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Strike out!

6th of april was finally here, and the streets of cairo were a sight to be seen. A flood of people, millions, linning up in the streets of cairo..busses, cars and taxis loaded with angry people, traveling all across the mighty city. People were shouting, cars were honking and the music filled the air. And [...]

6th of April…again!

There is an egyptian word, called "3abbath", and its most immediate translation for it is the english word folly. I have checked the thesaurus, looking for a cooler or a better sounding word, but this is what I got: absurdity, craziness, foolishness, idiocy, imbecility, inanity, preposterous, silliness.The story I am about to tell you embodies [...]

Everything is amazing, nobody is happy

You need to see this!

On Facebook Status warfare

Beyond the Blame Egypt crowd and their cheerleaders, beyond the images of dead babies and the money being raised through them, beyond the stupidity of Israel's leaders statements on the winability of this War and those who believe them, the most recent, most annoying and most retarded by-product of the current Hamas-Israel conflict has to be the flurry of [...]

A 50 Billion dollars Ponzi scheme

Sigh, another Investment Banker perpetrating a huge fraud, probably causing the markets to go even deeper into hell. At this rate, negative sentiments about my career of choice will rival those towards lawyers. Why didn't I just become an accountant? Sigh..

Mugabe, I am confused!

Ok, Mugabe, out of curiosity: If you are going to arrest your opponent in the upcoming election and his second man in charge, Impound the buses he uses to campaign in the country, send hired killers against Human Rights activists, and state that the opposition will never govern in your lifetime and that you would [...]

Regular service will be resumed shortly

Disclaimer: Dear readers, this is simply my response to S&H post about me. If you think the whole thing is stupid, and who could blame you, then please ignore this and await my Obama post, and why him winning might actually be the best thing to happen for the American right. If you wanna read [...]

For the retarded amongst you

I have tolerated the existence of the Scene and Heard blog for a while now, mainly because I think that the crowd they target don't really read or are big Paulo Coelho fans (same thing), so for them to read anything, well, that's just a positive thing. They are the same people I hated hanging [...]

The Game is on

********************Scroll down for updates******** People who read this blog know that I am not the most enthusiastic supporter of today's protest for both political reasons , and for the fact that I am not quite sure what it would achieve. It's hard to take a protest seriously that gives u the choice between being apathetic [...]

Three Popular myths debunked for the day

The HPV vaccine doesn't really protect you from HPV.. Mobile Phones don't cause Cancer….  and Marriage doesn't get better with time! Have a lovely day! 


  Ladies, double goes to you, cause you have no Idea where he's been either.