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Smoking ban hits homes.

Yes, welcome to Belmont, California, where now you can't even smoke inside your own house. Land of the free, indeed. In other news, Smoking maybe getting the illegal treatment, but Tobacco? Tobacco is winning!

A sculpture in honor of the Shoe-thrower

ehh, ahh,, yeah, that, it happened, don't wanna talk about it, don't wanna elaborate how the symbol for arab people's anger is now shoes. Don't want to even think about it.

For your consideration

Given that my new status, according to some of my readers, as an "Anti-israel propagandist", I would like to invite you all to read this piece of Anti-Israel propaganda, provided by Ynet news: Earlier this week, Time Magazine claimed that Israel cannot defeat Hamas. As usual, Time is wrong. Of course Israel can win. Hamas is not a [...]

Find the crime

AlJazeera has posted a story with this headline: "Accusations made against Egypt of giving AID to the UNRWA instead of the dissolved government of Hamas, with coordination with Israel and the PA" Now, whomever figures out what exactly is Egypt's crime here to warrant an accusation, gets a cookie and a big wet smooch on [...]

Joe the Plumber goes to Israel to cover the war

He, and I quote  "wants to go over there and let their 'Average Joes' share their story." Satire is dead, Irony is dead and we now live in farce! 

Egypt, the new Superpower!

Ahh, at last, the day of my dreams has finally arrived. The day that set my egyptian patriotic heart aflutter with joy. The day when Egypt- under the wise direction and leadership of our dear leader Hosny Mubarak- has finally ascended to its rightful place and joined the ranks of the World's Super Power club is here, and I am happier [...]

AlAzhar Ulamaa can kiss my ASS!

It came to my attention that the "AlAzhar Scientist front" (3olamaa being the arabic word for scientist, which is funny, because Islam is not really a science, like, you know, biology or physics, but what do I know?) are having a case of serious Penis envy when it comes to the Vatican, espcially when it [...]


Bloodshed in Ghaza…again. Rockets launched from both sides….again. Round 69474932 of the grandsons of Isaac vs. the grandsons of Ishmael…again. And again, no end in sight..again and again and again. Welcome to Middle-east people, where we make excellent rugs and most fantastic death, all for political gain. Hamas wanted to be relevant again, wanted the [...]

Gotta love the Daily news

Egypt's leading english-langauge rag news paper has published another fantastic article, this time on women in marriages that end up getting destoryed because the Husbends ending up catching "the Gay" later on in life. Please note two things in the article: 1) the absence of mentioning of lesbians, cause girl on girl action is, well, not really [...]

Hitting back at the Iranians

( Egypt andIran andRetardedness )

Oh yes, we are, artictically, for the insult they gave the egyptian people by showing a documentary golrifying the assassination of Sadat. How exactly will we do that? By making our own movie of course, called Khomeini, the Imam of Blood. Mohamed Hassan Al-Alfi, a member of the ruling National Democratic Party and Editor-in-Chief of [...]

Regular service will be resumed shortly

Disclaimer: Dear readers, this is simply my response to S&H post about me. If you think the whole thing is stupid, and who could blame you, then please ignore this and await my Obama post, and why him winning might actually be the best thing to happen for the American right. If you wanna read [...]

Freedom House hires gullible idiots!

Remember when I told you about how the Egyptian Media invents political entities, and then hypes them up as if they are real, and how the latest example of that is the so-called "Facebook Youth Movement" ?  Well, lo and behold as a Freedom House researcher inflates the Lie!

For the retarded amongst you

I have tolerated the existence of the Scene and Heard blog for a while now, mainly because I think that the crowd they target don't really read or are big Paulo Coelho fans (same thing), so for them to read anything, well, that's just a positive thing. They are the same people I hated hanging [...]

The 6th of April Strike

There is supposed to be some sort of strike on the 6th of April organized by Kifaya, the Karama and Wasat Parties and the workers of various government factories and ministeries. They are calling it the "Egyptian Intifiadah", cause, you know the Palestinian one worked out so well. Here is the text in English: “All [...]

Don’t touch your privates in Italy

You might just go to jail for..ehh..adjusting yourself!

Cindy Sheehan is in town

"Peace Mom" is here supporting the rights of the Muslim Brotherhood members on trial. Who wants to come with me and throw eggs at her? Ramsey Clark is also here. We can egg him too. It's double the fun this way. Any takers? E-mail me! Oh, and here is her Open Letter to our First [...]

Tariq Ramadan = Muslim Martin Luther?


The Bad Joke

It's been raining for 2 days, and the streets are filled with water and mud and honking cars that refuse to move. Everything feels unclean, cars, streets, people,, yet the air feels crisp, as if cleansed by the fallen rain. It's dreary out there, and you realize that there is no beauty here. Not anymore. [...]

The most ridiculous shit I’ve heard this year..

…has to be from this "award winning" report- from Hebrew University – on why Israeli army men do not rape Palestinian women: it's because they view palestinian women to be too subhuman to rape. The abstract of the paper, authored by doctoral candidate Tal Nitzan, notes that the paper shows that "the lack of organized [...]

On Amy and Noby

Dear readers of this blog, It is rare that one passes by a story such as that of Amy and Noby nowadays. It's a story of love, marriage and retardedness. It's a story worth sharing and worth telling, and it will be told right here. I will let the story speak for itself, and will [...]