharaf , which will most likely fail, because Musharaf is an asshole and Karzai is a pussy. I would send Dick to do it If I was him. Just for levity! 

Finally..some WMD!

They have found WMD's in Iraq. Not kidding you. They really really did. Hundreds of them apparently! Whoa! Jenn is not sure, however, that this will have it's desired effect, and poses an interesting question!

“I blame Bush for my abortion!”

Now, there is an argument you don't hear everyday!

Bush’s letter to A.J.

If only this was truly his response . My favorite part:  Thank you for your invitation to accept Islam.  As you know, I am a Christian.  Throughout your letter you accuse me of being a bad Christian, which leaves me puzzled as to why you think I might make a good Muslim.  However, before you [...]

The revolt against Rummy

The Military Officers at the Pentagon are speaking out more and more against Rumsfeld. Maybe they will join Sully's quest to get him fired !

The US to nuke Iran?

( Bush andIran )

Oh boy!

What Pravda says about Condi

Just go and see for youreself. It's soo funny and so silly that I thought they were a Pravda satire at first! Hint: scroll down to the one that has " Condeleeza Rice anti-russian stance is based on sexual problems" for a headline, then just keep scrolling down for more. That poor woman! 

You are being coy, George

( Bush andEgypt )

People are wondering what Bush thinks of operation "Syria 2.0" currently being implemented in Egypt . A Journalist even asked him about it: To many critics, such forums still feel contrived, and the fratboy towel-snapping humor unbecoming. Nor does the new format mean Bush always answers questions as directly as inquisitors might like. When an [...]