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Why do people hate Saudi?

( Saudi )

That's why!

Regarding the gang-rape story

I am really preplexed by this. I really am. How do you get 46 men to agree to rape the same girl, and do it all in one day? How did it go down exactly? Did they start calling their friends who had a free afternoon on the hand to rape somebody? How did the [...]

How about No?

( Saudi )

Well, do you think GMT should be replaced with Mecca Mean Time? Yeah, didn't think so!

Saudi skating

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Feel the rush!

The Saudis are Cuckoo II

( Saudi )

Their religious police is banning red roses because they want to discourage people from celebrating Valentine's Day. Those damn sinners. Maybe now they will focus on their Rain Prayer.

The Saudis are Cuckoo

( Saudi )

They preformed a special "Rain Prayer" (which is so different than a Raindance- raindances are fun and semi-naked!), and it failed. Why it failed, well, it could be because God already gave those people Oil up the ass and figured that this should make them shut the fuck up for a while, or it could [...]

The Bible vs. The Koran

( Islam andReligion andSaudi )

The Battle of spreading the Holy Books is more intense than anyone would've thought. The combination of globalisation and rising wealth is proving to be a bonanza for both religions. The most prolific producer of Christian missionaries, on a per head basis, is now South Korea. The biggest Bible publishing houses are in Brazil and [...]

The Alarabiya Egypt roundup

Hmm.. so what do the AlArabiya people have to say about us today? Let's see, shall we?  A state of martial law is declared in the City of Asna because 2 Christian males were caught engaging in "illicit activities" with a muslim female. The people suspected that the 2 christian guys were having sex with [...]

Saudi lies

( Saudi andWomen )

When it comes to the girl who got sentenced for 6 month with 90 lashes after getting raped by 7 guys because she was in a car with another man, the saudi's offered this explanation: "Then they were spotted by the other defendants as the woman was in an indecent condition as she had tossed [...]

Saudis on Facebook

Someone is finally tearing them a new one, and how appropriate is it for that person to be the sister of one of my good friends? I am soo proud! You gotta see this one (Warning: contains excessive use of foul language, so if you are in the office, please wear your headphones, and if [...]

Saudi females physically attack Virtue Police

( Saudi andWomen )

Wohoooooooooooo.. Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice were the victims of an attack by two Saudi females, Asharq Al-Awsat can reveal. According to the head of the commission in Khobar, two girls pepper sprayed members of the commission after they had tried to offer them advice. Head of the Commission for [...]

Saudis torture and amputate Indonesian maid

( Saudi )

Words Fail me!

Saudi warns against attacking Iran

( Iran andMedia andSaudi )

So much for the US-Saudi Sunni Fitnah, huh Mr. Hersh?

Spreading Shiism won’t work

( Islam andSaudi )

So says the Saudi King. Now if only he relays that message to the egyptian government so that they can stop treating every egyptian Shia as an iranian spy, I might even develop some nice feelings towards that country!

The Saudi Arabia song

( Funny andSaudi )

From American Dad. PS: VOTE!        

A step towards democracy

( A.P.U. andSaudi )

That's what my Saudi friend called the Saudi Monrach's move to create a House of allegiance, that would get to chose the future King upon his death. This sounds like a step towards democracy, well, until you find out who will do the voting. By royal decree, a new group called the "Allegiance Association" — [...]

Camel syphlis

Yesterday a friend of mine told me a really funny/disturbing story. Apparently she had this friend who works for a UN sponserd orgnaization in Saudi, and who was working on getting the Saudis to grant approval for government-sponserd dirstribution to sexual contraceptives in order to combat STD's in Saudi. The Saudis rejected on the grounds [...]

Saudi female segregation in Mecca measure defeated

( Saudi andWomen )

And the Saudis don't come from a different planet after all: Saudis and expatriates have welcomed the decision taken by the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs to reject a proposal to shift the women’s prayer area in the mataaf (circumambulation area around the Holy Kaaba). The presidency has also decided to allocate 53 [...]

The Saudi banning of cats and dogs thing

( Saudi andWTF? andsilly )

You know I had to mention it. You know, one day we will find out from what planet the Muttawas come from, and maybe we can get to send them back. Ohh, and btw, Roba's cat sends them a message! 

No Saudi Female flight attendants on Saudi airlines

Saudi seems to be feeling the need to assert its sexist asshole status in every way they can: First they want to ban female pilgrims from the Kaaba, and now they don't want to have saudi female flight attendants on their national airlines. They will, however, hire non-saudi females as flight attendants. Saudi women will [...]