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The SS harrassing the entire Rizk family now!

( WTF? andcauses )

State Secuirty must be totally out of its fuckin collective mind. Here is the update on the Philip Rizk abduction, recieved as  an e-mail from Philip's sister: Monday Feb. 9th 5:40 am At 1:30am when we had just gone to bed the doorbell rang. 5 plain clothed men and two in full riot gear and [...]

Garter Belts for men

( WTF? )

I knew there was a reason why I am anti-Fashion!

Regarding the gang-rape story

I am really preplexed by this. I really am. How do you get 46 men to agree to rape the same girl, and do it all in one day? How did it go down exactly? Did they start calling their friends who had a free afternoon on the hand to rape somebody? How did the [...]

Your fucked up story of the day

( WTF? andWomen )

An Indonesian woman was raped in Saudi by 46 men (yes..46), including a police Officer who was supposed to aid her after her initial rape. The men are being arrested now, and awaiting a harsher punishment than the usual dick cutting that happens in Saudi when facing rape: medical tests after the rape have shown that the [...]


( Egypt andWTF? )

Why is the egyptian military erecting tents in Rafah for the "expected incoming plaestinian refugees from Ghaza once Egypt opens the borderd again"? Anybody know? 

So, about that metal Bikini…

( Hmmm... andPervy andWTF? andgeekness andsilly )

So here I was, scrolling down on my homepage in my effort to take notes to the things I want to change (I am planning a re-design), when I stumbled upon that picture of Princess Leia in that Golden Bikini. Looking at that picture, I found myself wondering: So, why,exactly, was Leia dressed in a [...]

Boys are flies, girls are lollipops

( Islam andWTF? andWomen )

A few days ago, the arabist posted this piece of Hijabi propaganda: The text reads: "You won't be able to stop them (i.e. guys), but you can protect yourself. He who created you knows what's best for you!" Oh, where do I begin? Should I start with the "Men are flies" example, the MEN who [...]

For the retarded amongst you

I have tolerated the existence of the Scene and Heard blog for a while now, mainly because I think that the crowd they target don't really read or are big Paulo Coelho fans (same thing), so for them to read anything, well, that's just a positive thing. They are the same people I hated hanging [...]

Conjuring up the secterian demon

( Egypt andReligion andReporting andWTF? )

A coptic jewlery shop owner was gunned down, him and 3 others in his shop in Zeitoun, by 2 gunmen wearing sunglasses and wigs. The incident is problematic because the gunmen didn't attempt to steal anything, and the whole thing has the air of gangland assassination.  Two men in wigs and sunglasses shot dead four [...]

Snoop Dogg singing a german folk song

( WTF? )


Lesbianism is very very bad!

( WTF? andWomen )

There is apparently en egyptian film in the works that “tackles” the issue of woman on woman love, and I say tackles in quotation marks because it’s..well..shit. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but the story so far….yeah, it’s shit. It’s starring Ola Ghanem and Dolly Chaheene- which means we will get eye-candy and semi-nudity but [...]

Outsourcing Pregnancies to India

This story made my skin crawl. And don't tell me this was inevtiable. I have no problem with Surrogacy as a concept, but what they are doing is just fucked up!

Marry an Israeli man, lose your egyptian nationality

( Egypt andIsrael andWTF? andWomen )

Mofeed Shehab, the government's minister for legal and administrative affairs, has just clarified an important legal issue when it comes to Egyptian women: If they are married to an Israeli, and they have kids, the kids do not get the egyptian nationality, unlike their counterparts with Fathers from other countries. Why? Well, because, apparently, if [...]

Actual Sabaya advertisement Poster

This is the real deal. The marketing poster of the Cafe/ Beautysalon that bans christians and non-Hijabi women :   Does anybody else love the fact that it's called the "Veiled beauty center"? 

No christians please part 2

The discussion over the Sabaya cafe's decision to ban christian girls from entering it has reminded me of something that I've long forgotten: the reason why they don't allow christians in, is because Islam views non-Christian women the same as strange men. Hell, according to this Fatwa, it's not just christian women who good muslim [...]

No Mo Bears for you

The Sudanese authorities has foiled another  western conspiracy against Islam by arresting a British teacher who wanted to insult the Holy Prophet Mohamed. The devious lady- who must be secretly a jew-did so by taking a vote in class over the naming of a teddy bear, and asking the children to name him their most [...]

No christians please

*Scroll down for UPDATES*  Forsooth received an e-mail that is the Hijaby girl's equivalent to paradise: Sabaya. Owned by the female equivelant of Ahmed El Fishawy, Hanan Turk, it's a half hairsalon/half restaurant that is  just for girls, where no men are allowed to enter and no music will be played. Their promotional e-mail lists [...]

Egypt is going Nuclear

( Egypt andWTF? )

You know, we, as a country, have a problem paving a decent sidewalk, and now we are supposed to be building AND running Nuclear Power Plants? Worried? Me? Noooooooooooo!!!!!! Worst comes to worse, a nuclear meltdown happens and we lose a couple million people. Downside: Millions dead, and we start growing 7 foot long carrots. [...]

7 year old boy engaged to 3 year old girl

( Crazy people andWTF? andWomen )

In Afghanistan . The boy is the first cousin of the girl, whose father agreed to the engagement since his sister never had any girls and wanted one, so he decided to give her his 3 year old as a present. This is apprently very common, even to the point that some children are decreed [...]

The New Face of Egypt

( Egypt andWTF? andWomen )

Is former Mrs. India and Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley. Oh yes. A Half Indian, Half Afghani will now be the official new face of Egypt. Imagine that! “Acting is my passion, my first love, whatever else I am doing are perks that I enjoy,” said the actress who is just back from Egypt. Celina has [...]