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George Galloway gets stoned in Egypt!

( A.P.U. andPolitics )

And no, not the good kind of stoned. The Jesus kind of stoned. But to further proof that there is no fair and just God, Galloway  himself wasn't hit with one stone. His people were, though.. A convoy led by the maverick MP George Galloway carrying supplies for Gaza has been attacked in Egypt, apparently [...]

On the beauty requirement of candidates wives

I want you to think about this: There is a theory that states that the wife of any successfull political candidate has to be uglier than him or at the very least in the same realm of attractiveness, because if she is prettier than him, then for some reason women won;t vote for him. This [...]

How Government should be like…

( Politics )

For the brits, this is probably Business as usual, but for me, this is just beautiful!

It’s not that young egyptians are apathethic…

( Egypt andPolitics )

…we are just plain ole politically ignorant! How they do it, though, I have noooo idea! 

Eddie Izzard..a politician??

( Cool andPolitics )

It's like a dream! While we are at it, Jon Stewart for Senate. Who is with me?

The Egyptian Opposition’s sense of Irony

Any serious follower of egyptian politics must've laughed his/her ass off when they heard the news of the 6th of April strike, and not just because of the laundry list of ridiculous shit that this strike is supposed to be about. No, they would laugh for a far simpler reason than that: You see, tired [...]

Isn’t Kosovo Islamic?

( Politics )

Then how come none of the arab or islamic countries have recognized its independence yet? Just wondering!

Not Welcome

As a sign of the messed up times we live in, the egyptian leftist activist scene is arranging a protest against Bush's visit to Egypt on Monday: وقفة إحتجاجية بنقابة الصحفيين تدعو لجنة الحريات بنقابة الصحفيين كل القوى الوطنية و الناشطين لوقفة إحتجاجية يوم الإثنين 14 يناير 2008 الساعة الخامسة مساءا بنقابة الصحفيين من الأجل [...]

Pakistan Views

There are those who are against Musharraf .. Those who are for standing by him … and there are those who excel in political opportunism of the highest order… This is getting fun! 

Blair attacks Brown

( Politics andeurope )

Turn-around is fairplay, and pudgy boy Brown had it coming for a while now!

What being Libertarian is all about

For an easy to understand presentation on the Philosophy of Liberty, please go here!

Putin ain’t going nowhere

( Hmmm... andPolitics )

Some people, including me, were worried that Putin might change the Russian constitution in order to be able to run for a third term, and possibly more, as Russia's President, which of course leads to the creation of a totalitarian regime in Russia instead of its fragile democracy. But we may all have misjudged the [...]

Oh Canada

PC-ness is soo gonna be the end of you: Muslim women who are completely veiled will still be allowed to vote in Canada, despite a new law tightening up requirements for voter identification, a federal elections official said on Thursday. [...]  Veiled Muslims showing such photo identification will have other options, Elections Canada spokesman John [...]

Erdogan’s game

( Politics )

A lot of people rejoiced when Edrogan said that he won't run for president, and instead will have one of his men run for it instead, but I wasn't. What He is doing is basically cornering the country in a very well played game: He stays as PM, the President is one of his men, [...]


  The egyptian opposition, unable to do anything or stop the constitutional ammendments, are going to do what they always did: boycott the vote! Oh and they will protest it too! Ooohhhhhhhh! Rumors are, if that doesn't work, they will start a group prayer and demand that Allah show those people justice on Judgement day! [...]

A Middle-east democracy success story

( Cool andPolitics )

It's hard not to get excited over what's going on in Muritania. I mean, a country that was ruled by a despot for 21 years gets a military coup, that gets done by a group of military officers who chose not to rule the people but hold fair and democratic elections, where not a single [...]

The Canadians wake up

( Egypt andPolitics )

What? They were taking a long nap. But now they are paying attention, and they are not happy with Egypt at all!

Darling you’ve got to let me know

( Artsy andCool andPolitics )

Should I stay or should I go!

Putin is a Judo Blackbelt

Watch him in action!

The Fantastic mexican congress

( Funny andPolitics )

And people say politicians are apathethic. Go mexican politicians mass wrestling match!