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The best wikipedia page ever?

( Cool )

Talk about detail …

Cleopatra was a sistah

( Cool )

Hey, greeks, eat your hearts out. She was one of ours!

That amazing Pepsi Logo

( Cool )

Pepsi spent millions of dollars on their new "it looks like the Obama Logo" Logo. But apparently the comparison is a sham, and the truth is far too complex for the average mind to grasp. You see, the branding company that made this logo is comprised of some seriously genius deep-thinkers, who never make any [...]

The Donald Duck Family Tree

( Cool )

Finally, an answer to who the hell is Louie, Hewey and Dewey's parents are . I mean, Mother. The father is obscured. Also, Grandma duck is called Elvira Coot? Grandma Duck is really a coot? And the Ducks and the McDucks are not the same family? The mind reels! 

“I can read” movies

( Cool )

What if Highlander, or Face/Off or even Teen Wolf was made in the sixties? How would the Poster look? Well, the people of Space-sick have the answers, and they are awesome! 

You can go drunk to your job

( Cool )

 and not get fired, in Peru. Finally a country that speaks to my ideals!

Cafe Riche is saved!

( Cool andEgypt andcauses )

So, after I wrote that post on Cafe Riche that some people- based on nothing- claimed I was making up, a number of developments took place and I just didn't have the time to update y'all about them. It seems that it was read by a daughter of an infleuntial Businessman (who wants to remain anonymous) [...]

Favorite “Chin-up” speech!

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''Ah, what's the matter, dollface — down in the dumps? Sucks to be you, huh? What's with you, Lloyd's of London? You take one 'mind-blowing' philosophy class, and all of a sudden you're Jean-Paul Sartre? Oh, so now you've got this existentialist hook-thing too? Well, that's great, because all you need is a little more [...]

About that Fan-made Thundercats trailer

( Cool )

Irrespective of your love of 80's fringe cartoons, and impressive fake movie trailers made by obsessed fans, you would watch a movie based on that trailer, wouldn't you? I would. But please, pretty please, kill Snerf. Cook him or eat him or something.

For the unemployed amongst you

If there is ever a benefit for a blogger to no longer having a job, it's that it gives him/her more time to blog, and thsoe two bloggers did just that. For all of you who are unemployed, on your way to being unemployed, or are just suffering from serious job insecuirty, I give you the Unemploymentality [...]

No1 Sun Engine opens tomorrow

( Artsy andCool andEgypt )

  Did you know that the world's First Industrial-sized Solar plant  was built in Cairo, Egypt, in the Maadi neighbourhood? I didn't, and I am sure there are many many many egyptians, let alone people from all over, unaware of that fact. Thanks to the work of two Swiss artists, Christina hemauer and Roman keller, this [...]

Omar Bakri’s duaghter is a stripper

Praise Allah: As the daughter of firebrand cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, Yasmin Fostok might be expected to share his fanatical beliefs. But the radical Muslim's daughter has ditched his extreme interpretation of Islam  -  as well as most of her clothing. The busty blonde has been revealed as a topless, tattooed pole dancer. The 26-year-old [...]

Humans are architecture

( Artsy andCool )

I think this is cool:   More to be found here! 

Growing in numbers

( Cool andMedia )

According to the egyptian government, Egypt now has more than 160,000 blogs. A report issued by the Information and Decision Making Center at the cabinet council stated that the number of Egyptian blogs has reached 160,000 by last April, which represents 30.7% of the Arab blogs and 2.0% of the blogs throughout the world. Egyptian [...]

The MAN is dead!

George Carlin is dead. The man whose sardonic cynical messed up way of thinking has raised an entire generation of Counter-culture heads is gone.This is the man whose jokes I wish I could've came up with and whose books leave me in stitches every time I read them. In case you don't know him, let [...]

Scavenger Hunt in an apartment

( Cool )

I WANT! Anyone has 10 million dollars to give me so I can have that?

The retired Dictator program

( Cool )

What a truly great Idea!

Create your own Veidet TV commercial

( Cool )

For Watchmen fans only!

Baginski is a genius

( Artsy andCool )

Prepared to be awed by his fallen art and try not to shake ur booty to the asphalt tango.

Eddie Izzard..a politician??

( Cool andPolitics )

It's like a dream! While we are at it, Jon Stewart for Senate. Who is with me?