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The Kabobfest inner conflict

In what could be Kabobfest a hoax (and god knows they are not above it), an ex-Kabobfester started an anti-Kabobfest website, even creating an Urban Dictionary entry on the definition of Kabobfest: amalgamation of pseudo-bohemian, kuffiyeh wearing, proto-typical non-conformists who identify as being either Arab or Muslim-friendly within a post-9-11 context and sit around all [...]

Tariq Ramadan = Muslim Martin Luther?


Oh, Barenboim

This piece of news cracked me up… The conductor Daniel Barenboim, already a contentious figure among fellow Israelis for championing Palestinians' rights and the works of Hitler's favorite composer, has accepted honorary Palestinian citizenship. Barenboim was given citizenship a year ago, but the move didn't become public until this weekend, when a Palestinian lawmaker mentioned [...]

Youtube suspends Wael Abbas’ account

Youtube has suspended the account of Wael Abbas – which contained the the egyptian police brutality and torture videos- because there were apparently too many complaints and flags from users- who are not members of the egyptian government or state security, of course- who have deemed the videos inappropriate and offensive. Youtube immediately took action, [...]

Words and Pics

The Statement  "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals, like in your country." Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad The Reality Two Iranian Teens getting hanged in the City of Mashad in Iran, for you know, being Gay. And, the Inevtiable Conclusion:    Ahmadinejad apologists, this is what you defend!

Oh Canada

PC-ness is soo gonna be the end of you: Muslim women who are completely veiled will still be allowed to vote in Canada, despite a new law tightening up requirements for voter identification, a federal elections official said on Thursday. [...]  Veiled Muslims showing such photo identification will have other options, Elections Canada spokesman John [...]

Defending the Niqab on christmass eve

I am never ever ever gonna move to the UK. I am sorry, but no. That's just too much multiculturalism crap for my taste!

..and Civil Law for all

Ehh, No, NONONONONONONONONONOOOOOOOO! And NO! It's a bad idea, brits. Trust me on this! 

Not Bolton

No. Keep Bolton. Keep him. Do not kick him out. Come on. The dude is great. He gets shit done in the UN. Sure, he is slightly a dick, but he is an efficient dick. Ah, rats! 

A muslim-french civil war?

Oh man. It seems that France is paying for its colonial sins by the truckload. Or the dozen. Dozen of police Officers a day that is. Radical Muslims in France's housing estates are waging an undeclared "intifada" against the police, with violent clashes injuring an average of 14 officers each day. As the interior ministry [...]

Islamic Hospital Gown?

Un-effin-believeable: Muslim women booking into hospital for operations can now respect their religion by wearing a burka-style gown. The 'Inter-Faith Gown' is the brainchild of Karen Jacob, the linen services manager at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It is the first such gown to be introduced in the country and patients at Preston and [...]


CAN'T…STOP….LAUGHING! French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy held a press conference in Beirut, in which he said that Iran was "a stabilizing element in the Middle East." According to the French minister, "Iran is an outstanding country with great people and a honorable civilization. It has a crucial role in the region." (Reuters) Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe 

Germans stand up to anti-smoking nazis

Ya Man. Die Deutscher sind ya shon geil : When a German magazine ran a story about new efforts to ban public smoking, the reactions of many of its non-smoking readers were fierce — and surprising. "I don't want to be deprived of the relaxed company of smokers in restaurants and bars," wrote David Harnasch [...]

Supporting free speech proves danish intolerance

Oh man, my head hurts! Think I’m exaggerating? Here’s the report on Denmark released yesterday by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance. And here’s the section — under the heading “vulnerable groups” — on Danish Muslims. Quote (footnotes omitted): In September 2005, with the stated intention of verifying whether freedom of speech is respected [...]

The Pro-Pedophelia Party

Ok, now I have seen everything :  Pro-paedophile activists have established a new political party in the Netherlands to campaign for the legalisation of sex between adults and children.  "Ten years ago we were 'on speaking terms' with society. But since [Belgian paedophile killer] Marc Dutroux there is no more discussion. All paedophiles are being put [...]

Beating a dead horse

The Europeans are drawing up another compromise to make Iran happy , ignoring the fact that Iran's leader will only be happy when they, just like North Korea, have nukes. Here is an idea europeans: Change the EU flag to a pure white one. It's a more accurate description to the state of Pussy-dom that [...]

The US bars the use of torture.. any interrogation done by any US official, they told the UN . Ok, allright. Good. That makes it now the rest of the world's turn now, right? Come on all of you not at all hypocritical morally righteous people who were so mad at US torture, wanna start on the rest of the world [...]

V for Vendetta: A rant

There are not enough good things that I can say about the graphic novel V for Vendetta and its Genius author Alan Moore. In my opinion, once the literary world gets off its hoity toity ass and recognize the graphic novel as a respectable medium for fiction, Alan Moore will be the first one to [...]

The british court system is filled with morons

And this story is the perfect example: A BANGLADESHI woman who shook a baby boy so violently that he suffered brain damage walked free from court yesterday because a judge conceded that she did not know how to behave in the West. Rahella Khanom, 24, caused the five-month-old boy in her care to suffer fractures [...]


UNFUCKINBELIEVABLE : Schoonenboom advises "an adventurous foreign policy" for the Dutch government. "We must support the moderate Islamic powers much more, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Hezbollah in Lebanon, instead of secular movements without prospects in Muslim countries. We must talk to the Palestinian regime of Hamas. They are democratically elected. It [...]