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Egypt protesting European embassies?

( Egypt andeurope )

Did they just get the memo that we get mistreated there? Egypt has protested to European embassies in Cairo about what it has described as the mistreatment of Egyptians applying for entry visas. The Egyptian foreign ministry said the embassies were applying visa rules arbitrarily, and not treating Egyptians with respect and dignity. You know, [...]

But I thought all taxes were sinful?

( europe )

Britian is implementing Sin taxes: Many Britons were resigning themselves to more puritanical lifestyles Thursday as they faced the prospect of "sin taxes" that will increase the cost of alcohol, cigarettes, gas-guzzling cars and, potentially, plastic bags. Basically all of life's little pleasures that may give your sorry existence a chance to have a reprieve [...]

Invade Germany now

( europe )

Their army is..not doing very well.. Berlin – German soldiers are overweight, smoke too much and do not engage in enough sports, according to a report published Tuesday by the parliamentary commissioner for the defence force. "Male and female soldiers are too fat, partake little in sports and pay too little attention to what they [...]

Italian Judges are bored

( europe )

They have to be. I mean, their "men no adjustee their junk in public" ruling was absurd enough, now, the italian courts have given women who cheat on their men a license to lie. Italy's highest appeal court has ruled that married Italian women who commit adultery are entitled to lie about it to protect [...]

Don’t touch your privates in Italy

You might just go to jail for..ehh..adjusting yourself!

Sarkozy and the Holocaust

( europe )

The Frenchies are not happy with his newest educational proposal to teach 10 year olds stories of 10 year old jewish kids who were killed in the holocaust. Now, yes, I can see how many people could find this distasteful on the ground of the children's age, but one has to wonder if the age [...]

The Euro infiltrates New York

( europe )

Damn those Europeans and their strong currency!

The French Facebook Prank

( Funny andeurope )

This is actually quite funny!

Qhadaffi pitches his tent in France

Oh man, what would we do without this guy? The Middle-East will be 30% less funny after he dies!

To 149 days without government

( Hmmm... andeurope )

That's one reason why Belguim is cool!

Blair attacks Brown

( Politics andeurope )

Turn-around is fairplay, and pudgy boy Brown had it coming for a while now!

National Sex Day

( europe )

Gotta love the russians. The governor of Ulyanovsk region in Russia is offering prizes to couples who have babies in exactly nine months – on Russia's national day on 12 June. Sergei Morozov wants couples to take the day off work to have sex. If a baby is born on national day, they will receive [...]

Sarkozy fascinates me

( Hmmm... andeurope )

Not really him, but the way he is portrayed. It's, hmm, well, check this out: Many blacks and Muslims in the troubled neighborhoods ringing French cities voted for the first time, saying they were motivated by one desire: to stop law-and-order, tough-on-immigrants Nicolas Sarkozy from becoming president. So, he is the law- and -order candidate, [...]

Old Brits/ New Brits

( Iran andeurope )

The Hostage crisis defined the line!

Re-starting the coldwar??

( europe )

I am not sure that under Putin it ever ended, but now the US seems intent on joining in!

How the mighty have fallen

( Iran andeurope )

Remember the time when the Brits were tough and wouldn't stand for their people getting kidnapped without some sort of military action? Yeah. I miss those days too!

Turkey blocks Youtube

( europe )

For hosting videos that insult Ataturk. The model secular islamic state everyone.

Pig Tactics

( Assholes andIslam andWTF? andeurope )

So, this is what it has come down to?  I weep for humanity!

The imperialist Swiss army

( europe andsilly )

Trying to invade the helpless country of Liechtenstein . Those damn Swiss. Must be Bush's influence! NO BLOOD FOR OIL!

Islam = BNP

This dude just made everybody you don't wanna piss off in Britian angry at him. Dumbass!