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So much for Interfaith dialogue

( Crazy people andDoha andIslam )

Last weekend ( i.e. last week's weekend. Even though I am working, it is sunday after all) I had a bunch of friends come over to attend a conference in Doha, titled "Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow" or MLT for short (Insert sandwich joke here). I, naturally, was not invited, but crashed the party anyway, because of [...]

Where is the Qatari blogsphere?

( Doha )

Every country in the region has a somewhat working and vibrant blogsphere. Even Saudi has one. Where is Qatar's? How come I've never heard of a single qatari blogger? Why isn't there any qatari blogs on Itoot? What's going on? It's impossible that there isn't one because of how small they are, because Kuwait is [...]

The Sandmonkey Doha Blues

( Doha )

Ok, so the question, last time we were here has been, where do we go from here? Well, Doha, apparently. Surprised? Yeah, me too. Here is the story: After spending a couple of months in my new company, heading the new business unit, with expansion plans and its ilk, our company went belly up,, because our [...]