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My presidential campaign gaining traction

Even the Media is starting to notice, and while you are at it, join the campaign that's changing the nation.

The coolest Gift I got this Birthday

( Ego )

How cool is that?  

Testimonial generator

( Cool andEgo )

I am loving this: Best investment I've made this year. I'd be lost without The Sandmonkey blog. I will refer everyone I know. –Elizabeth Jones     We've seen amazing results already. The Sandmonkey blog has completely surpassed our expectations. The Sandmonkey blog is worth much more than I paid. –Anastasia Wood This is the most [...]

The Sandmonkey on BBC RADIO

( Ego )

I will be on BBC Radio's World Have your say tonight, 1800 London Time, to talk about the Eid sexual assaults. Tune in!

Yay, a death threat in my comments section

( Ego andpersonal )

This is a first . I usually get them in my e-mail. Oh Joy!

The Sandmonkey on commentary magazine

( Ego )

Oh baby. I made it to the neocon bigtime now, huh?


( Ego andpersonal )

'What will your obituary say?' at Perfect! 

Ipod playlists

( Ego )

Did anybody else snicker when Condi said that she had "Rocketman" on her playlist because it "brings her back memories of her first boyfriend" ? Maybe it's just me and my dirty mind! Speaking of playlists, here is what mine has these days for all of you who care about this sort of thing: Blurry-Puddle [...]

My Guardian post on Alaa

( Cool andEgo )

I had to use my pseudonym Sam Adam because the Guradian people wouldn't let me sign it as the Sandmonkey, but it's up anyway. Make sure to check it out here !

People I’ve met and conversed with in DC

( Ego )

Ammar Natasha Freedom Leilouta Rondi Doha and Raja from Lebanese bloggers Jesse  Chuck Shumer The Iraqi Minister of Finance Allawi Alb Sayed  Grover Norquist Zainab Al Suwaijj Adel Imam   And many many more… I need to move there! 

Big Pharaoh has moved

( Ego andLinkity love )

He has a new domain and a wordpress website and everything (Copycat). Check it out!

Mideast countries are getting smart!

They are realizing that what's in Iran's best interest is not necessarily in their own . Top intelligence officers from several Arab countries and Turkey have been meeting secretly to coordinate their governments' strategies in case civil war erupts in Iraq and in an attempt to block Iran's interference in the war-torn nation, Arab diplomats [...]

Sandmonkeys can’t ride horses

( Ego andpersonal )

At least this one doesn’t, which came to my surprise, because I used to go horsebackriding like 5, 6 years ago by the pryamids with my friends all the time. But you see, I found out today that this is no longer the case. The Story is as follows: The monkey was told by his [...]

This should be my slogan

( Cool andEgo )

I think, therefore I am.  What’s your excuse? More awesome sayings here.

A Divine Message

( Ego andReligion andSweet andpersonal andsilly )

And who am I to disagree? Get your own here, and check out funny real Church signs here!

Redirection from old page is on

( Ego andpersonal )

This way those of you who still haven’t updated my link on your blogroll *ahem Big Pharaoh/Freedom/Tomanbay/Senefru /almost everyone on the blogroll list ahem* can remain being lazy and just click on the old link and will be transported within 3 seconds here.

A second egyptian bird-flu case

( Ego )

Alright! A second bird flu victim in Egypt. Fantastic. This is nowhere to be found in the egyptian media though. How about that? And did you know that birdflu kills dogs now as well? Ohh yeah. Fun Fun. Still eating chicken and eggs though. Screw it!

1,000,000 hits!

( Ego andpersonal )

We’ve come a long way, Baby! We have gone platinum. The Sandmonkey blog has finally passed the One Million hits Mark. Wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Needless to say I couldn’t have reached it without your support, and for sticking by me everytime I was at the end of my rope and felt like quitting. You lift me up [...]