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On the beauty requirement of candidates wives

I want you to think about this: There is a theory that states that the wife of any successfull political candidate has to be uglier than him or at the very least in the same realm of attractiveness, because if she is prettier than him, then for some reason women won;t vote for him. This [...]

The Bayfest

( Cool andEgypt andPretty people andWomen )

It has arrived!

Hollywood isn’t even trying!

Given the success of Backdoor Bareback Brokeback mountain, Hollywood decided that cowboy movies that have the same-sex protagonists making out are a good thing. Fearful of being accused of running out of ideas, the honchos sat down together, had a power meeting while drinking redbull and added a new twist to it: They made them [...]

Pornstar wine

First Savanna did good porn, then she did Jenna, and then she won the adult movie oscars and now it seems that she made exceptionally good wine. Is there anything that woman can’t do? Truly a role model for the next generation of hoes adult movie entertainers!

It’s Chico Time

I am personally embaressed for my people!