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The One’s visit!

So…here we are… a few hours before Obama's historic visit to Cairo, and I am one of the few Egyptians who has got an invite to see him, and.. ehhh… I am not that excited.I mean, I will go see him, but I can't say that I am enthused about it. Maybe because I know [...]

Tabula Rasa

( Eelections andEgypt )

On the evening of the day the April 6 strike failed, SMS's were sent out all over Cairo informing us that Egypt's # 1 political couple, Ayman Nour and Gamila Ismael are divorcing , with Gamila being the one asking for a divorce. Rumors floated that this is due to continious infidelity on the part [...]

Connect the dots

You know, I've read Mohamed's post on Israeli-Egyptian relations after 30 years, and…meh…not because his stuff doesn't make sense or is well-thought, because it is..but generally because when it comes to middle-east politics (from Israeli-Palestinian relations to AlBashir in Sudan), it's always best to ignore what people say, and focus on what they do instead. [...]

Egypt arrests 14 suspects, 1 Iranian, 3 pakis

( Egypt )

Ok, when the NDP MP for Al Hussein area Haidar el Baghdaddy went on the air and accused "The Taliban & Iran" of being behind the Hussein bombings, I fell on the floor laughing on hos stupid that statement was. First off, the Taliban, not exactly a terrorist organization. More like a terrorist militia, that [...]

Why I didn’t write on Ayman Nour

( Egypt )

Ehh..because it's a hollow gesture from Mubarak to Obama? Because he was getting out in 5 months anyway? Because he is still not allowed to pursue his political rights for the next 6 years, thanks to psycho egyptian law? Because even though I am happy for him, this really doesn't change shit when it comes [...]

Terrorist Attack In Cairo!

( Egypt )

News reports are coming in: An explosion rocked the AlHussein touristy area in Cairo. An explosive device went off , injured at least 18 people, and killed at least 4, two of which are foreigners, and one of which is french injured 21 people and killed one french woman. There are reports that a second, [...]

Another male-rape in Egyptian police station

Not for the Faint of heart. But if you can handle, go here!

Haaretz’s profile of Omar Suleiman

( A.P.U. andEgypt )

I keep finding it very disturbing that I find out information on Egyptian internal politics and its players through the Israeli Media. Here is a profile Haaretz has on the head of the egyptian intelligence agency, Omar Suleiman. It's mostly accurate, except that what I know of the man is that he is incredibly secular. [...]


( Egypt andWTF? )

Why is the egyptian military erecting tents in Rafah for the "expected incoming plaestinian refugees from Ghaza once Egypt opens the borderd again"? Anybody know? 

And the winner of the Ghaza conflict is..

Hosny Mubarak. I know, I know, I am shocked too. But check this out: 1) He managed to sideline Qatar and Syria and the Iranian allies in the region, despite the huge pressure they put on him, and made Egypt the most important player in the palestinian Israeli conflict again (ironically, thanks in part to that same pressure), 2) [...]

Cafe Riche is saved!

( Cool andEgypt andcauses )

So, after I wrote that post on Cafe Riche that some people- based on nothing- claimed I was making up, a number of developments took place and I just didn't have the time to update y'all about them. It seems that it was read by a daughter of an infleuntial Businessman (who wants to remain anonymous) [...]

10 Rapists get death Penalty in Egypt

( Egypt )

They kidnapped and gangraped a woman for 3 hours, which makes this a fair sentence if you ask me. Let's have more of that.

Israeli missile falls in Egypt’s side of the border

( Egypt andIsrael )

Here we go again!

In response

( Egypt andIsrael )

Reading some of the comments on my previous post was incredibly amusing, so I figured a proper response here is warranted. Let's go over this, shall we? 1) For those who say we don't do enough to protect the border, well, let's see. First of all, we have a very limited number of security forces in [...]

You done fucked up now, Israel!

( Egypt andIsrael )

Israel has just bombed our side of the border, injuring 2 egyptian officers and 2 Children. Needless to say, this constitutes a very clear violation of the camp David treaty, especially that their planes have been invading our airspace a lot lately. Now, unless Israel wishes for open war with Egypt, and god knows we would [...]

Am I being paranoid?

( Egypt )

Maybe it's from being around all of these conspiracy theories all my life, but, Tzipi Livny visits Cairo two days before the attack, where we announce that we came to the agreement that no such attack was going to take place. And then the attack takes place, and we naturally keep the border closed, [...]

Egypt, the new Superpower!

Ahh, at last, the day of my dreams has finally arrived. The day that set my egyptian patriotic heart aflutter with joy. The day when Egypt- under the wise direction and leadership of our dear leader Hosny Mubarak- has finally ascended to its rightful place and joined the ranks of the World's Super Power club is here, and I am happier [...]

Give Ghaza to Egypt?

Drima thinks he found the solution to the current crisis, which is to give Ghaza to Egypt, West Bank to Jordan, and call it a day. I am sad to say that Drima is more confused than a blind man in an orgy if he thinks such a solution should even be put on the table. And [...]

30 thousand egyptians turn out for Officer’s funeral

The funeral of the killed assassinated dead egyptian border officer was attended by 30,000 of his countrymen, who according to al masry alyoum, turned the event into an anti-Hamas rally, shouting anti-Hamas slogans, and rightly stating that his blood is on Hamas' hands. Not that Hamas gives a fuck or anything, or any of its [...]

Egyptian Embassy in Yemen stormed by angry mob

The Egyptian Embassy in Yemen was stormed today by angry Ghaza-supporting portestors, who detsoyed its furntiture, set the egyptian flag on fire and then erected the palestinian flag on top of it. This is the second attack on an egyptian embassy within 3 days, with lebanese protestors throwing rocks at the egyptian embassy in Beirut on Sunday. Despite that both [...]