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The View from Tehran today

( Iran )

It's not slowing down! Neither are photoshopped, by the way, unlike some people's rallies!

How to spot a fake election

( Eelections andIran )

To help you get the full picture!

Iran Soccer team wears green in solidarity

( Iran )

Mossad head wants Ahmedinjad as President

( Iran andIsrael )

Amazing The reality in Iran is not going to change because of the elections. The world and we already know [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad. If the reformist candidate [Mir Hossein] Mousavi had won, Israel would have had a more serious problem because it would need to explain to the world the danger of the Iranian [...]

Socialists vs. Theocrats in Iran

( Iran )

About fuckin time!

Ahmedinajad uses Photoshop to boost Rally

( Iran andgeekness )

How desperate.. How pathetic… No wonder they blocked the foreign Media from attending. BUSTED!

“A war against God”

( Iran )

Well, that didn't take long: The sense of threat against the opposition was growing. Reuters reported that Mohammadreza Habibi, the senior prosecutor in the central province of Isfahan, had warned demonstrators that they could be executed under Islamic law. “We warn the few elements controlled by foreigners who try to disrupt domestic security by inciting [...]

Subhuman orientalists

( GRRRR andIran )

A notion exists amongst leftist ideologues: If a revolution takes place that isn't started by the poorest elements of society, then it has no merit and shouldn't be supported. The concept behind such a notion is simple: Every society has more poor people, than rich people, therefore the poor are more the public than the [...]

Ahmedinjad, Privately!

( Assholes andIran )

Kinda explains his complicated relationship with technology!

An e-mail from Tehran

( Iran )

Just got this e-mail from a friend in Tehran, whom I asked to brief me on what's going on. The friend sent it from the French Research center, and was abruptly disrupted because the french embassy forced everyone to evacuate due to the Basij now attacking the center. Here is the text: So this is [...]

Hezbollah is operating in Tehran

( Iran )

Der Spidgel just confirmed the rumors, that many of the guys that are cracking down on the demonstrators in the streets are lebanese hezbollah members. According to them, there are 5000 Hezbollah members in Iran that are part of the crackdown on the students. This is a big mistake. You don't bring an arab to [...]

Easy being green!

( Iran )

Andrew Sullivan went Green for his support of the revolution, so did Instapundit. Someone called John Cole doesn't like it, but who the fuck is John Cole anyway? As for this blogger, those who read me know I've always been green, baby!

Even the Grabage collectors are in

( Iran )

You can see them in this video. I guess it's no longer a Calvin Klein revolution, huh?

Ahmedinjad left Iran

( Iran )

To Russia. On an official visit. Wouldn't it be cool if the country he left isn't there for him to come back to?

Your House is not safe

( Iran )

What living in Iran these days is like!

The young clerics are joining the revolution

( Iran )

 A small tidbit I missed the first time around A young cleric from the Shiite holy city of Qom addressed the crowd. "I have come to bring you a message from Qom," he said. "Without a doubt, all clerical scholars are against the current situation. The only person acceptable to them is Mr. Mousavi, they [...]

Reports on the fallen

( Iran )

So far, the dead count for yesterday's events is reported as follows: According to the WSJ student websites, 5 get shot yesterday.. According to the Guardian, 12 got killed in the clashes.. And according to Radio Payam, 7 people got killed near Tahran.. God knows what the real casualty number is!

On Iran

( Iran )

*Scroll down for updates* Ok, so no, I wasn't hiding under a rock for the past few days, and I wasn't ignoring the Iranian election either. I was simply overwhelmed by it. I mean, here i was, 2 days ago, watching A.J. giving his victory speech, and thinking"this is totaly what the democrats must have [...]

And the blah blah begins

( Iran )

Iran: The US should apologize for past crimes. US: We already apologized more than once for past crimes. Iran: Yeah, but we don't really feel like you meant it! Grovel. Maybe that will do the trick! I love Iran. LOVE IT!

Egypt, the new Superpower!

Ahh, at last, the day of my dreams has finally arrived. The day that set my egyptian patriotic heart aflutter with joy. The day when Egypt- under the wise direction and leadership of our dear leader Hosny Mubarak- has finally ascended to its rightful place and joined the ranks of the World's Super Power club is here, and I am happier [...]