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Egypt, right now!

I don't know how to start writing this. I have been battling fatigue for not sleeping properly for the past 10 days, moving from one's friend house to another friend's house, almost never spending a night in my home, facing a very well funded and well organized ruthless regime that views me as nothing but [...]


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The Glorious Wikileaks

Yesterday was bound to be another depressing day in Egyptian History: The election went as I expected, with massive fraud aimed towards an almost total NDP controlled Parliament, clashes, media blackouts and 9 dead, and no one in the international media or the US making a peep about it. The deal was sealed: Obama had [...]

Where the Road ends

It was 5 years ago that the proud nation of Egypt was going through its parliamentary elections, the first in forever with any semblance of fairness. We had the opposition mobilized (kinda), the ruling party actually faced a real challenge in the ballot box, and the Muslim Brotherhood was the roaring monster that we all [...]

Out of the Sectarian Closet

Like many of you, I have spent the past few weeks in utter fascination on how retarded the western world has gotten when it came to dealing with its growing muslim population. I have laughed my ass off over the Ground Zero Mosque debate (and much like the esteemed President of the US of A, [...]

“So, Berlin, huh?”

Right now, I am in my tiny but yet very space efficient room in a Hotel in Alexanderplatz, Berlin. Right now, I should be showering and getting ready for the day ahead. Our organizers said 9 am sharp…and I do hate to be late. But honestly, right now, all I want to do is write. [...]

What happened there!

So, the government decided to finally release the detained activists on Saturday, and they arrived on Saturday night back to Cairo, unharmed and all. There was no beating, there was no torture, unless you count having to spend a whole day and night in a small room without anything to lay or sit on torture. [...]

On Nag3 Hamady, Sectarianism & Stupidity!

Sectarianism is stupid. I know, I am not breaking any new grounds here. Not exactly the mind-blowing thought-provoking statement one would hope would come out of the writer of those words after such a long absence, but.. it's nonetheless true. Sectarianism is stupid. There is no arguing that. Unfortunately, in a country like Egypt, sectarianism [...]

The Egyptian Algerian war

I don’t care about Football. (Dear American reader: by football I mean the real football. The one you call soccer? The one you used to practice as a child but then outgrew the moment you heard about actual contact sports? Yeah, that one!) I couldn’t care less, to tell you the truth. I have no [...]

Quick Linksies

Oprah will end as a show, and come back as a NETWORK. Is there no God? After an Israeli company won an award for making the best prepackaged falafel, a lebanese man is waging a crusade to declare the falafel as an arab property. And they wonder why no one takes them seriously! A saudi [...]

On Fort Hood

I haven’t written ever since it happened. Don’t know what to write. Anything I think of will sound contrived anyway. I mean, the fucker was arab, muslim and palestinian to boot. What’s there to say? It’s an isolated incident? It might never happen again? This doesn’t mean that everybody in the military who is arab [...]

Egyptian Liberals and Anti-Semitism

*Updated* A couple of months ago, I had a chance encounter with an old friend name Samuel Tadros, who also happens to be a liberal activist. We were always saying we were going to meet up, and finally, before he was heading to Georgetown for his postgraduate studies, we managed to meet at a cafe [...]

All that’s old is new again

Walking around the streets of downtown Cairo recently is like a full-blown conscious self-imposed session of De Ja-vu. You see, ladies and gentlemen, we might have parliamentary elections and a presidential elections all wrapped up by next year, which means that after 3 years of no work, old activists and bloggers are starting to come [...]

Fuckin Hymens!

The Egyptian Parliament is in uproar, the newspapers can’t seem to stop talking about the impending crisis, which spells doom and gloom to the Egyptian society. But what is the issue that is uniting the Egyptian opposition and the government, and is so urgent that it took not one, but two session of the parliament [...]


As far back as I can remember I’ve had this dream. Not much anymore, but for a while I had it all the time. There’s people on a rollercoaster and they’re having the time of their lives, and it’s loud and crashing, and there’s the booming of the ocean and the acoustics of the wind, [...]

I am totally joining SMAA in the future

I know I have been gone around here, but I couldn't stop myself from being on twitter and facebook. I think I am going to start attending those meetings in the future. Anyone knows where the Cairo Chapter meets?

Dusting Dusting

halloo….is anybody out there? Let's try this thing again!

6th of April…again!

There is an egyptian word, called "3abbath", and its most immediate translation for it is the english word folly. I have checked the thesaurus, looking for a cooler or a better sounding word, but this is what I got: absurdity, craziness, foolishness, idiocy, imbecility, inanity, preposterous, silliness.The story I am about to tell you embodies [...]

A Personal Ad!

A young, 27 year old Egyptan male who is fantastic on paper but so-so in real life is seeking the following traits in his life partner: She needs to be a redhead ( FIREBUSH!). She needs to have big eyes. Like Zooey Dashnal Eyes. She needs to be smart but not nerdy, fun and unpretentious. [...]

God, it worked!

Just as a clearification: There is no love story at the moment. It was a rhetorical question, mainly aimed at getting people who would usually engage in long palestinian vs. Israeli debates to talk about something else for a change. To foster some kind of human dialogue going, show other aspects of the personalities of the [...]