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Wanna get your sandmonkey fix?

Well, then you best scoot over there and check this out, cause this is where I will be blogging for the next 2 weeks. It's me, 7 other egyptian bloggers, blogging the crap out of the US and the elections. So if you wanna see the process through egyptian eyes, go over there and check [...]

My Article on the riots for PJM

can be found here!

My Theme Song…potentially

Born from an egg on a mountain top The punkiest monkey that ever popped He knew every magic trick under the sun To tease the Gods And everyone and have some fun Monkey magic, Monkey magic What a cocky saucy monkey this one is All the Gods were angered And they punished him Until he [...]

Third Year going..

Happy Birthday to the Monkey…  This blog turns 3 today! That makes it the longest time I've managed to do something consistently. And people say I have commitment problems. Pshhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Sandmonkey Wisdom: 27/11/2007

Girls who tell you repeatedly that they can handle their liqueur and can drink you under the table are usually big fat Liars. So unless you wanna spend your evening cleaning puke, keep the Whiskey and Absinthe away from them, and keep them drinking fruity ass shit like Malibu or something. The girls who really [...]

And I am up in the air, so Baby Hell yeah *..

*Jason Mraz rocks, and for those who disagree, y'all can bite me!  Will be in DC this weekend. If you wanna meet up, e-mail me @

What being Libertarian is all about

For an easy to understand presentation on the Philosophy of Liberty, please go here!


I've been interviewing lots of people for jobs lately, the following is my questions to them and some of their answers. Needless to say, after this, you, like me, will have a new found appreciation for the people who work in HR. Begad sa3baneen 3aliah. 1)The winner of the "completely irrelevant answer" category: Q: What [...]

Sandmonkey classic: Alcohol is your friend

It's the spirit of Ramadan people. Get on with it!

Off To Turkey

Will be in Istanbul tomorrow and the majoirty of next week. If any of you are from there, e-mail me!

On the latest arrests

My piece for PJM can be found here!

How sexy is your name?

Your Name Is Pretty Sexy! Your name scored 134 in the "How Sexy Is Your Name Test" How Sexy Is Your Name?

My PJM piece on Abdel Karim is up

Here it is!

Breaking news: Abdel Karim gets sentenced

4 years in jail. 3 years for disdain for religions and 1 year for insulting the president. I am on my way back from there right now. I will have a report up in PJM and will be on BBC's world have your say talkin about it. Stay tuned! 

Found in my apartment

Nasrallah Coasters. How could you not love that? 

Where was the Sandmonkey that week??

No one really knows why the sandmonkey dissappeared for that week or where he was. However, here are some of the most recurring rumors regarding his whereabouts: *Spent his time hiding in the sewers after getting stalked by Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson. Cause the ladies love the Monkey. They really really do! *Was caught [...]

The Final day is here

This is it, ladies and gentlemen: The final Day in this contest. It's time for the final push for votes, just this one last time. I would like to thank you for your support and your patience, and for giving me enough votes to make me forget about last year's results. We've come a long [...]

3 days and counting

Almost there. Don't forget to Vote today!

5 days and counting

5 days left until this election is over. Currently I am in the lead (Thanks to you guys. Love you Love you Love you) with ITM as a second and Trappenwitz in the third place, but quickly gaining on ITM. This is not even close to being over, because either one of them can still [...]