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Unemployment is awesome!

( personal )

I am heading to Miami in a few hours, for 4 days. After that I am heading to Boston. If you are in either one of those cities, give me a holla @ sandmonkey at gmail dot com. Have a nice one!

Sandmonkey rules for the day!

( personal )

1) Just as a general rule: If a movie has a dog as a central character in it, it will either have a shitty story, or the dog will die, or both. Oh, and even though the lead actress will always probably be hot, she will never get naked in the film, ever. So suck [...]

Coming to Abu Dhabi tomorrow

( personal )

I am coming to the land of the UAE tomorrow afternoon for 5 days of spending time with my two nephews (yes, I do have direct influence on young impressionable souls. Why do you think my sister moved to a different country?) and watching Dubai as it continues to burn to ash and cinder. If [...]

On Playfulness

( personal )

Many people, over the years in which I have written in this blog, have accused me of being a callous and insensitive human being. The reason behind such accusation, they would tell me, that I seem to find the humor in the most horrifying of things and events. This has increased lately, due to the [...]

From the Playlist

*I am posting this, because even I need a break from Ghaza* I'm the opposite of moderate, immaculately polished. with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid. Allergic to the counterfeit, impartial to the politics. Articulate but still would grab a nigga by the collar quick. Whoever having problems with, [...]

In advance

( personal )

I know we are not there yet, but Happy New year, people, may the next one not suck as hard as this one did.. Also, this blog is now officially 4 years old (and like 4 days). So yeah, happy blogeversery to the Sandmonkey blog as well. It's been awesome so far.

Merry Christmas, people!

( personal )

My your Holidays be filled with fatty foods, alcohol and passing out!

Dying in Austin

( personal )

Guys, I have been having the worst case of body flu ever contracted, and it sucks that it happens to me when I finally get to Texas, which in my humble opinion, kicks New York's ass. My mind is working, but I have to say that my body is feeble, and I have no idea [...]

The need for Soul!

( Rants andpersonal )

It's been staring at me for a week now. The fuckin inevitable job offer from Dubai, offering me more money, a better career, and country that's a little more alcohol and party friendly than the one I am in. Everything a young Egyptian single man dreams of, especially one as money-driven as I am. They [...]

A grinch, moi?

( personal )

So a few days ago I was invited to a friend's engagement party at the Mohamed Ali Club. I usually avoid such occasions, but this one could not be avoided, primarily because he was a part of a group of friends of mine who passed through a trial-by-fire a couple of years ago that left [...]

Live Free or Die

( personal )

(This isn’t an Ode to New Hampshire nor that shitty 4th Die Hard movie, sorry if you came here thinking it was, although if it was for the last Die Hard movie, you should be ashamed of yourself for wanting to read about this gratuitous PG-13 piece of trash. John Mclaine without saying “yuppie Ka [...]

On the litte Bastards

( Cool andpersonal )

People who know me know that I don't like children. Don't hate them, but highly dislike them, to the point where I contemplate daily if I want to have children at all. I mean the headaches, the expenses, the loss of freedom, the responsibility, the ungratefulness that will most likely ensue, not to mention the [...]

Insanity is relative

( personal )

My Father just called me from Dubai. He informed me that yesterday he went to the Celine Dion Live Concert, with Queen Rania and Mona Gamal Abdel Nasser. There were so many things wrong with that statement, I didn't know what to do but to hang up and spend the past 2 hours crouched in [...]

Through a rough patch

( personal )

Dear readers,  Been going through a rough patch lately. Trouble at work and at home, death in work colleagues, and complications in my personal life as well, which are all leaving me unable to blog. I am so dispirited, I didn't even enjoy the "Good riddance Fidel" carnival that went on yesterday. But that's probably [...]

Got the snifles

( personal )

For the past 3 days. I hate cold season.

Where is the snow?

( personal )

This is not fair. It's freezing here yet there is snow. Where is the freaking snow? I suggest that we egyptians plan a trip to Lebanon or Jordan, because if we are gonna freeze our butts off, we might as well have some snow to play in! 


( personal )

To touch me is to bleed. I will leave my marks all over your soul, for your body means nothing to me. I am a razor. I’ve been sharpened by your appetite. The destruction I inflict has no bearing to me, for a weapon has no emotions. Just a purpose. To serve in your cause [...]


( personal )

I've not been feeling well. 2008 has not been very good to me so far. Been having a number of crisises (or is it crisees? whats the Plural of crisis?) and I haven't been able to deal with them and write here at the same time. It has gotten so bad I had to take [...]

Been gone for a few days

( personal )

I know, I suck. But It's totally my job's fault. Financially support me and I will quit tomorrow, I promise! Oh, and Happy New Year while you are at it!

My mother, Archie Bunker

( personal )

It is the season of holidays and family gatherings, where people gather around, and enjoy the company of their relatives for a good day or two, and then thank the gods they don't have to see them again until the next holiday. Given that this is the seasons for sharing, I figured I should share [...]