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Del Toro walks out on a Che debate

After creating a probably heavily romantcized version of the life of the blood-thirsty-tyrranical asshole that is Che Guevara, Benicio Del Toro faced a heated questioning of one of Guevara's victims, to which he couldn't respond, and ended up walking out because "the questions made him uncomfortable". Here is a beautiful part of the article: Mr. del [...]

Raed Jarrar is one smart guy

Not only did he orchestrate the perfect publicity stunt, he used it to get paid for 240,000 dollars, and is now laughing all the way to the bank. I almost feel like applauding him for a scam well done. Almost!

Looking for a distraction

With the polls showing that his Dec 2nd vote might not come as easy as the previous ones, Hugo Chavez has been trying to pick a fight with anyone in order to get the people rallying around him, and he is ending up looking more like a Buffoon with every passing minute. First he has [...]

The Kindergarden fight continues

After realizing that his "Nu-uh, Not gonna!" response misses the certain zing necessary for his stature, Chavez just implied that his spat with the spanish King might just make him punish spanish investors in his country . Take that Juan. Tell me to shut up again. I dare you. I double dog dare you. Yeah [...]

Chavez accuses the King of Spain of plotting against him

After the King told the scumbag the vanezuelans call President to "shut up" at a summit in Chile, our Golden Chavismo boy was so hurt he organized a press conference (surprise suprise) and accused the King of Spain to be one of the supporters of the 2002 coup against him. Chavez claimed that Spain's ambassador [...]

The New Useful Idiots

Why actors and models like to hang out with Chavez..

AP fellates Hugo Chavez

It sure as hell seems like it, reading this article. But I am not gonna say anything. I will just post snapshots and you guys make up your own minds: "'Gladiator' — What a movie! I saw it three times," the president tells an Associated Press reporter traveling with him in a Toyota 4Runner, along [...]

They call those reforms now

You know, sometimes, Reuters just disgusts me: Venezuela's Congress on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to President Hugo Chavez's proposed constitutional reform, which would lift term limits to help the leftist leader cement his self-styled socialist revolution. And since he is a leftist leader and his revolution socialist in nature, he gets a free pass. If [...]

The most democratic nation on Earth

One of my friends, a staunch marxist antio-zionist Israeli, once told me that Venezuela is the most democratic place on Earth. I guess we must have different ideas of democracy, because the shit that is being pulled there is classic socialist military takeover!

Chavez says something stupid

Just in case you still care about what this clown says!

The Venezuelans are escaping to Florida

A healthy sign that the socialist revolution is taking its expected course. And while we are at the topic, they are now branding customers to make sure that they don't buy too many groceries in the slummy parts of Caracas. Nice, ehh?  Viva Chavez! 

AP loves Chavez

 They call this crap journalism? The writer sounds like he wants to sleep with El commandante! Jeez!

Chavez can do as he pleases now

Goodbye checks and balances, goodbye venezuelean democracy, hallo one man rule: Venezuelan lawmakers gave initial approval to a bill granting President Hugo Chavez the power to rule by decree for 18 months so that he can impose sweeping economic, social and political change. Emboldened by his landslide re-election last month, the leftist leader has called [...]

Chavez will nationalize the media..

.. and the power industry, and will control the central bank, and will demand more power as president. YAY for Socialism, the fastest route to dictatorship known to man! Chavez supporters, say buh-bye to your country's future! You got only yourself to blame now! 

Moments in Egyptian History #2

In 1964, a cuban delegation, headed by Che Guevara, came to Egypt to meet the fellow egyptian "revolutionary" President Gammal Abdel Nasser. Upon their entrance of the Presidential Palace and meeting the egyptian delegation, the cuban delegation announced that they have a special gift to the Egyptian President. Two hot young cuban girls, reportedly virgins, [...]

Castro’s probably dead

How else would you explain this?

Al Arabiya supports Chavez

I was just at Al Arabiya news website and they had this fantastic article (arabic) about how Venezuella's arabs (1.5 million of them) were conflicted about Chavez's victory, and as a representitive samplethey asked one palestinian and one Lebanese. The Palestinian was a super Chavez supporter, who said that now he waves the palestinian flag [...]

Chavez won…

The venezeulans voted for him, so they deserve to reap what they've sowed!

Venezuella election round-up

Facts about the election here! AP with serious pro-Chavez coverage here and here! Blatant I-love-chavez-so-much-my-mouth-is-stapled-on-his-ass Guradian coverage here!   Ignoring the we love Chavez camp, the bloggers in V-country are giving a balanced picture of what's going on down there, including that possibility that El commandante might*gasp* lose. Venezeual Today calls it a dead heat [...]

Busy Busy Busy

Crap, I hate being this busy! Ok, so today will be an exercise in Instapunditry. Don't say I leave y'all empty handed!  It's official, democracy leads to islamists winning elections. Saddam's genocide trial continues, which confuses me. Didn't he get a death sentence already? What are they gonna do, kill him twice? Just the first [...]