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On that Iraqi election

( Iraq )

Those who supported Democracy there are vindicated now. And there is no turning back.. These elections will produce a new majority in Iraq, which will be always determined by coalition building. However, one result cannot be reversed anymore; no more return to single party dictatorship. Iraq may break in pieces, but it will never return [...]

The Shoe Statue is gone

( Iraq )

Yes. It got destroyed. Just like my heart got when I heard the news! Why, God? WHYYYYYYYYYY?

Is throwing shoes at someone freedom of speech?

( Iraq )

Seriously now, because some people at AlBaghdadeya TV, the employee of Shoe-chucker, are claiming that his freedom of speech is violated by his arrest. And here I thought he tried to assault Bush and failed, twice. Am I missing something? Can I beat up people and call it freedom of speech now? And isn;t it [...]

On the shoe throwing Incident

Three thoughts: 1) Bush has some seriously fast reflexes for an old man. 2) You notice that Malki did not move or budge throughout the whole incident? He wasn't exen startled or shocked. Check out the Slideshow to see for yourself. 3) The thrower of said shoe, Muthathar al Zaidi, a Baghdadiya reporter who is [...]

BlogIraq is dead

A light turns out in Baghdad! God be with his family and friends!

Your quick mental health break

( Iraq andsilly )

Mahdy Army Penguins!

Texans are wussies!

( Funny andIraq )

From the Petraeus testimony: Petraeus to Chris Dodd: "Every Iraqi is allowed an AK-47 in his house, by law." I want one! So not fair. hmmph! 

Prince Harry was in Afghanistan

( Iraq )

And now the whole world knows, so they are pulling him out for "safety reasons", and he is not buying it: In an interview just last week, Harry conceded that on his return to the UK, he could be a "top target" for homegrown jihadists sympathetic to the Taliban. "Once this … comes out, every [...]

Angelina Jolie has a brain

( Iraq andcelebs )

I am impressed! Today's humanitarian crisis in Iraq — and the potential consequences for our national security — are great. Can the United States afford to gamble that 4 million or more poor and displaced people, in the heart of Middle East, won't explode in violent desperation, sending the whole region into further disorder? What [...]

How the news sounds to me

( A.P.U. andIraq andMedia andMiddle East )

This is brilliant!

US troops in Egypt

( Egypt andIraq )

First they said that the US would send equipment, but wouldn't have any troops there. Now there is a report of Iowa National Guard soldiers being deployed in Egypt for a Year. And they are not part of the MFO either. Actually: The battalion is being activated under several missions, including the war on terrorism [...]

52% of Americans: there is progress in Iraq

Up from 39% last year. Hmm…

Just like Iraq

At first it reads like the usual "Now the whole world hates us because of the War" american leftist diatribe, but upon close inspection this article does make some serious points. Definitely worth a read!

Iraqi cemetery workers suffering due to lack of business

( Iraq andMedia )

..because the death toll in Iraq has been decreasing significantly. More than a 30% drop in deaths actually in the past 6 months. How about that? A drop in violence around Iraq has cut burials in the huge Wadi al Salam cemetery here by at least one-third in the past six months, and that's cut [...]

News you won’t pay attention to

( Iraq )

Hmmm…. The civilian death toll in Iraq fell to its lowest level in recent memory Saturday, with only four people killed or found dead nationwide, according to reports from police, morgue officials and credible witnesses. [...] The daily number of civilians killed, not including those on days when there were massive casualties from car bombs, [...]

The Bush Memo: Grounds for impeachment?

A couple of days ago I passed by the blog of Juan Cole and found this post, in which he has seletced passages from the  translated secret Bush-Aznar Memo regarding Iraq in the run up to the war. Juan has selected parts of the transcript and spun them in a way to meet his agenda, [...]

The Invasion is now complete

( Funny andIraq )

I am talking Iraq , of course!

I could’ve seen that one coming

( Iraq andconspiracy )

The Judge who sentenced Saddam to death is seeking asylum in the UK! And arab conspiracy theoriest will now have "the evidence" that it was the Coalition who wanted Saddam dead, and that the Judge is now getting his pay-off for doing their dirty deeds.  I love this region! 


( Iraq )

Arab League says: "For the Iraq problem, the arab league's position is to recommend what we always recommend: Get the UN Secuirty Council on the case and let them deal with it, because we ain't fixing shit." Iraqi government's response: "FUCK OFF, Moussa!"

Biking militants explode

Now this is the kind of story that puts a smile on my face in the morning!