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On Khaled Said

A few years ago, I saw the french movie "Irréversible" , and like many movie watchers I was subjected to the-now infamous- utterly brutal and inescapable Monica Bellucci 9 minute rape and murder scene. That scene has left me disturbed beyond measure, not just for the extremely violent depiction of such a heinous act, but [...]

The speech!

Ok, so I woke up early this morning and I head to Cairo University. The first thing one has to say is that the security was very ncie and cordial and professional: You had to have an ID and the invite, and they would just let you in. Unfortunately, no one relayed that information to [...]

On Obama’s vsit to Egypt!

So, the one has chosen the land of the Nile to make his appeal to the muslim world, choosing it over options like Saudi (the birthplace of Islam), Jordan (Hey America, we will do anything for you to like us), Turkey (The Secular Muslim people, and part ally who likes to put its nose in [...]

Strike out!

6th of april was finally here, and the streets of cairo were a sight to be seen. A flood of people, millions, linning up in the streets of cairo..busses, cars and taxis loaded with angry people, traveling all across the mighty city. People were shouting, cars were honking and the music filled the air. And [...]

More on that strike!

Because some people think I am being defeatist on the whole strike thing, here is Hossam's take: I asked the labor leaders present in the meeting yesterday whether anything was planned in their workplaces on the 6th of April. The answer was no… In other words, no strikes planned in Ghazl el-Mahalla, nothing in the [...]

6th of April…again!

There is an egyptian word, called "3abbath", and its most immediate translation for it is the english word folly. I have checked the thesaurus, looking for a cooler or a better sounding word, but this is what I got: absurdity, craziness, foolishness, idiocy, imbecility, inanity, preposterous, silliness.The story I am about to tell you embodies [...]

The Bahhai’s get their verdict in Egypt, finally..

Ok, so we finally have a verdict that is final and impossible to appeal that the Bahhai's can now have ID cards issued without a mention of their religion in the religion category. This will mean that theywill be able to lead a more normal and humane lifestyle, as opposed to the daily humiliation they [...]


Do you know what's the first sign of your country slowly descending into anarchy is? Me neither, but I am guessing the story I am about to tell you probably qualifies for the first position, or at least the top 5. The Egyptian Police, in all of its brutal stupidity, decided to fuck with a [...]

The Akon Cairo concert disaster!

So, here I am, preparing for my trip back to Cairo, when people start sending me messages and e-mails about The Akon concert in the Cairo Opera. Now, I didn't know he was singing in Cairo to begin with, let alone fathom the concept of whose bright idea was it that this man should be [...]

Gotta love the Egyptian Foreign Ministry

So, 40 days ago, those Somali Pirates decide to take over an Egyptian Vessel, called the Bluestar, hostage and for ransom. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry took decisive action, and did nothing, saying they have no money. When the people on the ship demanded drinking water supplies, the humanists at the ministry sent a shipment of [...]

In Egypt? Get a car!

Otherwise you won't get anywhere. The Train signal operators have started a strike, stopping all the Trains in Egypt, and Microbus drivers are striking in Gam3et el dowal street over the new traffic law. Hopefully the subway operators are next, so that egyptians would have every excuse to get the rest of the week off. [...]

On fighting Angels

How do you know that Kefaya is over? When the overhwelmingly secular movement's new Deputy Director Magdy Qorqor publishes an article talking about his total belief that the same Angels (yes, actual angels. with wings and everything) who were fighting alongside the Prophet Mohamed in the Battle of Badr were also fighting alongside Hamas in Ghaza. Yes, let that sink [...]

Egyptian Boxer Briefs

Here is a collection. I want the "Be Hard" one!

US anti-immigration technology tested in Ghaza

I find this rather interesting, if not slightly disturbing: Upon reading this morning news of US army engineers securing Egypt side of border against tunnels I went to Rafah city to check border. Security was relaxed compared to past days though the city was still a ghost one. At Rafah crossing, a high level security [...]

A Psychotic day in Egypt

Today has been quite a psychotic day in Egypt. First of all, today was the sentencing of the 49 people who got arrested during the Mahalla riots, 22 of which were sentenced to jail time between 3 and 5 years. There was literally no evidence against them, and the decisions can not be appealed. It [...]

Typical Egyptian Male Behavior

I don't agree with all of them, but I will be damned if Mayo did not hit some nails on their heads. My Favorites: 1.He lost all his savings; Stock Market, Rayan, Private Business, you name it. 3. You are not allowed to do what he does. And that ranges from the simple issues of smoking and [...]

Our Fantastic police at work

I am not even surprised anymore: An Egyptian police officer held an 18-month-old baby hostage for five hours in a bid to secure the surrender of the child's fugitive uncle, a security official said on Friday. They will open an investigation. They will probably find the baby guilty of forcing the police officer to take [...]

Anybody wants to be a daddy?

This is found on Egypt's craigslist, I figured I would share: Looking for a Husband Immediately – 24 (Cairo, Egypt) It is a long story but I’ll try to keep it short: back in February I was raped and now I am 7 months pregnant. I was hoping to find a Western man (European / [...]

On the Susan Tamim murder

This is the story that's the talk of the town in Egypt these days. There is this Lebanese female pop singer, who got killed in a hotel room in Dubai. The Dubai police being super good at what they do, they figured out that the murderers were two egyptians, one of them working in hotel [...]

The MB is against the sexual harrassmnet of women

Ehhhh…Foreign tourist women that is, and only because it might hurt our tourism revenues. As for Egyptian women or  foreign women who live here but who are not tourists, ehh, well, fuck 'em! They are fair game apparently, because, after all, they don't provide us with tourism income, and that's what really matters. So the [...]