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Is that Jesus in my Beer?

( Religion )

Jesus in your Beer, Allah on a fish, and the Madonna on toast. God is truly everywhere!

21st Century evangelism

( Religion )

Brasher, meaner and full of machismo: Mark Driscoll’s sermons are mostly too racy to post on GodTube, the evangelical Christian “family friendly” video-posting Web site. With titles like “Biblical Oral Sex” and “Pleasuring Your Spouse,” his clips do not stand a chance against the site’s content filters. No matter: YouTube is where Driscoll, the pastor [...]

A proper religious war

( A.P.U. andReligion andsilly )

There are reports that Hosny Mubarak is very disturbed that Israeli tanks are right next to the "Karam Abu Salem" crossing in Ghaza, which is too close to the Egyptian Borders for his comfort. Now, imagine if a bunch of Israeli tanks do cross the egyptian borders, destorying the wall, and also allowing the Ghazans [...]

AlAzhar Ulamaa can kiss my ASS!

It came to my attention that the "AlAzhar Scientist front" (3olamaa being the arabic word for scientist, which is funny, because Islam is not really a science, like, you know, biology or physics, but what do I know?) are having a case of serious Penis envy when it comes to the Vatican, espcially when it [...]

Conjuring up the secterian demon

( Egypt andReligion andReporting andWTF? )

A coptic jewlery shop owner was gunned down, him and 3 others in his shop in Zeitoun, by 2 gunmen wearing sunglasses and wigs. The incident is problematic because the gunmen didn't attempt to steal anything, and the whole thing has the air of gangland assassination.  Two men in wigs and sunglasses shot dead four [...]

No more Whiskey at the Grand Hayatt

I got lots of e-mails on this last piece of news: A Saudi owner of an egyptian Hotel has decided ti impose his religious belief on his establishment and prevent the serving of Alcohol in his Hotel. Some people naturally applauded (moronic unappreciative of alcohol people) the very islamic decision and others freaked out and [...]

Something for everyone

( Religion )

Look at Noah Feldman's defense of Sharia , and Raymond's Ibrahim's support for Zakaria Boutrus, and Choose your Poison!

Makari just got famous

( Egypt andReligion )

While it is illegal to do so, there are evangelical forces operating in Egypt to convert Muslims to Christianity. The two very famous ones are the Protestant Qasr El Dobara church in downtown Egypt, and the Coptic St. Mark Church in Shobra. Qasr El Dobara does good old evanagelism through usually really good sermons, and [...]

Magdi Allam is so dead..

( Religion )

The Egyptian-italian man who was heavily  critical of Islam and an unequivocal Israel Supporter in Italy has decided to convert to catholicism on Easter, by the Pope himself. Yeah. Hmm..well, if there any catholics reading this blog, this might be the time to pray for that guy. He will need it! 

Happy Eid, Purim, Good Friday, Narouz, Magha Puja..

( Religion )

Well, you get the Idea!

Moses was high?

This Israeli researcher says so.. High on Mount Sinai, Moses was on psychedelic drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments, an Israeli researcher claimed in a study published this week. [..] Such mind-altering substances formed an integral part of the religious rites of Israelites in biblical times, Benny Shanon, a professor of cognitive [...]

Hitchens on Rowan Williams

( Cool andReasoning andReligion )

The drunk Brit has a point! (I should have a Hitchens category) 

The Bahai’s get symbolic Victory

( Religion )

They won't get their religion mentioned in their ID cards, but they won't get any other listed there either. It's a start! The question is, can we all do that?

Shadia Ibrahim released

( Egypt andReligion )

The Christian woman who was arrested for's too stupid for me to explain it. here it is: CAIRO: A Christian woman who was sentenced to three years imprisonment for allegedly fraudulently stating that she is Christian on her marriage certificate, was released Monday, her lawyer told Daily News Egypt. Shadia Nagui Ibrahim, 47, was [...]

The Bible vs. The Koran

( Islam andReligion andSaudi )

The Battle of spreading the Holy Books is more intense than anyone would've thought. The combination of globalisation and rising wealth is proving to be a bonanza for both religions. The most prolific producer of Christian missionaries, on a per head basis, is now South Korea. The biggest Bible publishing houses are in Brazil and [...]

No christians please part 2

The discussion over the Sabaya cafe's decision to ban christian girls from entering it has reminded me of something that I've long forgotten: the reason why they don't allow christians in, is because Islam views non-Christian women the same as strange men. Hell, according to this Fatwa, it's not just christian women who good muslim [...]

No christians please

*Scroll down for UPDATES*  Forsooth received an e-mail that is the Hijaby girl's equivalent to paradise: Sabaya. Owned by the female equivelant of Ahmed El Fishawy, Hanan Turk, it's a half hairsalon/half restaurant that is  just for girls, where no men are allowed to enter and no music will be played. Their promotional e-mail lists [...]

Azhar Sheikh: 80 lashes for freedom of press

So has decreed the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar Mohamed Sayyed "Ok" Tantawi, as islamic punishment for those bad journalists who spread rumors about the president and the country. "God will not respond to the invocation of the arrogant and pretenders who accuse others with the ugliest vice and unsubstantiated charges," said Tantawi during a [...]

Christian activists killed in Gaza

who was constantly accused of doing missionary work in Hamas ruled Gazastan. A prominent Palestinian Christian activist was found dead on a Gaza City street Sunday, sending a shudder of fear through a tiny Christian community feeling increasingly insecure since the Islamic Hamas seized control last summer. The body of Rami Khader Ayyad, the 32-year-old [...]

Writing christian pop songs

You know how they say that christian pop is basically regualr pop with the word baby replaced by the word Jesus? Well, me and my co-horts at Sandmonkey Inc. have put this theory to the test, and it works. For example: "My loneliness is killing me, and I must confess, I still believe, when I [...]