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The Titanic Conspiracy

It was the US government and the Jews behind it, of course!

Alan Greenspan channels Michael Moore

He actually went for the Blood for Oil explanation. Greenspan really went there. Holy Shit. Oh well, just in case you forgot, it wasn't about the Oil, Stupid! 

I could’ve seen that one coming

( Iraq andconspiracy )

The Judge who sentenced Saddam to death is seeking asylum in the UK! And arab conspiracy theoriest will now have "the evidence" that it was the Coalition who wanted Saddam dead, and that the Judge is now getting his pay-off for doing their dirty deeds.  I love this region! 

Arab Road Rules

( Media andconspiracy )

There is a new show on MBC called "On the road in America", where a group of young arabs get into an RV and travel across the nation. The idea is to present the arab world with a more positive image of the US. And it seems to be working, at least on one of [...]

Charles Krauthammer says Everybody is Jewish

An interesting point of view, for all the conspiracy theorists out there.OK, fine I admit it, I'm actually Jewish. Dandash

The CIA myths test

( conspiracy andsilly )

The CIA has a new test on its recruiting website, and it's supposed to disspell myths about them and tell you how exactly you would still fit in their world. It's pretty stupid, but interesting nonetheless me thinks. And please don't make stupid assumptions or comments in regard to why I am on their website. [...]

My Aunt, the Jews and the Tsunami!

As some of you may know, I am a big fan of conspiracy theories, especially ones started by Egyptians. In Egypt I have heard some of the craziest conspiracy theories ever, and I am actually proud of that, because it shows that we, as people, have a huge imagination, an asset that I believe remains [...]

Hitchens destroys the notion of jewish control of the US

Moneyshot: If it is Israel that decides on the deployment of American force, it seems odd that the first President Bush had to order them to stay out of the coalition to free Kuwait, and it is even more odd that the first order of neocon business has not been an attack on Iran, as [...]

The Allah Conspiracy

Has Allah taken over the UN Human rights commision? Are the muslims finally inflirtrating the world’s organizations in their quest for world domination? Will some people believe anything? Sure, why the hell not?

People who leave Islam are crazy people

In order to save face in front of the growing international pressure to release Abdul Rahman, the afghani who was getting the death penalty from a court of law for converting to christianity, the Afgani government came up with the most ingenius solution to release him without looking as if they can be pressured by [...]

Not in on the conspiracy

The Onion has found the one liberal jew that’s left out of the Jewish international conspiracy, and naturally, he feels jilted! While his fellow Jews are controlling the flow of billions of dollars of international currency and brokering multi million-dollar entertainment deals, on this quiet night Nussbaum is making himself a frozen pizza and watching [...]

The 7 rules of the A.P.U.!

On yesterday post Jeffery left me a comment describing a phenomenon he noticed over the past 3 years of viewing middle-eastern news, something he referred to as the A.P.U., the Arab Parallel Universe. This universe was created by Arabs to explain to themselves why they are in the rut they have been for so long, [...]