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The Abkhazia push-back

( Russia )

A week ago, I was sitting with this american friend of mine, who couldn't , for the life of him, figure out why the US backed Kosovo's independence. "It's causing a crisis in the balkans. Why antagonize Russia?", to which i responded, 'because Russia has been antagonizing you for the longest time. Do you wanna [...]

Putin is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

( Assholes andMedia andRussia )

  Cause, you know, people who aren't despotic dictators the world over were busy.. Fuck, even Al Gore would've been better than this guy. Anyway, Article on him here, and interview with him here. The interview is telling. Here is a Money quote: What do you think are American misconceptions about Russia? Well, you know, [...]

Putin’s democracy

( Russia )

His political opponents are beaten up, arrested, and some even assassinated . Now there is a world leader that people the world over respect, unlike Bush the  muslim-babies-killing talking monkey! Oh, and guys, there is a "thing" called Chechnya where, you know, muslims are getting killed? Makes you pissed at Russia, right? No? Wait, I [...]