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Why the Ghaza blockade should end!

( Reasoning )

This post has been a long time coming. Ever since last December actually, where I've given hints of it on my twitter account. I just never got around to writing it, but today is as good a day as any I guess. So there goes it: I think it's time to lift the trade blockade [...]

On Double-standards

( Reasoning )

Sully provided us with this quote yesterday: "All nationalists have the power of not seeing resemblances between similar sets of facts. A British Tory will defend self-determination in Europe and oppose it in India with no feeling of inconsistency. Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to [...]

On Hoder

( Iran andReasoning andcauses )

First of all, let me inform you that I have a deep personal dislike to Hossein Darakshan, also known as Hoder, because I think him a scheming, opprutunistic hypocritical two-faced douchebag of a human being. Naturally I am biased, because he did maliciously hurt a dear friend of mine, Lisa Goldman, and he is a [...]

Gotta love the Daily news

Egypt's leading english-langauge rag news paper has published another fantastic article, this time on women in marriages that end up getting destoryed because the Husbends ending up catching "the Gay" later on in life. Please note two things in the article: 1) the absence of mentioning of lesbians, cause girl on girl action is, well, not really [...]

It could happen here

I just saw Persepolis, and I am in awe. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you need to check out either the Graphic Novels by Marjane Starpi by that same name or the 2007 Oscar nominated film (the one I am talking about right now). I read the books before and [...]

Hitchens on Rowan Williams

( Cool andReasoning andReligion )

The drunk Brit has a point! (I should have a Hitchens category) 

The Mo Teddy Photo Essay

 So, this old british teacher lady decided one day to have her kids vote on naming a Teddy Bear…  …which the kids decided to name "Mohamed"…..  Which pissed off all of those people to the point of asking for her head…    …and got her coward of a Boss to fire her ass and say [...]

Understanding Suicide-bombing through Halo 3

An interesting perspective: Whenever I find myself under attack by a wildly superior player, I stop trying to duck and avoid their fire. Instead, I turn around and run straight at them. I know that by doing so, I'm only making it easier for them to shoot me — and thus I'm marching straight into [...]

Sandmonkey Wisdom: 29/11/2007

When dealing with people who have hair-trigger tempers, it's entirely advisable not to walk on eggshells around them, because eventually, sooner or later, they will lose it and throw their ever so expected and vintage hissy-fit. A better way to deal with things is to NOT walk on eggshells and actively engage in screaming matches [...]

The end of lying

For those who don't know, I am a techno-phile. Facing new technology, I go all Ga-ga like a little child and point to my new newly wanted toy and go "Me WANNTSSSS", to like, no one in particular but me, since i have to buy my own toys now (damn you adulthood). So naturally I [...]

Jack Bauer controls the american population

He influences the public, makes army personall torture detainees, makes republicans wistfully wonder about when they will have a real Jack Bauer, and all kinds of other crap! There is a whole article on it, try to follow the logic: all I got was "24 is fucking everything up in america"! hmm…  I will give [...]

Scholarships for whitey causes outrage

This is old news, but I find it interesting nonetheless: It seems that in an effort to show that racially based scholarships are, ehh, racist, the BU college republicans club just offerd a whites-only scholarship. The rationalle: The application itself offers an explanation: "We believe that racial preferences in all their forms are perhaps the [...]

What the Human rights council does

Well, very little when it comes to stopping genocide it seems: The U.N. Human Rights Council rejected on Tuesday an attempt to hold the Sudanese government responsible for halting atrocities in Darfur, opting instead for a less-pointed resolution calling on all warring parties to end abuses. The council, which took over from the discredited U.N. [...]

Took them long enough…

The UK police is now urging University professors and personell to monitor and report any muslim students that engage in suspicious activities, in an effort to turn muslims even more paranoid. The development is distrubing, yet expected, in the light of the muslim community's refusal to regulate itself. I recall having a conversation with an [...]

The turkish army throws its weight around

This makes me sad:  Turkey's top general on Monday accused the Islamic-rooted ruling party of nurturing fundamentalism, in harsh comments that may indicate a renewed resolve by the military to force its way into the center of the country's political life. Turkey's generals, who are empowered to defend the nation's secular traditions, have carried out [...]

On Kashmir, violence and civil disobedience

Paradoxically, a perfectly acceptable and more or less peaceful mechanism of civil disobedience is being used to protest against the execution (which, arguably, isn't exactly civil, but at least legal) of a man who has been charged of being affiliated with an attack on the Indian parliament in 2001 which left nine people dead, an [...]

Credit where credit is due

You know, after 2 weeks of the "Pope crisis", I have noticed something: The death toll and the violence has calmed down dramatically ever since our last crisis (cartoons, anyone?). Hell, this time we only killed like 3 people and firebombed 5 churches. That's it! Even the islamic rage day passed without anyone even injured. [...]

Historical comparison

A group of people decide, that due to their religious beliefs, they needed to go and take over a piece of land that hosted people from a completely different religion and culture than theirs. They succeeded in doing so, in the process killing thousands, and forcing many of the indiginous population to flee to the [...]

Islamic Catch 22

How did I miss that one? First, the Qur'an condemns the Hypocrites who claim to be believers while other sentiments reside in their hearts. Then, the death penalty is proscribed for those who publicly express their internal dissent. Thus, the Qur'anic ultimatum: remain a "hypocrite," or die. So true! 

The chickens have roosted

Even Hineyah's staff is joining the protests against the Hamas government and its insistence on putting Ideology before the welfare of their people. Staff from the Palestinian prime minister's office went on strike Wednesday, joining a widespread work stoppage by civil servants demanding overdue salaries from the Hamas-led government. About 30 workers at Prime Minister [...]