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Conjuring up the secterian demon

( Egypt andReligion andReporting andWTF? )

A coptic jewlery shop owner was gunned down, him and 3 others in his shop in Zeitoun, by 2 gunmen wearing sunglasses and wigs. The incident is problematic because the gunmen didn't attempt to steal anything, and the whole thing has the air of gangland assassination.  Two men in wigs and sunglasses shot dead four [...]


( Egypt andReporting )

The following happened after I stopped blogging yesterday: Malek was released, we found out where Sharqawy was detained, there was a tiny protest at the Lawyer's syndicate in Cairo , and the city of Mahalla went on fire. Clashes erupted between the people and the police, shots were fired, over 100 detained and at least [...]

A week ago

( Reporting andcauses )

*Those incidents took place a week ago, when I went to that protest. The fact that I didn't write about them until now is a testament to how busy I am. Apologies for that!*  "Why are you doing this?", my friend S asked me. "Why are you, of all people, going to today's protest?" I [...]

Round 2

( Reporting andcauses )

For those who are not familiar with this case, please go here , here , here , here and here for background information. For those who are, this is what happend today: Today was the first session of the case at the new court, the sixth district court, to cover the case of Judge Mourad [...]


So yesterday I went to the AUC to hear Seymor Hersh speak. I must say I had only heard of the man in passing, and knew that he was the guy who broke out the Abu Gharib story, but beyond that I had no prejudices going in. And then I read who was presenting him, [...]

Sexual harrasment protesters arrested

Yesterday was the second sexual harrassment protest in downtown cairo against what went down in the eid incident. And while the first one passed without incident, the police has cracked down on the second one. On my way there I bumped into Sharkawy, who told me that its nearly impossible to get to the protest: [...]

Yesterday’s demonstration against sexual harrassment

( Egypt andReporting andWomen andcauses )

The start of the demonstration. You can see Mohamed Abdel Kuddoos leading the demonstration, which is significant, since he is an MB member, and they always maintained that the veil will protect girls from harrassment. His presence here signifies a at least a tiny shift in that view. The demo had a number of noteable [...]

Thrown in jail for converting to christianity

*UPDATED*  I received this article of news in my e-mail, and it's detailing the strange tale of Bahaa El Din Al Akkad, a 57 year old egyptian, ex-muslim sheikh who converted to christianity more than a year ago, and was therefore arrested by State Security and thrown in Jail. No real charges, except "Blasphemy against [...]

Iraqi Press Law

( Hmmm... andIraq andMedia andReporting )

 Worrying to say the least. I mean, seriously, already, an anti press law? Sure, there is a thin line between freedom of speech and inciting civil violence,the question is which is a safer bet : let them say whatever they want and risk inflaming already volatile situations, or create arbitrary rules about what they can or [...]

Hail American Liberal Arts Education in Egypt

Place: The American University in Cairo Year: 2006 Setting: Mass Communication Class **                                            Scene One Enter: Assistant Editor of one of Egypt's leading Newspapers and prominent journalism professor at AUC (for our purposes we will call her Fifi) * Fifi: The British then, entered Egypt after losing World War One  Class: {silent, eyes full of that horrible [...]

A Pharaoh’s last Joruney

It's Ramses last night in his Square. He is about to be moved for a nicer, less polluted location. You decide that you won't miss it. You and your friends talk about it, and you deciude to take the Journey together. The Bridge was awfully crowded, even though it was 12:30 am on a Friday. [...]

Apollo 11 had a close encounter?

( Reporting andsilly )

Buzz Aldarin claims that he and the Apollo 11 crew saw a UFO when they were up in space. For real: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon's surface after Neil Armstrong, says space agency bosses covered up their sighting. And the Apollo 11 astronauts were also careful not to talk [...]

The Fucked-up Pictures explained

( Reporting )

Ok, in regards to those pictures again, this is what happened: I sent the link to Lisa immedietly, asking for some sort of explanation on how this could've happened. Lisa, outraged, decided to find the Photographer and ask him herself what happend. After she got the story, she confirmed it again with another Journalist who [...]

Pictures and words

( Egypt andMubarak andReporting )

Here are some pictures of today's War protests :  Policeman in plaincloths beating up a protester.    And he keeps on kicking.  Another protester getting arrested by plainclothed policeman.    A woman sucrries away with her child as she witnesses another protester getting beat up. One of the protresters tried to bite the hand of [...]

Live-blogging today’s demonstration crackdown

( Egypt andMubarak andReporting )

I am getting updates from my friends on the street on what's going on regarding today's demonstration . Here are the details so far: Today's demonstration has about 2000 people so far, MB mixed with Kifaya and union members, and they were demonstrating in support of the judges today.For the first 20 minutes or so, [...]

Mexico legalizes drugs

( Reporting )

 This doesn't surprise me. Anyone else surprised?

New clashes between Muslims and copts in Egypt

After the funeral of the guy who died in Friday's stabbing , which apparently turned into an inpromptu demonstration, Muslims and christians clashed , badly: Police fired tear gas on Saturday to stop clashes in Alexandria between Muslims and Christians angered by the killing of an elderly Copt a day earlier by a Muslim, witnesses [...]

The case against Abdul Rahman is dropped

The Afghani court has dismissed the case against Abdul Rahman, for, get this, lack of evidence. An official closely involved with the case told The Associated Press that it had been returned to the prosecutors for more investigation, but that in the meantime, Rahman would be released. “The court dismissed today the case against Abdul [...]

Akkari video

You wanted to see if he said it, well I have it right here. Download it! (Thanks Erik)

There is something rotten in the UN

And it’s about time we fix it. As I previously stated in this post, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has not only issued a blatently biased report on the whole danish cartoons incident, It has also used a Red-colored (in allusion to Denmark) piece of LEGO on their new [...]