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*I am posting this, because even I need a break from Ghaza* I'm the opposite of moderate, immaculately polished. with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid. Allergic to the counterfeit, impartial to the politics. Articulate but still would grab a nigga by the collar quick. Whoever having problems with, [...]

Sexy vs. Smart

A leading Femenist sees a worrying trend in today's girls: 'The overwhelming lesson teenagers are now learning from the world around them is that being "sexy" is the ultimate accolade, trumping intelligence, character and all other accomplishments at every stage of a woman's life,' said Liebau, a political analyst and the review's first female managing [...]

Writing christian pop songs

You know how they say that christian pop is basically regualr pop with the word baby replaced by the word Jesus? Well, me and my co-horts at Sandmonkey Inc. have put this theory to the test, and it works. For example: "My loneliness is killing me, and I must confess, I still believe, when I [...]

The sweet sound of silence

People who know me personally know that I have one of the wildest imaginations ever. I could, set off by the smallest thing, go off on wild tangents and entertain all sorts of possibilities and problems that don't actually exist. Yesterday I went off on such a similar tangent, set off by the idea of [...]

We have gone Hollywood, baby!

Check this out: Hollywood is making a movie, starring Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenghal called Rendition, about a CIA operative who witnesses the torture of a foriegn national by the secret egyptian police. Oh yeah, that's how known our police has become for torture, even freakin Hollywood noticed. Go Egypt! For more details, go to [...]

On the state of arab music videos

This is as low as it gets guys, right?

Elton John wants to ban Religion

Because it makes people hate gays, apprently!

2oll lezaman yerga3 ya zaman

( Cool andEgypt andpop culture )

The following is a beer ad in the very mainstream egyptian magazine "Akher Sa3ah" that ran in 1957 (Thanks Haitham). The 2 line captions between pictures reads as a poem: The Silence of loved ones when they meet, injures intimacy, thus kills love. Let's call on the magic Fairy,  Stella, she with the shinning star. [...]

South Park on the 9/11 truth people

This is fuckin brilliant. I ♥ South Park.

For your viewing pleasure

The following is the cover of a typical english language Egyptian Women's magazine. I just love the headlines. Don't you? 

Harry Potter, a fraud?

You know, I never thought about it, but this author really has a point!

Way to ruin a classic

A Peter Pan sequel? Hook is a ghost? The new villian is a circus master? Tinkerbell is replaced by a male fairy named Fireflyer? WTF? I think I speak for many many people when i say: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Why I Love Ramadan

Because the best way to find out what the so called egyptian street is thinking about foreign politics is to go date shopping. You can also find out who the hottest pop stars in the Arab world are. Who needs marketing surveys or political polls when you have dates? Previoulsy top priced dates included the [...]

Paris Hilton’s album tanks

( Cool andSweet andcelebs andpop culture )

There is a GOD!

Name the movie

Those are quotes from 25 of my favorite movies. Can you tell which movie they are from? (Inspired by Herlock )  1) I only slept with her because I am in love with you 2) I have to return some videotapes. 3) We have an unusual problem here, Jane. You obviously want me dead, and [...]

Australian muslim teen is a slur on Islam

  Ayten Ahmet is a 16 year old girl in Australia who wanted to enroll in the Miss teen Australia Beauty Pageant. No news there , right? Wrong, she is muslim, and some of the islamist fuckheads decided to make a big stink about it, claiming that the girl blemishes Islam by participating in such [...]

Thug Fashion

For all of your Bling Bling needs!

Time to head to that Packie!

( Cool andWTF? andpop culture )

Boston 4th drunkest city , the first being Milwaukee? What?????

Gay Divorce

( Cool andpop culture andsilly )

The first gay couple to get married in Mass. just got a divorce , which gay marriage advocates will use to prove that they "are just like the rest of us", and they are right. Gay people have just proved that they have the exact same respect for the institution of marriage as straight people [...]

The worldcup is against Islam!

Farooha is informing us of the latest fad the Boycott afficinados in Saudi came up with: Boycott the world-cup because it has insulted Islam by placing the Saudi-flag on a football! Here is the e-mail getting circulated in Saudi as translated by Farooha: Subject: Woe to Sports! And woe to Football..! The words of monotheism, [...]