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Ramadan is here again..

( Islam andUAE andWomen )

..and with it comes the once a year desire to get that Adam Sandler universal remote in Click. If only I can press fast forward for that one month…. sigh… But on the other hand, it is the month to really explore hash and get yourself lung cancer from the redicilous amounts of Hookah you [...]

China, tag, you are it!

( China andIslam )

China is cracking down on its islamic west, because there is a violent islamic separatist movement that wants to break away from the evil godless commies. China's response? Cement its position as a godless entity by starting a crackdown on the region for engaging in "illegal religious activity". Awesome move. I can't wait for the [...]

Proof that muslims and Jews are cousins..

( A.P.U. andIslam andThe JOOOZ )

Because right after Our own Qorqor talked about Angelic fighters fighting on the side of muslims, Israeli Rabbis are talking about how Rachel (as in the biblical Rachel, people) has appeard to IDF soldiers and showed them where the terrorists are. One wonders howcome Rachel did not tell them where Gilad Shalit is, but I [...]

So much for Interfaith dialogue

( Crazy people andDoha andIslam )

Last weekend ( i.e. last week's weekend. Even though I am working, it is sunday after all) I had a bunch of friends come over to attend a conference in Doha, titled "Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow" or MLT for short (Insert sandwich joke here). I, naturally, was not invited, but crashed the party anyway, because of [...]

AlAzhar Ulamaa can kiss my ASS!

It came to my attention that the "AlAzhar Scientist front" (3olamaa being the arabic word for scientist, which is funny, because Islam is not really a science, like, you know, biology or physics, but what do I know?) are having a case of serious Penis envy when it comes to the Vatican, espcially when it [...]

Hey, want a one hour wedding?

( Islam )

Go to Bahrain and enjoy your 8 dollars an hour wedding. And remember, it's not prostitution if the government  and the clergy approve it. It's a "temporary pelasure wedding". Wink wink..nudge nudge.

Boys are flies, girls are lollipops

( Islam andWTF? andWomen )

A few days ago, the arabist posted this piece of Hijabi propaganda: The text reads: "You won't be able to stop them (i.e. guys), but you can protect yourself. He who created you knows what's best for you!" Oh, where do I begin? Should I start with the "Men are flies" example, the MEN who [...]

What Saad Al Harriri should’ve done

Today is the day Michael Sulliman gets appointed president of Lebanon, ending a tumultuous  year of political instability in Lebanon. We won't discuss here the compromise they've achieved, because I am sick and tired of watching M14 get their asses handed to them and then have them smile to the camera and claim that they [...]

A world without Islam

( Islam )

If you think that a world without Islam is a safer , better world, than Nouri has something to tell you!

Wikipedia is right!

I am with Roba on this one!

“Make me a Muslim” reviewed

The people from the British channel 4 have created a new "Makeover" show, but with A TWIST: It's an Islamic Makeover show, called "Make me a Muslim" . Through the help of 4 experts (3 Imams and a female British convert) , 6 contestants get to experience life as muslims for 3 weeks, in the [...]

The Bible vs. The Koran

( Islam andReligion andSaudi )

The Battle of spreading the Holy Books is more intense than anyone would've thought. The combination of globalisation and rising wealth is proving to be a bonanza for both religions. The most prolific producer of Christian missionaries, on a per head basis, is now South Korea. The biggest Bible publishing houses are in Brazil and [...]

The First Islamic Car

( Iran andIslam andRetardedness )

It's gonna be produced by Iran. What makes it Islamic? Well, it will be manufactured by three Islamic Nations (Iran, Turkey and Malaysia) and it will include decidedly Islamic features: It will contain a Prayer Rug, a Mecca-pointing compass and a "Koran Holder", just in case you feel like reading the good book while driving. [...]

The Teddy Bear Lady charged in Sudan

For inciting religious hatred. See, I told you , you can't name a cuddly toy after our Prophet without us getting mad at you. But what's really amusing is the school's response: Several Sudanese newspapers ran a statement Tuesday reportedly from the school, saying the administration "offers an official apology to the students and their [...]

No christians please part 2

The discussion over the Sabaya cafe's decision to ban christian girls from entering it has reminded me of something that I've long forgotten: the reason why they don't allow christians in, is because Islam views non-Christian women the same as strange men. Hell, according to this Fatwa, it's not just christian women who good muslim [...]

On the Jihad revisions

Al Masry Al Youm newspaper has been running for about a week now a number of documents titled the Jihad revisions, where Ayman Al Zawahiri's old buddy, and the architect of modern Jihady perspective, Dr. Sayed Imam aka Dr. Fadl, decides to correct the misconceptions of Today's youth, and instead publishes his latest Brainfart on [...]

On New Muslims

Lou Lou had an interesting experience: …but why do some new Muslims feel the need to denigrate their former religion & culture & sometimes their own family & upbringing? Why do they change their names to Arabic names? Don't they realize that the majority of Muslims in the world are not Arab and do not [...]

McDonalds wishes you a happy Eid

( Cool andIslam andartsy fartsy )

That Eid dilemma

  Cairofreeze captures the insanity perfectly!

Breastfeeding Fatwa Aftershocks

( Islam andRetardedness andWTF? andWomen )

Remember the "Breast feeding Fatwa "? Yeah, me too. It drove me crazy not to write about it. Well, it seems that  even thought the idiot who issued it got fired from Al Azhar , there are some people who still take it seriously. Like This Algerian dude, who is threatehning his wife with divorce [...]