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The Arab Media Response to the Wikileaks

I joked today on Twitter that I believe the world will probably deal with this the same way regular people deal with post-one-night-stand-hook-up awkwardness: Everyone had their fun but seen each other naked and now they just wanna do their walk of shame and pretend it never happened.I have been monitoring media websites the entire [...]

No Wardrobe this all..

( Media )

The nice wholesome family-oriented people of Arizona were greeted by a 30 second porn clip during the superbowl. This means it took the Channel 30 seconds to figure out that someone is streaming porn to the masses watching national network television on a sunday afternoon and stop it. Outrage is bound to ensue, and lawsuits and [...]

Find the crime

AlJazeera has posted a story with this headline: "Accusations made against Egypt of giving AID to the UNRWA instead of the dissolved government of Hamas, with coordination with Israel and the PA" Now, whomever figures out what exactly is Egypt's crime here to warrant an accusation, gets a cookie and a big wet smooch on [...]

Huffington Post stealing content

As someone who is somehwat familair with the Huffington Post operation, including their fantastic habit of not hiring writers, and calling whatever crap their self-important non-paid writers puke on a page "blogging", I am simply astounded about the fact that they were caught stealing content from other lesser known blogs and still no apologizing for it [...]

For the unemployed amongst you

If there is ever a benefit for a blogger to no longer having a job, it's that it gives him/her more time to blog, and thsoe two bloggers did just that. For all of you who are unemployed, on your way to being unemployed, or are just suffering from serious job insecuirty, I give you the Unemploymentality [...]

Obama Cartoons in arabic newspapers

Ta3beer has a collection of Obama cartoons from arabic newspapers. Some of them are negative:   Some are appallingly racist    and some are positive and self-critical at the same time:   American Obama –His father is an African migrant who abandoned him in his childhood. –A minority lawyer who is active in human rights [...]

The Tribune is almost dead!

( Media )

So, with Newspapers really dying for reals, does that mean we actually have only blogs to trust as our source of news? Is that a good thing? You guys sure?

Here we go again

( GRRRR andMedia )

Another bullshit article , by another idiotic foriegn journalist (Today's dunce is called Joseph Mayton. Joseph, I would like you to meet everybody; everybody, I would like you to meet the new idiot in town.) about how the new generation of Muslim Brotherhood bloggers are going to provoke change inside the movement itself. This myth of reformist MB [...]

Where do we go from here?

Watching the news channels in the US this morning, I am both amazed and amused by their inability to deal with the Obama win. It's like the old song lyrics go: "The Battle is done, and we kinda won, so we sound our victory cheer. Now tell me, where do we go from here?" CNN [...]

The Palin Rape kit rumor is not true!

There has been a nasty rumor going on that during Palin's tenure as mayor of Wassila, female rape victims were required to pay for their own rape kits. It was supposed to be another example on how Palin was really a man and hated women and wanted them all to stay home barefoot and pregnant. [...]

Michael Slackman needs to be fired

How this man gets hired by the NYT to write about this crap about the middle east, well, that's just beyond me!

Growing in numbers

( Cool andMedia )

According to the egyptian government, Egypt now has more than 160,000 blogs. A report issued by the Information and Decision Making Center at the cabinet council stated that the number of Egyptian blogs has reached 160,000 by last April, which represents 30.7% of the Arab blogs and 2.0% of the blogs throughout the world. Egyptian [...]

The Carrie Bradshaw effect on middle-east politics

Just read this!

Loving the Zeitoun Shooting cover-up

( Egypt andMedia )

I am. I really really am. Here are so far the reasons provided by the police and the media on why this wasn't a secterian attack: Justification #1: There are about 12 Coptic owned Jewelry stores in the area surrounding the targeted store. The fact that they targeted this one proves that this is personal [...]

The line between politics and media blurrs

Chris Mathews wants to be a senator and Laura Bush is co-hosting the Today show. Seriously!

AlArabiya is not biased, at all!!

( A.P.U. andMedia )

If anyone ever doubts their Pro-Sunni Anti-Iran bias, this is the headline of their piece covering the Arab Summit: "The Damascus Arab Summit is the only Arab summit in History not to start with the recitation of Koranic Verses"  Translation: "See..the people supported by Shia Iran are heathens who don't even recite the Koran!"  and [...]

Hulu is cool

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Network television shows, online, legally, and for free, too bad it only works for US IP's. If you are a middle-east resident and want to use it though, then use a proxy, but get a fast connection to counteract the delay time.

Fox News is useless

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They actually have a story about how the satellite phones on LOST are not real. Yes, let's ignore the strange Island, the time travel, the smoke monster, Jacob, the ghosts of dead people. Yeah, all that is fine, but not the cool-looking satellite phones. Those are just not real!

How the news sounds to me

( A.P.U. andIraq andMedia andMiddle East )

This is brilliant!

Trying to stop the signal

( A.P.U. andMedia )

The information Ministers of 22 arab nations have finally got together and took decisive action against..freedom of speech, the broadcasted by satellite kind. They even formed a…CHARTER! OOooohhhhhhhhh: Arab governments adopted on Tuesday a satellite broadcasting charter which will entrench state control over broadcasts and curtail political expression. The document, which echoes the language found [...]