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On Obama’s vsit to Egypt!

So, the one has chosen the land of the Nile to make his appeal to the muslim world, choosing it over options like Saudi (the birthplace of Islam), Jordan (Hey America, we will do anything for you to like us), Turkey (The Secular Muslim people, and part ally who likes to put its nose in [...]

A Psychotic day in Egypt

Today has been quite a psychotic day in Egypt. First of all, today was the sentencing of the 49 people who got arrested during the Mahalla riots, 22 of which were sentenced to jail time between 3 and 5 years. There was literally no evidence against them, and the decisions can not be appealed. It [...]

What’s destroying Downtown Cairo

( Assholes andEgypt andMubarak )

AP has a piece on how religion and decrepitude are threathening downtown Cairo Bars. I know a third source of threat: Gamal Mubarak. Our boy wonder has a project for downtown cairo, one he calls- and I wish I was joking- "Mini Dubai. Our boy, using a fake front of a company called "Al-Ismaelia for construction [...]

“The Persians are trying to devour the arab states”

( Egypt andIran andMubarak )

So said Mubarak, according to the Jerusalem Post. Hmm.. You know, Hosny, I would care more if it wasn't for the fact that they are succeeding in that because you have limited Egypt's regional role in the area for the past, I dunno, 28 years? The way it's going down, the one Sunni country that [...]

Leading by example

( Mubarak )

Our fair President pays his taxes like everybody else. See? Now excuse you, I have to go puke now. I am, after all, allergic to bullshit! (Thanks R) 

From the mouth of an ex state-secuirty general

"Oh, the way we treated the State Secuirty soldiers was so horrible it bordered on funny. We would keep them crammed inside those cars in the sun for hours, and then when we take them out, we start humiliating them. We would slap them, beat them, spit on them, kick them. We would pick them [...]

Egyptian Emergency law is extended..again

( Egypt andMubarak )

Oh Joy!

This past week

I have been gone for this past week, but I wasn't absent in any way. I was running around helping an Australian friend do a report on May 4th. Here are glimpses of the days that passed by and the people that I met during. Going to the Hesham Mubarak center is a head-trip. In [...]

The Game is on

********************Scroll down for updates******** People who read this blog know that I am not the most enthusiastic supporter of today's protest for both political reasons , and for the fact that I am not quite sure what it would achieve. It's hard to take a protest seriously that gives u the choice between being apathetic [...]

Gaza lessons and facts

Rules of modern Invasion: In order to effectively invade a country (what do you call the blowing up of borders and the forced entry of hundreds of thousands of foreigners if not an invasion), what you need to do is put the women and children in the front. This way, the people on the border [...]

And the Golden Whip goes to…

( Egypt andMubarak )

Behold the First Cairo Police Torture Film Festival.

Al-Arish Burning

( Egypt andMubarak )

 The Videos of Al-Arish's incidents are here and here. Enjoy!

Egyptian newspapers strike for a day

( Egypt andMedia andMubarak andcauses )

Well, Independent ones, anyway. The daily ones didn't appear yesterday and the weekly ones will not publish throughout the week. This is the latest development in the crisis between the Press and the Government. Egypt's newspapers conducted a silent protest against the government by withholding their publications from newsstands on Sunday. Both independent and opposition [...]

Ayman Nour gets a death threat from Mortada Mansour

Ayman Nour is accusing Mortada Mansour- the jailed trouble making ex-MP from the NDP- of threatening to kill him inside Jail. The Story goes that Nour Found someone screaming his name, and when he looked he saw Mortada standing at the door of the room, stopped by the secret Police Guard, while verbally lashing at [...]

Don’t Panic

( Egypt andMubarak )

So Sayeth Egypt's PM Ahmed Nazif, when confronted with the rumors of Mubarak's death and the fear of instability that would ensue. Why? Well, because there is apparently "a scenario in place for the transfer of Power, and we are a country that has a constitution, a Parliament and a government. Not to mention, there [...]

Mubarak is not DEAD

( Egypt andMubarak )

There has been a lot of hype concerning the rumor of Mubarak's death . Bloggers wrote about it , the government issued a denial after denial , even pressing charges against the editor in chief of a newspaper for publishing it and there was even a facebook group discussing it (You know it's big when [...]

Speaking of cheating

( Egypt andMubarak )

Check this and this out. As you can see, the Referendum was very honest! Oh yeah, and this and this too! 


1) All the detainees were released today, who then decided to go join the Press syndicate protest/sit in, which the police surrounded and refused to let people out since the morning. This basically meant that they left police custody in order to go to a place where the police would stop them from getting out [...]


I just came back from the demonstrations…No, that's a lie. I've been back almost an hour and a half now, and it took me this long to get myself together, shake myself out of the shock I am feeling, and actually sit down and write this. Here is what happend. Around 5:15 pm today I [...]

Playing with State Security

( Egypt andMubarak )

So, the new constitutional ammendments (which, if you wanna know how much they mess things up for egyptians, I recommend you read this) are being tested in a public referendum tomorrow, one that the Opposition wants, as usual, to boycott. Sometimes they remind me of that kid that no one picks on their team to [...]