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The Akon Cairo concert disaster!

So, here I am, preparing for my trip back to Cairo, when people start sending me messages and e-mails about The Akon concert in the Cairo Opera. Now, I didn't know he was singing in Cairo to begin with, let alone fathom the concept of whose bright idea was it that this man should be [...]

Damn you Carrie Fisher!

( celebs andsilly )

There goes that golden Bikini Fantasy. Yep, totally shot to shit! Now, about that sordid relationship she is having with Jabba the Hut..

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Dildo shopping

( Pervy andcelebs )

Cause that's what you do once you are done with Highschool musicals! I heart Disney!

Ask Alec Baldwin

Hey people, I am having a Q&A session with none other than Alec Baldwin next week, which should be interesting to say the least (I will be trying really hard not to scream " You are worthress Arrec Bardwin" to his face every 2 minutes. God Help me I want to soo bad!). That being [...]

David Duchovny enters rehab for sex addiction

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I am shocked. SHOCKED. People have sex with David Duchovny? For real?

Joy to the WORLD!

VERNE TROYER HAS A SEX TAPE. Mini-Me has a sex tape. with his girlfriend. Who is tall, not very tall, normal sized really, but a giant in Verne standards. AWESOME. I wanna see it. Does anyone know where I can download it? You think he uses his whole arm? I am a perv, I know, [...]

Paris Hilton trying to bellydance

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Try not to point while laughing…

Charlotte is a Harlot

( celebs )

Kristen Davi- from Sex and the City- has a sex tape out there. Here is a completely totally NSFW picture from the film. You were warned!

DMX on Obama


Who wants a fantasy with Vincent Gallo?

You do, well, he has a price for you: I, Vincent Gallo, star of such classics as Buffalo 66 and The Brown Bunny have decided to make myself available to all women. All women who can afford me, that is. For the modest fee of $50,000 plus expenses, I can fulfill the wish, dream, or [...]

Angelina Jolie has a brain

( Iraq andcelebs )

I am impressed! Today's humanitarian crisis in Iraq — and the potential consequences for our national security — are great. Can the United States afford to gamble that 4 million or more poor and displaced people, in the heart of Middle East, won't explode in violent desperation, sending the whole region into further disorder? What [...]

Clooney in Jelly Beans

Roba will love this!

Women in Film

( celebs )

This is a fantastic sideshow of famous Hollywood female actresses over the years. Funny how very few things change!

Mona Zaki takes on Turk & Sabaya Cafe

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The new Joker is dead

( celebs )

Heath Ledger is dead. The guy from 10 things I hate about you. The dude from Brokeback Mountain. The new Joker. Drugs suck ass!

Doing Cartwheels

Adnan is wearing a cross . This piece of news is not true. Britney is not gonna convert to ISLAM. WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..Thank you Jeebus! In other news, can AlArabiya stop making up shit? They are starting to look really bad.

Britney Spears may convert to Islam

Oh Joy… U.S. pop star Britney Spears is allegedly so in love with her new Muslim man she's considering converting to Islam to marry him, British press reports revealed. Spears, 26, and paparazzi boss Adnan Ghalib, 35, have been together for around two-weeks, sparking huge media attention about her questionable mental health and his real [...]

Paris Hilton might have to work

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   Booooo hooooo Big Daddy Hilton has pledged over 97% of the Family fortune to Charity, so now the Hiltons will be kicked to the curb, no thanks to Paris' shananigans. Now, Paris and Nicky might have to start getting real jobs and like, ehh, work for a living. But what would she do exactly? [...]

Poor Matt Dillon

I suspect, after reading this, that he will never ever visit the Cairo International Film Festival again.

Britney Spears’s sister is pregs

( celebs )

The young Spears is definitely following the footsteps of older sis, cause one Spears reproducing isn't enough. In other news, the book their mother was about to release on christian parenting? Yeah, totally not gonna get published ! But they are not going broke anytime soon though: Mommy and daughter sold the story to OK [...]