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So, about that metal Bikini…

( Hmmm... andPervy andWTF? andgeekness andsilly )

So here I was, scrolling down on my homepage in my effort to take notes to the things I want to change (I am planning a re-design), when I stumbled upon that picture of Princess Leia in that Golden Bikini. Looking at that picture, I found myself wondering: So, why,exactly, was Leia dressed in a [...]

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Dildo shopping

( Pervy andcelebs )

Cause that's what you do once you are done with Highschool musicals! I heart Disney!

YouPorn is kicking Vivid’s Butt!

( Pervy )

Given that we are talking about two porn provider, I probably should've gone with a more obscene title, but meh, the whole thing is funny. Nothing like a good old fashioned Pornwar.

Joy to the WORLD!

VERNE TROYER HAS A SEX TAPE. Mini-Me has a sex tape. with his girlfriend. Who is tall, not very tall, normal sized really, but a giant in Verne standards. AWESOME. I wanna see it. Does anyone know where I can download it? You think he uses his whole arm? I am a perv, I know, [...]

For the Kinky amongst you

( Pervy )

A list of all possible and improbably fetishes. Who knew there was a disabled people fetish?

Speaking of Sex in the City

( Pervy )

This sextoy company has an entire line of inflatable dolls that look like celebrities. Here is Sarah Jessica Parker's:   They also have Eva Langoria, J-lo, Paris Hilton (yeah, cause nailing the real one is so hard), Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba and two Jessica Simpsons. Fun Times! 


( Pervy andThe JOOOZ )

In case you are wondering what they are, well, they are Israeli BDSM Nazi comic Books where officers from the allied forces would be tortured and sexually abused by german female SS officers, and then they break free, rape those officers and kill them. The Sandmonkey blog: Informative, educational, disturbing! 

Horny israelis block traffic..

( Cool andPervy andThe JOOOZ ) having sex in the middle of the fastlane. Now, it's not like I approve of or encourage that kind of behaviour, but…… They either know passion for each other so great that they just didn;t care about anything, or they are utterly shameless. I guess what I am trying to say is..I am jealous! [...]

The Re-Hymenization Fatwa

( Islam andPervy andRetardedness andWTF? )

The Egyptian Mufti- yes, that guy – just issued a fantastic new Fatwa: He said that it is Halal (permissible in Islam) for any female who lost her hymen for any reason to do the operation to have their hymen re-instated. His reasoning? Well, that the Islamic religion calls for Shielding yourself from Scandal (El [...]

A Gift to the woman you love

( Pervy andsilly )

Well, if it's any consalation, Justin Timberlake seems to endorse it!

Spray-On Condoms

( Pervy )

Ehh… NO! Bad Idea. Very bad Idea!

The Bush-Hitler connection revealed

  Ok, so i am crass. Sue me! 

God Bless Lebanon

( Lebanon andPervy andWomen andsilly )


10 ways to freak out your date

This is awesome. I so want the sacfree underwear. Oh… and the sheeplover apron. Those two will definitely help end things very quickly! On a completely different sidenote, how cool is that Atari Video game console belt buckle? Seriously!


( Funny andLinkity love andPervy andsilly )

Damn you Beth for exposing me to this: The Pronolizer. A way to see any website's text turn into Porn Speak. Go try it, and put my website and make sure the language choice is english, and especially check out the blogroll. I don't know which was funnier, Big "Bitch" Pharaoh, Tom "Long Finger" Palmer [...]

Sleeping with women causes stupidity

( Pervy andWomen )

Hey man, don't look at me. The BBC said it! They made study and everything!

Jesus loves Porn Stars

( Pervy andReligion )

Ahh, the musings of the church of XXX : A Christian missionary group making the rounds at US adult entertainment conventions hands out Bibles with "Jesus loves porn stars" stamped on their covers. Jesus loves porn stars just as much as he does pastors and soccer moms, XXXchurch contends. The outreach team from XXXchurch, calling [...]

The lost girls???

( Artsy andPervy )

Oh Alan Moore. I hate you for exposing to me how much of a pervert I really am: A London hospital that holds the copyright to “Peter Pan” has questioned the appropriateness of a series of books that portrays the character Wendy exploring her sexuality. The “Lost Girls” books, by graphic novelist Alan Moore, are [...]

Some pumping required

( Cool andPervy andsilly )

Parents who will buy this to their children, well, yeah, nevermind. Skeet Skeet skeet! 

The War on Dildos

 It's not like we didn't win the war on drugs and the war on terror. Oh, we haven't? Goddamn it, we are fucked. We better start a war on dildos then!