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Aww..poor Jordanians

( Jordan )

The concept of "Minimum Charge", of which we have suffered for years, has finally caught up to them, and they are all grouchy now. My heart bleeds. It really does! 

Riots in Jordanian Prison

( Jordan )

Be forewarned if you try to seperate Al Qaeda from the general prison population in a muslim country. Bad things might happen.

Queen Rania is on Youtube

( Jordan )

You can start your drooling all over this hot Mama here!

The Iraqi WMD’s are in Jordan

Or so says Huckabee. Don;t you just love Huckabee? Total clueless Idiot who knows nothing about what he is talking about, but you just can;t help but love him. Oh, and bad Jordan. Very bad Jordan.

Jordan Bows to Big Brother

( Jordan andcauses )

Some seriously sad news coming from the one country in the region that seemed adamant to leave Freedom of Speech alone. Too bad!

Reputation assassination of Jordan?

( Jordan andMedia )

This seems to be the goal of this ad, whether true or not. I do agree with Natasha though, the Jordanian government needs to respond to this immediatly!

Cheating in Jordan

( Jordan )

Damn. Lazy Students there seem to have it really easy!

Amman: Pictures

( Jordan )

 The view from Jabbal Amman, in front of Books@cafe at night.    The wall at Books@cafe. Did I mention how much I love that place? The view of Amman from Vinigerette. Notice the Jordanian Flag in the distnace? It's Huge. It's bigger than most houses in amman and you can see it flying from almost [...]

Amman: LINA

How do I start writing about Lina El Ejilat? How can I portray someone like her in a way that would make sense to all of you? Words fail me. For the first time ever words fail me. I mean, what do I mention first? How brilliant she is? How she is sweetness walking on [...]

Amman: Khalidah, Jad and the Bakkouz

( Jordan )

One of the highlights of this trip to amman has been meeting those 3 pillars of the Jordanian blogsphere: Khalidah , Jad and Bakkouz. To be perfectly honest, Bakkouz was someone I wasn't particularly eager to meet at first, because of the previous run-in we had with each other  during the Free-Alaa campaign. However upon [...]

Amman: Observations

( Jordan )

I figured I should put this as an interlude for those silly silly people who may not want to read the rest of the trip. Everything you will read here you will end up rading in the other posts, but this will be of more concentrated nature. Ok? Oh, and sorry for the unstructured paragraphs. [...]

Amman: Day One

( Jordan )

"Take me down to Paradise City, where the Grass is green and the girls are pretty.." Let's start from where I left off, shall we? After spending a delightful hour in Cairo's airport VIP Lounge, I finally got on the plane. I was flying Royal Jordanian Airlines, and I have to say, there is nothing [...]